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Monday, 7 September 2015

7 September 2015. Bernie on Wages and Benefits This Labour Day

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7 September 2015. Today is Labour Day… It is NOT Bosses’ Day

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The boss is NOT your friend… his thugs and minions are NOT your friends… the Republican Party that serves them is NOT your friend. If you earn wages or a salary, you should NEVER vote for Republicans… they’re for the oligarchs, first, last, and always. “Pro-Life?” I think not… they pay wages so low that workers at 40-hour-a-week jobs are on food stamps. That’s what “Pro-Life” means in the USA. If you vote for such objective evil you’re either a dupe, a fool, or a conscious agent of evil.

Never forget, Orthodox people… HH is pals with the Castro brothers, NOT the Koch brothers!


Monday, 2 September 2013

2 September 2013. Video. Celebrate Labour on Labour Day

00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13



In this Labour Day message, Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labour and subject of the upcoming documentary Inequality for All, breaks down what it’ll take for workers to get a fair share in this economy… including big profitable corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart ponying up and finally paying fair wages. McDonald’s and Walmart… pay your employees decent wages! Your typical employee is now earning 8.25 to 8.80 USD (275-293 Roubles. 8.60-9.20 CAD. 9-9.60 AUD. 6.25-6.75 Euros. 5.25-5.60 UK Pounds) an hour. Most are adults, responsible for bringing in half their family’s income. You can easily afford to pay them 15 USD (500 Roubles. 15.60 CAD. 16.40 AUD. 11.40 Euros. 9.60 UK Pounds) an hour without causing layoffs or requiring price hikes. Your shareholders and executives are doing spectacularly well.

28 August 2013

Nick Berning

Move On


Editor’s Note:

We have to end the charade of voodoo economics brought by Margaret “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher and Slobberin’ Ronnie (and reinforced by Shrub Bush). We produce the wealth… we deserve our fair share. If that’s “Red”… so be it, I’m proud to be a Red! Those who didn’t work to produce the wealth, shouldn’t take the lion’s share… and I’m not alone in thinking that way.


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