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Monday, 9 February 2015

GOAA Bish in Chicago “Warned Against Intimidating Witnesses”

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A prosecutor warned a high-ranking Greek Orthodox bishop in Chicago against “potential efforts to intimidate witnesses” in a case involving a priest accused of stealing more than 100,000 USD (6.56 million Roubles. 625,000 Renminbi. 6.22 million INR. 125,000 CAD. 128,000 AUD. 88,000 Euros. 66,000 UK Pounds) from a Milwaukee church. The warning came after another priest in Milwaukee told authorities that Bishop Demetrios Kantzavelos of Mokissos, the Nr 2 man in the GOAA in the Midwest, threatened in e-mails to remove him from his post if the church didn’t withdraw a theft complaint against the priest’s predecessor. According to court documents, a Milwaukee prosecutor wrote to an attorney for the Chicago church leadership last April, “We received some extremely distressing news regarding potential efforts to intimidate witnesses. … I believe that Bishop Demetrios needs to retain independent representation as quickly as practical”.

The bishop and Fr Angelo Artemas of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee WI exchanged the e-mails as prosecutors investigated theft claims against a former Annunciation priest, Fr James Dokos. The e-mails indicated that the bishop sought a meeting with Annunciation leaders to talk about the case against Dokos, who’s since been charged with improperly spending money from a trust fund intended to benefit the church. Members of Annunciation took their concerns about the trust fund to Milwaukee authorities after officials with the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago determined in an internal investigation that Dokos did nothing wrong.

Last March, Artemas wrote to Demetrios to say that Annunciation’s parish council declined to meet with him. Artemas wrote in e-mails later entered into the court record, “Due to your letter last August indicating Fr Dokos did nothing wrong, they’re unanimous not to meet”. Demetrios responded, “If that’s the case, then in (sic) will ask His Eminence to release you from there ASAP and offer your services to the Archdiocese for placement. I’m sorry”. When Artemas responded that he wasn’t seeking to leave his position, the bishop wrote back that he’d check with his superior, Metropolitan Iakovos Garmatis. “However … no threats or harassment here, he is VERY open to your release from the Parish and Metropolis if this isn’t brought to closure before Holy Week”.

In a court filing, Milwaukee prosecutors said the e-mails led Artemas “to believe that he was going to be involuntarily removed from his parish unless he compelled Annunciation to withdraw the complaint”. A Metropolis statement denied any intimidation took place, “The Metropolis never intimidated, threatened, or harassed anyone. The assignment of Parish Priests (is) an internal matter of the Church”.

Demetrios hasn’t been accused of any criminal wrongdoing, and Artemas remains pastor at Annunciation. However, the e-mails provided another sign of the tensions within the Metropolis after Annunciation members took their concerns about Dokos to authorities. By the time the criminal investigation was underway, the Metropolis transferred Dokos to Ss Peter and Paul parish in Glenview IL. When the parish council president there asked the metropolis to place Dokos on leave until the investigation concluded, the president received a sharp rebuke from Iakovos, who instead removed him as parish president. Iakovos wrote that he was “astonished” by the Glenview parish council’s “inappropriate suspicion and deceitful manoeuvrings rather than the support of its own pastor in time of need”.

Later, the Metropolis placed Dokos, 62, of Chicago, on leave after a Milwaukee court charged him with felony theft last July. At a hearing this week, a judge declined to dismiss the charge, rejecting Dokos’ attorney’s argument that the case amounts to state interference in church affairs. Annunciation’s parish council first raised concerns in 2013 about Dokos’ handling of the 1.2 million USD (78.72 million Roubles. 7.5 million Renminbi. 74.64 million INR. 1.5 million CAD. 1.536 million AUD. 1.056 million Euros. 792,000 UK Pounds) trust fund left by parishioner Margaret Franczak. Dokos, who controlled the fund as Annunciation’s priest, paid the church 1.1 million USD (72.16 million Roubles. 6.875 million Renminbi. 68.42 million INR. 1.375 million CAD. 1.408 million AUD. 968,000 Euros. 726,000 UK Pounds) from the fund after Franczak died in 2008. However, prosecutors said he failed to tell church leaders about money left over. Court records stated, “In all, (Dokos) retained more than 100,000 USD in trust monies that, contrary to the terms of the trust, he never turned over to the church”. Prosecutors allege prosecutors allege that Dokos spent 5,000 USD (328,000 Roubles. 31,250 Renminbi. 311,000 INR. 6,250 CAD. 6,400 AUD. 4,400 Euros. 3,300 UK Pounds) on jewellery for his wife, gave monetary gifts to family members, and paid credit card bills with trust fund money.

