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Sunday, 21 September 2014

German Families to Sue the Ukraine Over MH17 Crash

00 Rossiya-Segodnya Infographics. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Near Donetsk. 2014


The families of German citizens killed in the Malaysian plane crash in the eastern Ukraine plan to sue the Ukrainian authorities in the European Court of Human Rights, accusing them of manslaughter by negligence. Elmar Giemulla, a professor of aviation law representing three families of German victims, told Bild am Sonntag, a German Sunday newspaper that the Ukraine should’ve closed its airspace if it couldn’t provide for the safety of flights over its territory, saying, “Each state is responsible for securing its airspace. If it isn’t able to do so temporarily, it must close its airspace. As that didn’t happen, the Ukraine is liable for the damage”. According to Giemulla, by leaving the airspace open, Kiev authorities “destroyed” the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Thus, he concluded that the Ukraine committed human rights violations; therefore, it should pay at least one million Euros (49.4 million Roubles. 7.9 million Renminbi. 78.2 million INR. 1.3 million USD. 1.4 million CAD. 1.45 million AUD. 787,000 UK Pounds) to each family of the German crash victims.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over the eastern Ukraine on 17 July. Amongst the 298 victims killed in the incident were four German citizens. A preliminary report into the disaster delivered by Dutch investigators on 9 September said that the MH17 crash was a result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects striking the Boeing from the outside. Earlier, a number of Western countries blamed Russia for the tragedy, which they said came about because Novorossiyan forces helped by Moscow launched a SAM at the airliner. Russia denied such allegations, expressing some irritation with the lack of new evidence presented in the report. Moscow suggested that the UN should appoint a special representative to monitor the investigation into the MH17 shootdown. Moscow made radar surveillance data of the incident public, arguing that it pointed to the possibility that the Ukrainian side downed the Malaysian plane. On Wednesday, an independent German fraud investigation company said that it’d pay 30 million USD (1.16 billion Roubles. 185 million Renminbi. 1.83 billion INR. 32.9 million CAD. 33.6 million AUD. 23.4 million Euros. 18.4 million UK Pounds) to those who’d help identify the perpetrators of the disaster.

21 September 2014



You can also find this story at:



Some irresponsible Western sources attack RT… the above proves that RT IS credible… perhaps, more so than its Western analogues. After all, why would Western media sources attack it if it weren’t making them look bad? You may believe Patrick Buchanan George Will, Rich Lowry, and Rod Dreher, who issue pre-digested Western pap in praise of and puffing up undisguised evil in the form of unbridled crapitalism, or you may believe non-Western sources such as RT… it’s up to you…



Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lawsuit Filed in Belgium against Saakashvili to Forbid Him Access to Brussels


A lawsuit filed in Belgium against the President Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia could shut off Saakashvili’s access to that country, which would close his entrée to EU institutions and NATO headquarters in Brussels. In an interview with ITAR-TASS, the plaintiff in the suit, Merab Bladadze, Georgian human rights activist in exile and spokesman for the independent Georgian media-outlet “Objective”, said, “We accuse the current President of Georgia of crimes against humanity, rigging the presidential elections in 2007, fomenting war with Russia in 2008, systematically repressing the opposition, including arresting his political opponents, breaking up rallies and demonstrations, and using physical threats and murder against opposition figures and organisations”.

According Bladadze, there are currently 93 political prisoners in Georgia, 19 of them officially recognised as “prisoners of conscience” by the International Federation for Human Rights. In addition, the total number of inmates in Georgian prisons today breaks all historical records, totalling some 45,000 {about 1 percent of the population… at its peak, the GULag had 1.7 million prisoners, a lower proportion from a larger population: editor}. Bladadze emphasised, “For a much smaller number of political prisoners, the EU has now held Byelorussian President Aleksandr Lukashenko on their ‘black list’ for 7 years. If the officials in Brussels don’t do the same for Saakashvili, we’ll take them to court. We’ve collected all the materials we need on the case and we expect to start the process within a month. Our Belgian lawyers are confident of success. We’ll shut Saakashvili out from the headquarters of the EU and NATO”.

Belgian law has a unique concept of universal jurisdiction, enacted in 1993. This allows a plaintiff to bring proceedings against the citizens of any country, including foreign government officials, for genocide or crimes against humanity. On several occasions, activists have used this law; in particular, in 2001, a group of people from the Middle East filed a lawsuit against then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, accusing him of organising the massacre at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982. After several years, at great cost, Israel’s lawyers managed to hush up the matter, but it led to the cancellation of several official visits by Sharon to Belgium, and to wide media coverage of the massacres in 1982.

8 May 2012

Denis Dubrovin


As quoted by Novosti@mail.ru


Editor’s Note:

It’s interesting to note that Georgia admits to an incarceration rate of 536 per 100,000, higher than Russia (522), Byelorussia (381), and Kazakhstan (321), which means that Bladadze’s allegations aren’t pure moonshine, and bear investigation. Note well that the USA has a significantly higher incarceration rate than the three CIS countries named, and only about 25 percent less than Bladadze’s estimate for Georgia (at 730/100,000). I should mention that the US rate was at a steady 150 per 100,000 from the turn of the 20th century until the Reagan years, when it grew explosively to a peak in 2000 (with the greatest growth under Slobberin’ Ronnie), with no sign of abatement (but it’s levelled off, thank God). Crime has NOT increased exponentially… only imprisonment has. Politicians in search of “cheap political grace” claim that they’re “tough on crime” by keeping criminals locked up. It led to an almost 500 percent rise in imprisonment, making the USA the “Prison House of All the Nations”.

