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Thursday, 4 December 2014

4 December 2014. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Do You Stand for the Racist Uniate American Carpetbagger Junta or Do Stand for the Patriots of Novorossiya?

00 Free Us from American Slavery. 2014


Oh, yes… not only has the USA put three non-Ukrainian carpetbaggers in the Uniate junta, the US forces wear the “Fritzie” helmet… the same style that the Nazis used. That picture could not only be a Nazi of 1942… it could be an American of 2014… not much difference in their MO, is there? “We’re going to plunder you to enrich our coffers”. Erich Koch said, “I don’t care if 50,000 Ukrainians die digging an anti-tank ditch for Germany”. Ted Cruz and John McCain say, “We don’t care if 50,000 Ukrainians freeze this winter, so long as the multinationals get their profits”. Not only are their helmets the same, their evil is the same, isn’t it… Republicans and Nazis… two related sorts of depravity. Who woulda thunk it?

Orthodox people… expose all those traitors who want to ally Christ’s Church with Mammon… no man can serve two masters… you can support Christ or you can support the Republican Party. Choose well…



Tuesday, 21 February 2012

ROCOR Strips Church Decoration from K Yu Dushenov… TWO YEARS After His Conviction for Anti-Semitic Extremism

This is the sort of unhinged shit found on Dushenov’s website… no Christian should be silent! This is utter rubbish, garbage, and totally against EVERYTHING that Our Lord Christ taught. That’s the way it is…


“Strike the enemy down and mercilessly destroy him”… the Jewish figure is a caricature of Rav Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, and he’s emerging from a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This poster is a take-off on a famous VOV poster by Kukryniksy.


Here’s something released today on the main ROCOR website:


из канцелярии Первоиерарха Русской Зарубежной Церкви в связи с награждением.

После поступления более подробной информации о деятельности К.  Душенова, наносящей вред спасительному служению Русской Православной Церкви и ее Священноначалия, было решено признать его награждение орденом святого Царя-Страстотерпца Николая ошибочным и отозвать данную награду. О чем сообщаем клиру и боголюбивой пастве.



From the Office of the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in Connection with an Award

Upon receipt of more detailed information on the activities of Konstantin Yurievich Dushenov, which were harmful to the salvific mission of the Russian Orthodox Church and its Hierarchy, we decided to accept that the award of the order of Tsar St Nikolai the Passionbearer to him was wrong, and we withdraw it.  This is to inform the clergy and all God-loving people everywhere.

Hilarion Kapral


16 February 2012



K Yu Dushenov was sentenced to prison in February 2010… TWO YEARS AGO. He was a rightwing kook and Jew-baiter. Let’s look at his record:

  • 2004: His newspaper Pravoslavnaya Rus was condemned by name by Patriarch Aleksei Rediger and the Archpastoral Council
  • 2005: Involved in the murder trial of the killer of RF Gosduma Deputy Galina Starovoitova, tried to provide alibi, killer convicted
  • 2005: Became a member of the restored Union of the Russian People (“Black Hundreds)
  • 2005: One of signatories of an open letter to the RF Procurator General demanding the closure of all Jewish religious and cultural institutions as “extremist”
  • 2007: Charged under the Criminal Code with “inciting hatred based on religion or national origin”
  • 2009: Procurators at his trial demanded a four-year sentence to a colony
  • 2010: Court sentenced K Yu Dushenov to three years in a correctional colony and three years deprivation of the right to publish

To be blunt, this action on the part of the ROCOR is rather late. Mind you, part of it’s innocent hutsky-klutsky hole-in-wallsky blundering, but we must face facts. There are numerous anti-Semitic individuals in the ROCOR, especially amongst the Second Wave émigrés (post-World War II cohort) and their children. I’ve witnessed this personally, so, its not theoretical for me. Dushenov should have been stripped of his decoration  in 2004, when the Patriarch and Archpastoral Council condemned him. Let’s see… that was before the ’07 Reconciliation. Perhaps, there were some in the ROCOR who refused to take away the award, who saw Dushenov’s retention of it as an attack against the Mother Church… it’s entirely possible.

This was LATE.. TARDY… but finally done. This is why our Church in the diaspora is sick and in need of complete and utter overhaul by the Centre. Both the ROCOR and OCA are too far gone to “repair”… I do daresay it’ll happen, but I have no sanguine hopes for the immediate near future. “I can only offer you blood, toil, tears, and sweat”. Every new birth is preceded by labour… God willing, it won’t be overly long…


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sarah or Zoya: Whom do YOU Emulate?

“Tanya”: Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya’s Feat




I have a sad fact to relate to you… a friend informed me that John Whiteford has a link to an extremist website called Palintology. I checked… I fear that it’s correct. Shame on you, Mr Whiteford! Sarah Palin isn’t even a Christian, she’s the lowest form of sectarian scummer that’s out there. She’s a Pentecostalist, that is, she’s an American Khlyst. As a priest, you’re giving people the impression that they’re equal to Christianity, when they’re not. The Pentecostalists aren’t only the sworn enemies of the Church, they attack all other Christians as well, trying to convert them to their delusional error.

Sarah Palin stands for a political position condemned by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill in the most severe and uncompromising language. If you don’t know that, you’re ignorant. He’s spoken many times in the Russian media on the topic, sir… His Holiness calls the neoliberal vapourings of the Tea Party filth a FRAUD, sir. Get your mind right, and get that link off your website. Ms Palin is evil on two scores… firstly, she holds a politico-economic ideology condemned by the Church; secondly, and more seriously, she belongs to a Sectarian conventicle condemned as non-Christian by the Church. The Church has friendly relations with other Christians… Catholics, Oriental Orthodox, Reformation Protestants (and that’s the whole range from Mennonites to Liturgical Lutherans)… there’s nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, the Church treats the various sects as adversaries, for they are Satan’s simulacrum of Christianity, they have no real relation to Our Lord Christ.

I’m aware that you are a former sectarian, Mr Whiteford… but that doesn’t excuse you… you, of all people, should know better… you should know that such sorts have no resemblance whatsoever to real Christians. You know that Pentecostalists, in particular, are nothing but unbridled Dionysiacs… they’re Satan’s stormtroopers, in fact. What relation does a snake handlin’ meeting have with a Liturgy? No responsible Orthodox Christian should hold Sarah Palin up as a model to emulate.

Instead of such punks, we should hold up models of self-sacrifical courage such as Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. Pro-American pukes tried to discredit her heroism in the 90s, but the records all came out… they vindicated the account given by the KPSS, to the last jot and tittle. Reflect on this, Mr Whiteford… the Church accepts the KPRF… but it condemns the right-wing extremism you push on your site. The Church honours the bravery of the secular martyrs of the Great Patriotic War… but it condemns the militaristic aggressions of the USA in Serbia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His Holiness has met with the leaders of Cuba and Palestine… he has NO problem with the Left, at all. In fact, the Church has made its peace with communism… communism has made its peace with the Church. That’s a GOOD thing.

I shall be frank… Mr Whiteford isn’t going to listen. In any case, I’m not addressing him as a priest… I’m addressing him as a man with a screwball extremist political opinion. You can choose to follow the path of selfless and sacrificial courage, as Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya did, or, you can follow a phony TV presenter like Sarah Palin, whose only skill is to read copy off a Teleprompter with a “sincere” face, who’s nothing but a shameless and strident shill for the oligarch class.

Sarah or Zoya… what’s your choice? I’ve made mine… what about you?


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