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Saturday, 16 November 2013

16 November 2013. Nikolai Soraich Pops Up in Lost Wages ROCOR Mission

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One of the Cabineteers sent me this (for more images, click here). Firstly, Nikolai Soraich popped up in Las Vegas NV. That’s no surprise, as he founded a parish there many moons ago. However, he surfaced in a ROCOR mission, not in an OCA facility. There’s no evidence, so, there’s nothing to hang a conclusion on to, that is, one doesn’t know if there’s still bad blood between the OCA and Nikolai (although Tikhon Fitz is still one of Nikolai’s vociferous backers… no surprise, as Nikolai was his Chancellor and protégé). I did some research; Nikolai is NOT on the ROCOR hierarchs’ page. Interesting, that… he’s also NOT in the ROCOR clergy directory. One of the Cabinet wrote me:

He’s still a “retired” OCA bishop, with permission to serve (not sure if there are any restrictions from the OCA), and ROCOR let him serve in LA. Now, ROCOR set up this new mission, and since he lives in LV, it gives him a chance to “play church”.

As for the “retired bishop” shtick, here’s what I wrote in a note to another post:

The fact that Nikon Mironov is a “retired bishop” indicates that such a status is fully-canonical, and that those who question such a status aren’t in the mainstream of the Church. For instance, Nikolai Soraich is a “bishop”, so is Jerome Shaw, but neither are “ruling bishops” or “vicar bishops”, they’re “retired bishops”… kapish? They CAN serve as clergy, but they have NO authority (they CAN wear a mitre, but one doesn’t serve hierarchical liturgy when they’re present). To make a “grey” situation even “greyer”, in 2013, Nikon was made a vicar bishop of the Diocese of Perm, thus “unretiring” him (the MP HS said that he might become a ruling bishop again if he was a good boy)… confusing, but that’s Orthodoxy for ya! If you want consistency, join the papists

One wonders if his “boy” Innocent Brittain serves there, as well? Hmm… one of the Cabinet said, “I was told that three of the ROCOR bishops are that way”… I wasn’t able to get any corroboration (actually, I got different “names” from this-and-that source, making it all gobbledygook… its a “you pays your money and you takes your choice” situation), but taking Nikolai’s past into account (remember, Feodosy Lazor, Dmitri Royster, and Herman Swaiko were amongst his consecrators in 2001)… don’t be fooled, we STILL have an overflowing cesspit to drain here in the diaspora (both in the OCA AND the ROCOR). It’s just “All Quiet on the Syosset Front” for now…


Sunday, 14 April 2013

14 April 2013. Moriak Tits-Up… Replaced by Golitzin


Change the caption to “And he thought that he could change Syosset and SVS“… it’d apply in spades to Mollard, no?


Got this from the Cabinet:

It’s not online yet, but two letters, from Moriak and the Metropolitan, were read today after Liturgy. Moriak’s gone (retired), effective tomorrow. Bishop Alexander Golitzin of Toledo (Bulgarian Diocese) is locum tenens.

Then, I checked oca.org… mirabile dictu! There was something posted in a timely manner (for a welcome change). I got wind of this yesterday, but my contact wished me not to post it… most probably, it’d implicate them and bring down the wrath of the Syosset Mafia and the First Families upon them (legit reason, so, I didn’t report it).

Now, the OCA Holy Synod should tidy up some unfinished business. Firstly, it should defrock Ray Velencia for posing as a clergyman whilst under suspension (a major no-no), and defrock John Erickson for his role in the Eric Iliff affair and coverup (and forbid him to appear on the SVS campus). It should also give public warning to JP that it won’t be threatened by his legal mouthpiece, and make the formal offer of a place at St Tikhon’s to take care of his maintenance. After all, JP’s a monastic… he does NOT need 25 Gs (779,000 Roubles. 19,100 Euros. 16,300 UK Pounds) for “moving expenses”). Gerasim Eliel (one of JP’s spoilt-goods episcopal nominees) should also be given a slot at a monastery, as he claims to be a “monastic”, as well (at present, he’s bunking in with Love BT on Michelorena St in LA). JP’s other gay cabellero, David Brum, should be moved to a remote parish, far from his protector BT… now, THAT would tie up most of the loose ends (and that’s all that can be put to rights, practically speaking… there’s still other things, but they either aren’t as important, or, the dramatis personae involved aren’t dangerous any more (like Iggy, Tosi, and Benjamin Peterson)).

As for Mollard… we’ll have to see what happens at the Memorial Day pilgrimage at St T’s, nicht wahr? That’ll speak volumes…


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17 April 2012. The Latest Buzz… Did Nikolai Soraich Concelebrate with Lebedeff in LA? Are the OCA/ROCOR First Families Pulling a “Fast One” on Us?


I just got the following:

Is the disgraced Bishop Nikolai is going to the ROCOR? He served all of Holy Week with Lebedeff at the ROCOR cathedral in LA.

That’s all I got… it’s buzz. If the ROCOR takes on Nikolai Soraich, they’re dumber than dirt. The Centre should step in. Soraich was the mentor for the drunkard HOOMie lover Benjamin Peterson, who avoided a just defrockment for DUI. Soraich mucked up Alaska to the max! However, the ROCOR/OCA First Families want him back…

If the ROCOR takes on Soraich, it’ll besmirch them irreparably. It certainly destroys any cred that Alexander Lebedeff had left, if he did allow Soraich to serve with him openly. This is the result of the pusillanimous cowardice of the OCA Holy Synod. They should’ve deposed Peterson for DUI and deposed Soraich for his misrule in Alaska. Mind you, I said deposed as ruling bishops, not defrocked as “bishops”. That’s to say, Lebedeff wouldn’t have dared to have a deposed bishop serving with him, but after all, Soraich is “retired”… not deposed. It looks as though someone’s trying to discredit the ROCOR in the eyes of decent OCA people (who’re dissatisfied with Fathausen’s misrule and coddling of the HOOMie cultists).

If this is true, it’s a VERY sad day for the Church.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Albany NY 

This Just In Department:

I got the following from a correspondent, Love BT posted this on the Monomakhos rant-site. It speaks for itself:

Keep telling yourself that he’s insane, Diogenes. That’ll prove that it isn’t you, but only those who disagree with you and what you are are delusional, which, of course, YOU never are! Speaking of delusional, why did Diogenes put his complaint in the Traymore-Zimmerman thread? Vladyka Nikolai DID serve at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral (ROCOR) in Los Angeles on Lazarus Saturday (Annunication O.S. this year), Palm Sunday, and every day of Passion Week from Tuesday on, including Pascha itself.

The First Families are pissing on all of us and laughing…


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