Trust me, violent crime’s a young man’s game. Most men after 40 don’t commit such offences (there are exceptions, of course, but not that many). To keep a man over 60 behind bars is idiotic. Ergo, the USA could cut its rate of imprisonment drastically by paroling older prisoners and decriminalising small amounts of recreational drugs. Not only are wars in foreign parts draining the treasury, so are unnecessary imprisonments and executions. The culprits aren’t Social Security and Medicare… it’s the generals and the pols… fancy that. End the wars, close the prisons, and tax the affluent… that’s the ticket. It can be done… if we have the will to do so, that is… but shall we?

Looking at the figures above, if Belgium’s blackballing Byelorussia, then, it should censure the USA even more so for being the worst gaoler in the world. Observe well that it doesn’t… interesting little titbit, isn’t it?


Thursday, 3 May 2012

3 May 2012. Latest on JP’s Latest New Convert Clergyman… Link to Documentation on Court Case with Multi-Mill Settlement


Here’s the link to the story on JP receiving an RC priest at St Tikhon’s. Here’s a link to documentation on the court case against said priest. Look at the following:

Suit Against Priest Over Injuries in Car Accident Settles for 8.75M USD

Mancini v. Obico:

On 26 March, an Ocean County judge approved 8 million USD (236 million Roubles. 6.1 million Euros. 4.95 million UK Pounds) in settlements on behalf of a minor and a mentally incapacitated man who were part of a group of pedestrians struck by a car, bringing total recoveries to 8.75 million USD (260 million Roubles. 6.7 million Euros. 5.4 million UK Pounds). Plaintiffs’ lawyer Michael Breslin, of Hackensack’s Breslin & Breslin, said that Carmelena Mancini, then 7-years-old, was left brain-damaged and blind by the accident on 14 May 2005, and her uncle, James Craven, broke his legs and injured a nerve in his left foot. The child, who is in need of 24-hour care, will recover 7.8 million USD (230 million Roubles. 5.9 million Euros. 4.8 million UK Pounds). Her mother and guardian ad litem, Joanne Mancini, received 200,000 USD (5.9 million Roubles. 152,000 Euros. 124,000 UK Pounds) for loss of her daughter’s services. Craven got 600,000 USD (17.7 million Roubles. 450,000 Euros. 370,000 UK Pounds). According to his lawyer, Point Pleasant NJ attorney Cornelius Daniel III, Carmelena’s father, Vincent Mancini, accepted 150,000 USD (4.4 million Roubles. 114,000 Euros. 93,000 UK Pounds) for a broken left tibia, a torn knee ligament, and a lingering limp.

The accident occurred on Fischer Boulevard at Hazelwood Road in Toms River Township NJ at about 9 pm. The car’s driver was Chrispin Obico, a priest at St Justin’s Roman Catholic Church in Toms River Township. The plaintiffs alleged Obico didn’t have his headlights on, which he denied, and that he was supposed to wear corrective lenses while driving, which he admitted he didn’t. The suit named Obico, St Justin’s, and the Diocese of Trenton, and the defendants cross-claimed against Vincent Mancini, claiming that as the only capable adult present, he was at fault for crossing the busy four-lane road in the dark where there was no cross-walk or lighting. His carrier is paying 150,000 USD of Craven’s settlement to resolve the counterclaim. Obico’s lawyer, Robert Billmeier, of Backes & Hill in Trenton NJ, didn’t return a call. Dorine Sirota, of Stephen Gertler’s firm in Wall NJ, who defended the counterclaim, confirmed the settlement.


This is proof that Fathausen did NO vetting of this candidate prior to receiving him. I wonder who spoke up for him? Bobby? Iggy (he has links to Garfield NJ)? Was it Michael Dahulich (who has links to the RCs via a PhD earned at a papist institution)? Fr Sergius Bowyer, the abbot at St T’s? C’mon… step forward! Now, I’ll bet ya that whoever spoke up in favour of receiving this questionable POS is backtracking… and quite smartly, too.

I’d say to His Nibs, “Sir, this guy continues to hack at Christ’s Church by his (at best) questionable actions. The OCA autocephalist crowd looks the other way to defend their sorry ‘independence’… it’s time to rip up the Tomos and reintegrate the Metropolia into the MP. In addition, Fr Sergius Bowyer, the superior of St Tikhon’s, was probably well-aware of this court action, yet allowed this abomination to proceed. As the MP gave the OCA ‘autocephaly’, any of its crank actions rebounds on the Mother Church, and weakens it against the crook claims of the EP. Act now, sir”.

This is too much of a muchness…


Thursday, 1 March 2012

1 March 2012. Things Do Get Curiouser and Curiouser Department


A well-connected individual sent me the following:

The Metropolitan suspended him right after he sued them.  However, [Velencia] refused to pick up the certified letter.  I think it was finally sent to his lawyer.

If this is so, then, why hasn’t the OCA PUBLICISED the suspension of Raymond Velencia OFFICIALLY and FORMALLY with a prominent post on its official website? Trust me, the slothfulness and laggardliness of this has led to nothing but SCANDAL, and during the first week of Lent, at that. It’s led to a legal summons sent to a priest by another priest during one of the holiest times of the Church Year. THAT would’ve been unthinkable in Vladyki Leonty’s time! Nevertheless, if this intel is true, and I rate it as highly probable due to the source, I think that the Federal court would LOVE to hear about it! Oh, well… it sure isn’t boring, is it? Oh, yes… another kitchen cabinet member thinks that this is a rather unsubtle ploy to get the OCA to vacate the suspension (it hasn’t been publicised, after all). I’m no mind reader or Kreskin, mind you, but that deduction does make good sense and it fits the character of the principal, doesn’t it?

Just when you thought that you’d seen it all…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 1 March 2012

Albany NY 

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