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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Ukraine Bans Russian Cheese, Candy, Fish Products

00 krasny oktyabr candywrapper. 03.04.13

To ban Krasny Oktyabr (“Red October”) is like banning Snickers in the USA… it shows the depth of hatred that lies behind both the nationalists and oligarchs… they won’t even let the people have their favourite candy (it’s good stuff… I’ve eaten it)… what a buncha maroons!


On Thursday, the Ukraine’s consumer rights watchdog withdrew Russian-made confectionery, cheese, and fish products from sales at retail chains, citing product-labelling violations. Oleg Tyagnibok, a member of the Timoshenko junta and a leader of the neo-Nazi Svoboda bloc ordered the move, targeting products made by Russia’s most renowned chocolate factories, Krasny Oktyabr factory, Rot Front, and Babayevsky. The Ukraine also banned fish products made in Kaliningrad Oblast and cheese spread produced by Laktalis Istra in Moscow Oblast, after reportedly conducting checks of the products.  Russia’s food safety watchdog dismissed the move, saying that it violated international law and procedures on laboratory checks, adding that the Ukraine failed to inform Russia of the ban officially. Rosselkhoznadzor said, “Neither Russian producers nor oversight bodies received any official messages on sanctions”. Russia banned imports from the Ukraine’s biggest candymaker, Roshen, in late July 2013, saying that analysed product samples failed to comply with sanitary regulations. Earlier, Rosselkhoznadzor imposed a ban on Ukrainian cheese supplies over their failure to meet Russian food standards.


One of the oligarchs in the inner circle of the junta is the candy king, Poroshenko, whom the Beeb anointed the standard-bearer of “democracy” (that shows you how low it’s fallen). You can see why the junta’s targeting Russian candy imports… they’re competing with one of the junta’s controllers. The Western lapdog media calls Poroshenko a “democrat”… but the Ukrainian street knows better. He’s a vicious and evil Ayn Rand sort, a “Libertarian” of the first water. The so-called “election” due on 25 May will be a case of “duelling ballot boxes”… that is, both Poroshenko and Darlin’ Yuliya will stuff boxes to an extent that’d make LBJ blush. Frankly, the only real choice is Pyotr Simonenko, the KPU leader, but since the commies are honest, compared to the twisted crapitalists (all acolytes of Ayn Rand are such), he really doesn’t have a chance (watch for him to do better than expected… to see his programme, click here). The only candidate that stands for decency is Pyotr Nikolayevich… and the USA execrates him (he’s only the candidate with any serious support from the canonical Church… none of the American-supported neocon nudniks have any)!

None dare call it wicked… yet, considering the Libertarian vileness regnant in the USA since Slobberin’ Ronnie took power in the USA in 1981… it’s no surprise. Remember, when you support Paul Ryan, John McCain, Antonin Scalia, or Rick Perry, you support open and unrepentant demonic malevolence (“The love of money is the root of all evil”… and the love of money is the foundation-stone of the GOP); no decent people or believing Christians should have anything to do with such anti-human filth (do note that they deploy perverted religious rhetoric to support evil… that makes them twice as immoral, in my book… they’re modern Black Hundreds of the worst sort).


3 April 2014



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