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Saturday, 5 May 2018

6 May 2018. The World According to Hillary and Trump… As It Was for Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, So It Is For Them

In America

Yuly Ganf



This was in the Soviet satirical journal Krokodil. Recall that Truman allowed the rot of McCarthyism to run rampant… recall that Kennedy set in motion the events that led to the Vietnam War… recall that Johnson refused to accept American defeat in Southeast Asia, recall that Nixon enabled Henry Kissinger. In short, the USA under “liberalism” (yes, Nixon was a pre-Reagan liberal, not a post-1980 “conservative” at all) was no “city on a hill”. Of course, it only got worse under Reagan, but it took the Clintons to take the USA over the line into outright evil.

This was true in 1953… it’s even truer today. That’s what scares me…



Tuesday, 16 September 2014

16 September 2014. Cartoon Spetsnaz… Them Russians Ain’t Down and They Ain’t Out!

00 Cartoon Spetsnaz! 13.09.14


Look this, “Cartoon Spetsnaz”… the Anglo Americans are throwing their usual tantrums and telling everybody how powerful they are. Well… it’s NOT impressing the Russians! It’s NOT impressing the Chinese! It’s NOT impressing anyone other than the navel-gazing Anglosphere. The red figure, of course, is the old familiar mascot from Krokodil in Sov times. Since 1991, the Americans have acted in a power vacuüm and assumed that it’d last forever. Well, it didn’t. They sicced their Georgian puppets on Russia in 2008 (the Georgians opened the war with a sneak Grad bombardment of sleeping civilians at 22.00), and got their asses waxed. The Russians chased the Americans out of Gori, grabbed every bit of intel that the yellow American advisors left (and the word out there is that the American cowards bolted so quickly that they left virtually everything), and the entire Georgian army just melted away… deserted… took French leave. Today, the Americans sicced the neo-Nazi Galician Uniates on Russia. Well, the Uniates can play the bandura, but they can’t run a war to save their souls! America’s surrogates lost again… the USA doesn’t have the wherewithal to pull them out of the shit-pit. The USA doesn’t have the resources to play at global hegemon… it wasted most of its substance on unnecessary wars in South Asia and in insane give-aways to the Affluent Effluent. The bonuses given to Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, and Sarah Palin have had a heavy price tag…

In short, the present American foreign policy performance IS a comedy… but it’s a comedy staged by a petulant child armed with nuclear weapons. That’s the danger…


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