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Sunday, 27 August 2017

27 August 2017. There is No Equivalence Between Right and Left


Charlottesville showed us the ugly face of the Hard Right. Such people don’t typify most people who identify as “conservative”. However, do note that the authorities treated them far more leniently than they would Native Americans or blacks. If armed blacks or Natives had confronted police, I fear that fighting would’ve broken out. The Hard Right and Marxists aren’t equivalent. The Hard Right are the children of fascism… that group ran brutally-efficient killing factories that murdered millions over a short space of four years. The Left (there is no “anti-fa”… that’s a media invention) are the children of Marxism… a group that ameliorated the lot of millions. Yes… they ran labour camps… but not “death factories” as the fascists did. You could survive the GULag (and most did), but you didn’t survive an extermination camp… they killed virtually all new arrivals.

No… Marxists and fascists (and their American analogues) aren’t equivalent. However… do note that many American “conservatives” won’t distance themselves from the armed Hard Right and from armed thieving thugs like the Bundy family (who used public land as though it was their private property). That’s disturbing…



27 August 2017. What Trickles Down Is NOT Prosperity…


We all know what trickles down… it smells horrible, it makes an ungodly mess, and it’s BROWN. What gushes upwards? It’s the value of our labour, going into the boodle bags of the oligarchs and their upper-middle minions. However, a spectre is haunting Mar-a-Largo… more and more young people are waking up to the fact that they’re screwed, stewed, and tattooed by the oligarchs. You can’t stop it… you can delay it… you can hurt it… but you can’t stop it. Comrade Karl was right after all…

We have nothing to lose but our chains…


27 August 2017. Here is the REAL God of the Evangelicals (and the Orthodox Konvertsy Who Ape Them)


There are two ways of looking at contemporary Christianity. One is the Evangelical POV… a love of warmongering, support of the death penalty, applauding the oligarchs and the abusive “Free Market” they employ, and a drooling support for Libertarianism and its “Might makes Right” anarchism (which they call “Pro-Life… I kid you not!). The other is REAL Orthodoxy… opposition to aggressive war, opposition to the death penalty, advocating a fair deal for workers and an economic system that doesn’t enslave them, and a robust support for communitarianism.

You may follow the Evangelicals (and their rabid Orthodox running dogs such as Dreher, Whiteford, Trenham, and Potapov) or you may follow the REAL Orthodox (led by HH, of course). I choose the latter and I’m not alone. As Comrade Zyuganov said, “Christ was the first communist”, and he was right. We have a fight ahead of us. I’ll confide that I’m not alone in preferring the Left Option…


Sunday, 13 August 2017

13 August 2017. Liberalism… The Enemy of the Left


Every day my contempt for these people grows. Heather Cottin captures the snapshot of the liberal anti-communist… now freed up from that chore to become the liberal imperialist.

It came to be de rigueur, that constant genuflection to anti-Sovietism which they demonised through a man, and then dismissed the whole social experiment. They ignored the victories of socialism and said that socialism was the enemy. That’s the basis of liberal “thinking”. They ignored and condemned a real system that helped people in a million ways and which won the most horrible war that anyone ever waged.

Heather Cottin

Luciana Bohne


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