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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Orthodox Cathedral Desecrated During Vandalism Spree in Kodiak

00 damage 01 kodiak cathedral alaska. 140615


A 21-year-old man is under arrest for allegedly vandalising one of Kodiak’s most historic buildings, Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Cathedral, and many of its contents. A press release from the Kodiak Police Department stated that police arrested Arkimedes Garcia around 20.00 Wednesday as he was exiting the church. Thursday morning, Fr Innocent Dresdow, the Dean of the Holy Resurrection Church, said that the vandal damaged many holy items, stating, “It’s clear from the pattern of destruction that this dear soul is deeply troubled and his anger and his rage appeared to be directed at, frankly God. From the perspective of the Church, he knew exactly which things were holiest. Those were the things that were in absolute disarray”. He said that he removed most holy items from the church to an undisclosed location, for reconsecration.

Fr Innocent said Garcia broke several windows and made his way into the church’s Sanctuary behind the Nave where he not only damaged items, but desecrated them as well, noting, “You can see in the hand crosses, if you look carefully… they’re bent upward. All of the crosses that he just damaged are bent upward in the same pattern, including St Herman’s Monastic Cross, which is the most priceless damage that was done last night. The tabernacle is where the reserved sacraments, the Holy Mysteries, the Body and Blood of Christ are kept. Well, that was on the floor, with the Holy Mysteries and all the holy items that were on the altar were on the floor on both sides. He bled on the holy table, he bled on the back wall, he bled in the church in different places, and on the altar particularly is a major desecration”. Our reporter asked, “So he injured himself?” Fr Innocent replied, “He injured himself, yes”.

Fr Innocent said that even though the church sustained physical damage in the attack, services will go on as planned, stating, “Scheduled services for tonight, at 6 pm, the Akathist to St Herman, will be held as scheduled. We have a clean-up crew coming in at 1 pm. People are welcome to join us from the community. They don’t have to be Orthodox if they want to come and help. We’re essentially trying to go over the floor, chairs, everything to make sure all, the minutest glass shards are out of the floor and items. We have lots of children here and we want to make sure nobody gets hurt”. According to the Kodiak Police Department press release, Garcia emerged from the church “partially unclothed”, but didn’t explain further. Police Chief Ronda Wallace was unavailable for comment. Garcia was booked on four felony counts of burglary and criminal mischief.

11 June 2015

Jay Barrett

KMXT (Kodiak AK USA) 

Alaska Public Media


The OCA official version is here

Monday, 25 May 2015

Finland Wants to Deport Family of DNR Soldier to Junta Territory to Face Nationalist Persecution

Ilya Glazunov. Christ and Anti-Christ. 1999

Christ and Antichrist

Ilya Glazunov



Today, Finnish political scientist and activist Johan Beckman told us that the Finnish government intends to deport a DNR soldier’s family (Tatyana Imatova and her seven-year son) to the clutches of the junta in Kiev via a crank decision of the Administrative Court of Helsinki.  He told us, “The Finnish authorities don’t dispute the fact that the Ukraine officially refused to comply with international treaties and conventions on human rights in relation to [people from Novorossiya]. As soon as they’re able, the Finnish authorities intend to deport Tatyana and her son to Kiev, where the security organs are waiting for them”.

Beckman said that Imatova’s husband enrolled in the patriot forces 10 months ago, and sent his family to Finland, to live with her parents. However, the Finnish authorities now insist that Imatova and her son leave the country, despite her pleas about death threats from the Right Sector. Beckman told us that the Finnish court decided to believe junta allegations that it supported refugees and that “there isn’t an armed conflict in Donetsk Oblast (sic)” (opinion of the Court, p 4).

Beckman stated, “An insane person wrote the decision. The Finnish court didn’t recognise the evidence about the Right Sector or the Ukrainian régime. According to the court, the guilty ones are (former Ukrainian President) Yanukovich and [the patriot forces]. The DNR office in Helsinki is currently exploring avenues to resolve the situation and to save the family from persecution”.

25 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



These family members are guilty of nothing. Everyone knows the base cruel motives and activities of the Galician Uniate nationalists (some of my best informants have been Galician Uniates whose families suffered from nationalist persecution and murder). If the nationalists got their hands on these poor people, the least that they’d do is kidnap the child and try to brainwash them into believing their farcical fantasies. At worst, they’d torture and kill them. Documentation attests to them doing the same in the VOV, during the CIA-fomented disturbances in postwar Galicia, and in the present war.

All that this will do is to inflame the patriot forces and fill them with a terrible resolve. Before the war, the people in the Crimea and Novorossiya didn’t care for Galician Uniates, their goofy dialect, and their historical lies. However, they didn’t give a damn so long as the Galicians left them alone to live life as they would. However, once the illegitimate putschist junta came in, it tried ramming Galician pidgin (“Ukrainian”) down everybody’s throats… it didn’t only piss off the Russian-speakers, it pissed off the Surzhik- and Rusin-speakers, too. Then, the Galician Uniate nationalists invaded Novorossiya… Novorossiya did NOT invade the Lvovshchina… killing, burning, and looting as they went. That usually tends to turn people against you… of course, it caused popular motivation for the defence of the Motherland to go through the roof.