Court records show that Metropolis officials said their “initial conclusion” from their own review was that Dokos spent the trust fund money properly. Demetrios told investigators in 2013 that Metropolis lawyers and accountants reviewed the trust. The bishop said he personally questioned Dokos about how he spent the money; it satisfied Demetrios when Dokos told him the Annunciation council approved the spending. Court documents stated, “Bishop Demetrios acknowledged that as part of his investigation he never spoke to any member of the Parish Council to confirm this”. According to documents obtained last year by the Tribune, Annunciation officials denied that they approved Dokos’ spending. Demetrios himself received at least 6,700 USD (440,000 Roubles. 42,000 Renminbi. 417,000 INR. 8,400 CAD. 8,600 AUD. 5,900 Euros. 4,400 UK Pounds) in checks written by Dokos from the fund. Last year, a Metropolis spokesman described those payments as gifts, which he said may be used for church or personal expenses and are “duly reported as income”.

Last May, Demetrios wrote a letter to Milwaukee prosecutor David Feiss, complaining that Annunciation leaders “have taken advantage of the ongoing investigation by your office to avoid their own responsibilities in the administration of the Parish”. The letter, contained in court records, stated, “They’ve wrongfully attacked the integrity of the Metropolis of Chicago or myself personally, knowing that any response is either construed as ‘tampering’ with an investigation or is actually prevented by our own protocols and regulations. In short, there is no doubt that the Parish has gone ‘rogue'”.

6 February 2015

Lisa Black

Chicago Tribune



All the goodthinkers gather to defend crank priests and bishops. I’d simply say, “Follow the money, and if it proves that Dokos stuck his hand in the cookie jar and distributed some of it to the bishop, well, both belong in the slam”. Brittain got slam time for kiddie porn… Storheim got the drop for sexual misconduct (Fathausen defended both)… if these Greek jabronies are guilty, they deserve to wear orange jumpsuits for the next year or two.

If the price of speaking the truth is for the goodthinkers and their ilk to call one “crazy”, well, we need more such “craziness” in the world. Priests don’t have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card… but do note that many act as though they do. Pass the jug… the world is being its crank self. There is “wheat n’ tares”, indeed… but do note that Our Lord didn’t forbid us to take criminal clergy to the law… never forget that. In the Orthodox Church, the clergy were always subject to the civil law… civil authority didn’t break down in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire as it did in the peripheral barbarian Western lands. You have a right to take criminal and abusive clerical suckers to court… exercise it…


Saturday, 7 February 2015

7 February 2015. OCA Finally Comments on Storheim… LATE… Watch ‘Em “Wash Their Hands”

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The OCA finally commented on the Storheim story. The First Families are going to concoct a lie that no one will believe. First, there was the gay going-ons of Soraich… then, the kiddie porn plea from Brittain… now, this. Keep it in mind… Fathausen defended and covered up the perps (along with Peterson, Hatfield, Brum, and Eliel). Hmm… the konvertsy go into orgasm about him (I think that their gaydar is FUBAR). Syosset will do the minimum that its lawyers recommend… the people will have much less respect towards the Syosset apparat, but that won’t faze Lyonyo and Jillions. The only thing that saves Mollard is that the people are war-weary and want no more upsets. However… the Centre WILL notice this and mark it down. Will this affect the Centre’s support for the OCA? Time will tell us.


