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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lavrov: “USA Actually Set Up Alternative Government Bodies in Large Parts of Syria”


On Friday, Minister of Foreign Affairs S V Lavrov said at a UN press conference:

We’ve received contradictory signals in this connection… a couple of days ago, the Americans announced the establishment of border security forces in Syria, and today they said that they were misunderstood as they had no plans to form such forces. However, it’s a fact that the USA actually set up alternative government bodies in large parts of Syria, which is contrary to the obligations in relation to Syria’s territorial integrity they reaffirmed commitment to, particularly at Security Council’s meetings. We’re concerned about that.

US Plans 

On 14 January, US Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve’s Director of Public Affairs Colonel Thomas Veale told us that the USA was training Syrian border security service personnel, which they expect to reach a total strength of around 30,000. Ibrahim Kalin, the Turkish President’s spokesman, said that Washington’s decision to train Kurdish troops to guard the Syrian-Turkish border was unacceptable. Later, The Pentagon said that you couldn’t describe the forces as an army, whilst US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said:

The entire situation was misportrayed, misdescribed. We aren’t creating a border security force at all.

19 January 2018




The Yanks slammed their dick in the door, yet again. They got caught trying to pull a fast one… and a fast one involving Kurds at that. If there was anything that could drive the Turks into embracing Russia, well, this was that. Washington continues to goad the Turks… it keeps sticking a pin in their ass and giving dumbass replies when caught in the act. The Anglos are showing their juvenile arrogance and hubris. Trust me, the Turks will NOT allow any sort of armed Kurdish force on their borders. Foggy Bottom had best admit that Syria is a lost cause and get out of Dodge… if it doesn’t and continues to back the Kurds, well, they WILL lose Turkey as an ally. After all, Turkey doesn’t fear Russia… but it does fear American backing of the Kurds. Stay tuned on this one… it’s far from over, kids…




Tuesday, 9 January 2018

9 January 2018. Kurds Kicking Out Assyrian Christians and Sunni Arabs From Towns Under Their Control in Northern Iraq

“The Proud Father: Newborn Kosovo… Democratic Iraq… Joyful Afghanistan”


I got word from a Sunni Muslim friend who hails from Northern Iraq that “officials” of the self-proclaimed Kurdish “government” are kicking out Assyrian Christians and Sunni Arabs from the areas in their control. This corroborates some online reports (for some sources, I don’t trust them unless I can get some sort of confirmation). The Kurds are the bastard children of the American Deep State. That is, no matter if the Dems or Repugs are in power, the Washington Apparat has the Kurds’ back. It does look as though the Russian reports are correct… the USA is getting ready to back a Kurdish entity in Northern Syria and Northern Iraq. This is the most mud-ignorant and downright-dumb move on the face of the planet. If there was anything that’d unify the Kemalists and the Erdoğan faction in Turkey, this is that. No Turkish state will countenance a Kurdish entity on its border. If the USA backs a Kurdish entity, Turkey may very well leave NATO and close the Straits to US Navy ships.

The stupidity of this is mind-boggling… however, it wouldn’t have been any better or different under Hillary. She’s just as ignorant and stupid… she simply has better handlers and more allies in the media.


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Reports Say USA Plans to Recognise Kurdish Area in Syria 3-Times Size of Lebanon “Soon”


Government-controlled areas are in red… American-patsy Kurdish-controlled areas are in yellow


An unnamed senior Western official told the newspaper Asharq al-Awsat that the plan to recognise the Kurdish area is part of a new strategy for Syria by the Trump administration. Washington is planning “concrete steps” toward providing a Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled area in northern Syria’s eastern Euphrates area three times the size of Lebanon with diplomatic recognition.

The official said that the 28,000 square-kilometre (10,810 square-mile) area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a collection of predominantly-Kurdish militias including the YPG People’s Protection Units, took its first step toward US recognition after US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis promised to send US diplomats to SDF-controlled areas to work alongside US troops operating in the region. They said that US initiatives in the region include empowering local councils, backing reconstruction efforts, assisting in training of government agency workers, improving public services and infrastructure, protecting SDF areas, and engaging in the upkeep of military bases, all of which will eventually lead to diplomatic recognition.

Last week, it was reported that a new “North Syrian Army”, which included SDF formations and backed by the US-led coalition, was being created to carry out “border security duties” in territories under their control. Local media said that the militias would guard areas along the region’s northern border with Turkey. The USA and its coalition allies are going to provide the new force with technical assistance, weapons, and training.

