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Saturday, 19 January 2013

19 January 2013. Don’t Believe Everything That You Hear on the News Department… Be Kind to Your Interlocutors, They Only Know What the Corporate Media Feeds Them

00a Russia. Chaplain. Belarus. Spetsnaz. 19.01.13


Talk about media obsession! Over the last three days at work, they had CNN blatting away in the corner in the lunchroom. They’re obsessing over Lance Armstrong (a washed-up jock) and some jerkoff jabronie at Notre Dame with an imaginary girlfriend. I kid you not! They didn’t talk about the Algerian hostage crisis… they didn’t talk about the fighting in Mali… they didn’t talk about the Syrian Army kicking ass on the insurgents… they didn’t talk about Russia and China giving support to Iran. They didn’t report the massive First Nations protest in Canada snarling up traffic at the border between Detroit and Windsor… they didn’t report the good economic news from Russia and Belarus… they didn’t report about the Magnitsky Law or about Russia’s response to it, the Guantánamo List. Fox is the same thing, only from the other side of the crapitalist coin.

Be generous with your interlocutors. Most only follow the crank American “news” networks (remember, Canada wouldn’t let Fox operate, as it isn’t really a news operation, it’s a propaganda outlet), so, they only know what the Corporate Leadership wants them to know. If they saw the above image… a Belarusian army chaplain with spetsnaz troopers… they’d say, “Hey, that’s a lot like here. They look like stand-up guys to me”. Remember, most haven’t read what we’ve read or seen what we’ve seen. Give ’em a break. Tell ’em the truth, but give ’em a break. We just might win some friends and influence some people. After all, the greedsters are showing their bloody talons… a lot of people who didn’t see what’s out there before, are seeing it now. They’re seeing that “trickle down” really meant “trickle upon”, and we all know what flows down, don’t we? It’s not prosperity or honey, kids…


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