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Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Map of Kievan Rus in the Eleventh Century


There have been some loud Galician Uniate boobs making loud claims on their websites. Well… it’s time to refute such, in a civilised manner, of course. Russians are not bezkulturny louts who toss about phrases like “katsap” and “moskal“. Look at the maps… I got them from Wikipedia, I wished to use a neutral non-Russian source. Much of the present-day Ukraine wasn’t in the Kievan State. Indeed, most of its territory laid in the contemporary Russian Federation. It looked northwards, not to the south or to the west. Kiev was, indeed, “the Mother of all Russian Cities”. Don’t forget Prince Dmitri Bobrok Volynsky, the hero of the Kulikovo Field. To hammer the point in further, look at the second map below.



Interesting, ain’t it? However, the people I feel sorry for are those who are led astray by such boobs. I’d warn all Orthodox Christians that Uniates have an agenda… they wish to join us to the papal confession. Unfortunately, they’re willing to lie and distort in the service of their pope (in my experience, Uniates are the most rabid papists of any Roman Catholic). They also tell you about how Orthodox are in intercommunion with them and how Uniates and Orthodox are such bosom buddies. That’s a lie… there’s much violence, especially in Galicia, and no Orthodox First Hierarch has issued an ukaz authorising any form of cooperation or communio in sacris with these heretics. In short, these people are spiritual frauds, best avoided. I’m not attacking anyone personally nor am I telling you that they are nasty individuals. They aren’t, emphatically not. That’s a tough one, isn’t it… how can nice people act in such a manner? I can’t answer that one… however, fight clean, fight fair, and don’t fall into hatred. Fight the idea, forgive the person. Note well that I didn’t use any names… people have a positive right to privacy… ideas are fair game, though. If we hit Uniate priests in the face with iron bars as they do to our priests in Galicia, we do the devil’s own work. What did Our Lord say, “hate the sin, love the sinner”… that’s the ticket for me.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 7 February 2010

Albany NY

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