This is a sign of desperation on the junta’s part. It wants to hurt as many as it can as long as it can. Look at the history of the Galician Uniates… most were innocent, but a bloody minority always whored for the foreign overlord of the moment. They were traitors for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, for the Habsburgs, for the interwar Poles, for the Nazis, for the CIA in the immediate postwar period and in the Nasty 90s… and now, as all know. Here’s the sad part. It’s not fair, but the innocent will suffer for the guilt of others. All that patriot soldiers will care about is the accent that they hear from a person. If the person speaks Russian, Rusin, or Surzhik, it’ll be “Brother”, and an immediate Dixie Fry would break out. However, if patriot soldiers hear the goofy Galician hillbilly accent, they’ll pounce on the unfortunate, even if they had nothing to do with hurting anyone.

The patriot forces are now “revengers”, not “avengers”… you might escape with your life with “avengers”… “They didn’t have anything to do with it, let them go”. However, “revengers” are feral… “They’re of the enemy camp, so, let them suffer! They hurt us, so, we’ll hurt them!” It’s not right, but it’s gonna happen. That’s why one never goes to war without grave reason… once you embark upon war, you can’t control or bottle up the emotions. We haven’t seen the worst yet. My advice to all Galician Uniates is to flee for Galicia as soon as you can as fast as you can. That’s the harsh reality. God do have Mercy on all innocent parties to this war… let His Justice fall upon the guilty. I’d spring the trap under Denisenko, Turdchinov, the Rabbit, the Klichkos, Darlin’ Yuliya, Shevchuk, and Porky with no emotion. I’d confess it (for taking life under state order is sinful… maybe necessitous, but still sinful), but I’d know that it was the only option open in a Fallen World.

God watch over all of us…

One last thing… the US government, the Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, and the US Republican Party all cheerlead the persecutions and war in Novorossiya, and they want to destroy Holy Rus as a viable civilisational bloc (they also want to destroy the Sinosphere and Ummahsphere as well). Evil leads to nothing but evil. Christ or Antichrist… which one? I think that the USA has chosen the latter… it wants Jesus™, NOT the Lord Christ. PONDER THAT…


Friday, 22 May 2015

DNR MVD Presented Samples of New Auto Licence Plates

00 dnr. donetsk pr licence plates. 22.05.15


Today, at a press conference in Donetsk, Colonel Vladimir Yefimov, the head of the DNR GAI* MVD, announced as he showed samples of new DNR license plates, “We’ll start issuing new license plates will start on 26 May. However, we’re not requiring mandatory replacement of Ukrainian license plates yet. To register a vehicle with a new state number, one must go to the DNR MREO, fill out an application, and pay the registration fee. After we make checks in our databases, we’d issue a DNR licence plate”. Regular DNR plates will be white with numbers and “DPR” in the Latin alphabet (in black), MChS vehicle plates will have black numbers only, MVD vehicles will have blue licence plates, and public transport vehicles will have plates with yellow numbers. As explained by Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Kryuchenko, at first, new auto registrations would address issues with stolen cars. To date, agencies have some 1,500 reports of missing vehicles. Auto registrations in the DNR will cost 372 Grivnya (896 Roubles. 112 Renminbi. 1,140 INR. 18 USD. 22 CAD. 23 AUD. 16.30 Euros. 11.60 UK Pounds) or 744 Roubles (92 Renminbi. 945 INR. 15 USD. 18.25 CAD. 19 AUD. 13.50 Euros. 9.60 UK Pounds); new driving licences with exam will cost 103 Grivnya (248 Roubles. 31 Renminbi. 316 INR. 5 USD. 6 CAD. 6.50 AUD. 4.50 Euros. 3.20 UK Pounds) or 204 Roubles (25 Renminbi. 260 INR. 4 USD. 5 CAD. 5.25 AUD. 3.70 Euros. 2.60 UK Pounds).

  • GAI: traffic police agency

22 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



There is a 16 percent discount if one pays in Roubles rather than in Grivnya. This is a clever way to get people to use Roubles in place of “Ukrainian” funny money, wot?


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Genprokuratura Opened Criminal Case Against LNR Minister of Education

00 L M Lapteva. LNR. Lugansk PR. 21.05.15


Today, Sergei Gorenko, LNR First Deputy Genprokurator, told a media briefing that the LNR Genprokuratura opened a criminal case against LNR Minister of Education, Science, and Religion L M Lapteva in re illicit, unauthorised, and extralegal use of official stamps and seals. He said, “On 21 May, the Genprokuratura received materials from the LNR MGB. Following this, Genprokuratura investigators opened a criminal case under Article 357 Part 2 of the UK* in re unauthorised usage of stamps and seals of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Religion against Lesya Mikhailovna Lapteva. At present, we’re clarifying the facts of the case, so we’re looking at the Ministry as a whole, as well as investigating Lapteva personally. Our investigation of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Religion will have no impact on the general educational process in LNR educational institutions”.

  • UK: Criminal Code

21 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Russian courts do NOT follow Common Law, as do the Anglosphere countries. Rather, they follow universal Continental practise, using Civil Law/Roman Law. Therefore, there are no real “prosecutors” or “defenders” in the Common Law sense. A procurator is a state attorney, but must present evidence favourable to the defendant if it becomes available.

This proves that human frailties exist in the Peoples Republics. That’s why the UK exists… people DO break the law. Let justice take its course.


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