Kurdish forces have been in control over the de facto autonomous region commonly known as Rojava since 2013 amidst the civil conflict in Syria. During the war against Daesh and other terrorist groups, Syrian Army units mostly engaged in pragmatic cooperation with Kurdish forces. In September 2017, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Damascus would consider granting the Kurds greater autonomy once the war against the terrorists was over. At the same time, Damascus voiced its opposition to the US presence and operations on Syrian territory, including Rojava, saying that it does not accord with the principles of international law, including respect for Syria’s territorial integrity. The Syrian government insisted that US operations inside Syria are illegal, since Damascus never invited them into the country.

7 January 2018

Sputnik International



The USA lost its bid to destabilise Syria when Assad smashed its ISIS proxies (with Russian, Iranian, and Hizbullah assistance). The USA wanted a puppet junta in Damascus (much like the gang of criminals it installed in Croatia, the Baltics, Kosovo, Libya, and the Ukraine) to clear the way for a Saudi/Bahraini pipeline to the Med. They failed in that. Ergo, they’re trying to form a Kurdish puppet state out of portions of Syria and Iraq (the American project in Iraq failed… it’s now pro-Iranian… so the USA wants to punish Iraq, too). Trump is an idiot… this’d drive Turkey out of NATO straight into Russia’s embrace. No Turkish state will countenance any sort of Kurdish entity. Trump’s stupidity blinds him to that. He’s striking out blindly because he slammed his dick in the door in Syria… the USA lost big-time and  its reputation (rightly) went into the toilet. He tried infiltrating provocateurs in Iran… that failed. He’s going to try a Kurdish entity… that’d drive Turkey out of NATO. Is he going to try to get Israel to strike Lebanon to get back at Hizbullah? The level of asinine juvenile actions shown by Trump gives me little hope. May God protect the world from this blustering teenager (and from Clinton, too… she’s worse).


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Syria at Threshold of Religious War

00 Syrian Church 2012


A report recently published by the Open Doors international Christian human rights organisation says that, at present, Syria’s one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians to live in. The report says that many Christians in Syria are victims of violence and that many Christian churches and monasteries in the country lie in ruins. Every year, Open Doors publishes reports about violence against Christians in various parts of the world. In last year’s report, Syria was in 36th place on the list of countries where Christians face persecution. Now, it’s in 11th place. Open Doors collected information about Christians killed, kidnapped, or brutalised in those regions of Syria under opposition control, which, in essence, means Islamist rule. The Islamist insurgents have desecrated, damaged, or totally wrecked many Christian churches and monasteries in Syria.

In an interview with VOR, Russian expert in Eastern affairs Boris Dolgov said, “The appearance of this report is very important. I hope that this document helps the world to learn more about violence against Christians in Syria and to seek measures to stop this violence”. Recently, Mr Dolgov visited Syria and met with members of several Christian communities; in particular, with Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, the prioress of St Jacques Roman Catholic Monastery, saying, “I had a long talk with Mother Agnes-Mariam. She’s very concerned that the rebels are now persecuting Christians in Syria. She knows of many cases when Islamists shelled Christian monasteries, kidnapped or killed Christian priests, and expelled Christians from cities now under opposition control… for example, from Homs. She showed photographs to me that depicted the consequences of these crimes. Mother Agnes-Mariam told me that many members of the Syrian opposition belong to al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups”.

The Open Doors report noted that if radical Islamists come to power in Syria, they might start to persecute Christians only because Christians didn’t interfere in the conflict between the opposition and the government out of a preference for a peaceful solution of the matter. This may either isolate Syrian Christians domestically or force many to flee Syria. Dolgov agreed with this, saying, “If the most radical Islamist faction within the Syrian opposition came to power, this would be a tragedy, not only for Syria, but also for the entire Middle East. Most likely, they’d start killing Christians, Alawites, Kurds, and members of other religious and national minorities”.

Alawites are a Muslim sect whose beliefs on some points differ from those of the Islamists. President Bashar al-Assad and his family are Alawites, and Alawites currently dominate the Syrian government and military. As a rule, Syrian Kurds either support President Assad or take no sides in the conflict between his régime and the opposition. Recently, the MP also expressed concern about persecution of Christians in Syria. Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev, the First Hierarch of the MP, is of the opinion that ethnic and religious tensions are the main causes of the conflict in Syria. His Holiness said that the MP is ready to render humanitarian aid to Syrian Christians who’ve lost their homes or suffered in some other way from Islamist actions.

10 January 2013

Konstantin Garibov

Aleksei Lyakhov

Voice of Russia World Service


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