Friday, 6 February 2015

6 February 2015. OCA SILENT on Canadian Court Upholding Storheim Conviction

01 read all about it


There’s nothing on oca.org about the Canadian court upholding Seraphim Storheim’s conviction. NOTHING. The official website has an OBLIGATION to post news of the Church, which this most undoubtedly is. Lyonyo and Jillions are up to their usual tricks, aren’t they? V R Legoida has news of the Church up within HOURS of its occurrence, INCLUDING Sundays, holidays, and Easter! If that means that Vladimir Romanovich is conscientious and dutiful, the oca.org silence means that Lyonyo, Jillions, and whomever is in charge of the website are lazy, inattentive, and contemptuous of you. They’ve wasted thousands of the believers’ dollars on a fruitless and bootless attempt to overturn Storheim’s conviction. The goodthinkers bleat, “You can’t say anything until it goes through appeal”. It HAS gone through appeal, and the judges upheld Mr Justice Mainella’s verdict. Mr Justice Mainella didn’t hide his contempt of Storheim or his legal mouthpiece in his verdict.

When the shyster Gindin attacked the plaintiffs’ sanity… we all attacked them, for the OCA backed this weaselly and verminous tactic. We all owe them an apology for what they had to go through. I’m sorry that Gindin implicated all of us in his nasty-ass manoeuvres. I’m sorry that he hurt the plaintiffs. I’m sorry that our efforts didn’t stop this monstrous lawyer from trashing them in a public venue. Most of all, I’m sorry that a group that claimed to be “Christian” fucked them up the ass with no vaseline in full view of a drooling public.

I’ve got to walk away from this one. This is just repulsive beyond all words. Let God see and judge…


Storheim’s Appeal Denied, Victims’ Group Responds

01 child abuse


Today, the appellate court announced that it denied the appeal of convicted child molester Archbishop Seraphim Storheim. For many years, Storheim was the highest-ranking Orthodox Church in America (OCA) official in Canada. We’re extremely grateful for this decision.


We hope that the two men who courageously testified about what they had suffered at Storheim’s hands will again feel vindicated. Without their bravery, the conviction wouldn’t have been possible and kids would still be at risk. Now that Storheim had his conviction affirmed, we hope that the OCA will finally act to remove him from the ranks of clergy. We also hope that the Archdiocese of Canada would check its records to insure that the archbishop didn’t use his position to shield other predators or to discipline whistleblowers. Finally, we recognise that paedophiles usually have many victims. We beg anyone who suffered, saw, or suspected Storheim’s crimes to report to professionals in law enforcement and help protect kids. The archbishop worked in the following locations:

  • 30 May 1980-31 January 1981: Supply priest in Valamo Monastery (Finland)
  • January 1981-October 1982: Missionary priest, Alberta (Canada)
  • October 1982-15 December 1983: Missionary priest, Charlotte NC (USA)
  • 15 December 1983-1 December 1984: Missionary priest in London ON (Canada)
  • 1 December 1984-13 June 1987: Rector of Holy Trinity Sobor, Winnipeg MB (Canada)
  • 13 June 1987-29 June 1990: Bishop of Edmonton AB (Canada)
  • 28 October 1990-21 March 2014: Ruling hierarch of the Archdiocese of Canada, with his seat in Ottawa ON (Canada)

If anyone has further information, contact Cappy and Mel… go to Pokrov.org and follow the contact instructions.

5 February 2015

(no URL available… sent to me as cut n’ paste)


Cappy and Mel have gone through hell from the goodthinkers. I’ll say this… NO ONE has the right to abuse our kids, and clergy DON’T get a “get out of jail free” card for being clergy. Cappy and Mel have “fought the good fight” and deserve praise for hangin’ in there. This is too much… first, the Brittain kiddie-porn thing; now, this. As a MP priest abroad said to me, “Which one of the OCA bishops isn’t a poof?” It’s coming home to roost.


We’re Christians… that’s what we do…


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