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Monday, 21 May 2012

21 May 2012. Lindbergh was NOT the First to Attempt the Atlantic Flight…


White Bird by It’s a Beautiful Day… “White Bird must fly… or she will die”…


Lindbergh wasn’t the only flyer trying to cross the ocean. On 8 May 1927, Charles Nungesser and François Coli took off from Le Bourget in their aircraft, l’Oiseau Blanc (The White Bird), in an attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop. They never landed on the other side… no one knows precisely what happened. Some say that they crashed in the Atlantic… others say that they made it to Newfoundland… still others claim that they heard them crash in the State of Maine. No matter what… two brave men died in the attempt… they laid their lives on the line, and it didn’t work out. They died as they might have wished… but I’m sure that they would’ve preferred to survive.

Heroism lies in the attempt… you do NOT have to succeed. Cravenness lies in “safety”, calculation, and “prudence”, in “not taking any chances”, in bowing to the “respectable” and “correct”… that’s why salvation belongs to the “unholy” (as in the title of the latest book by Fr Tikhon Shevkunov, Unholy Holiness). Take BIG steps… it’s the only way to live (even if it means that you die as a result).



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