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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

24 March 2015. Updates on Two Continuing Abuse Cases Involving Orthodox Clergy

00 Suffer the Little Children and Fordbid Them Not. 01.10.12


The Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia (BOD) announced on its website on Saturday 21 March 2015 that Archpriest Paisius DeLucia would be defrocked.



SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is relieved that the BOD removed the founder and former head of St Innocent Academy (SIA) in Kodiak AK from a position of authority. However, they agree with the publishers of Academy Abuse that more remains to be done.


At least 18 former students accused DeLucia of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse. The spiritual court concluded that he publicly shamed kids, used vulgar language, engaged in unbecoming behaviour while serving the sacraments, including interrupting liturgy to discipline attendees, violated confessions, and used “improper pastoral approaches toward the faithful”.


David Clohessy, the Executive Director of SNAP, said, “First, it must be said that this decision would not have been possible without the bravery and persistence of all the former students who testified at the spiritual court. We congratulate them on their victory and applaud their courage”. Cappy Larson of SNAP added, “However, the diocese also needs to step up and explain what they will do in the future to prevent further abuses. As a mother, it’s very disturbing to me that St Innocent’s was billing itself as a treatment centre for troubled youth without any oversight from the Church or from the state. Kids with problems deserve a qualified and credentialed staff”. Melanie Jula Sakoda, also of SNAP, wondered, “And are the BOD and Christ the Saviour Brotherhood (CSB) going to take responsibility for what happened to the students who attended the academy? Fr Paisius’ victims may need counselling and therapy as they try to heal”.

DeLucia founded SIA in 1998 under the auspices of CSB, and the group reportedly still owns the property where the school sits. The academy, along with other parishes from CSB, joined the BOD in 2000.


Clohessy concluded, “There’s also still an open criminal investigation into the academy. Victims who haven’t yet done so should make a report to Trooper Robert Casey (907-486-4121robert.casey@alaska.gov) as soon as possible”.


At their recent meeting in Syosset NY, the bishops of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) again delayed defrocking Canadian Archbishop Seraphim Storheim.


Members of an abuse survivors’ group are outraged that the synod still has not removed the archbishop from the ranks of clergy. He was the OCA’s highest-ranking clergyman in Canada, but was convicted of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old altar boy in January of 2014 and is currently in jail.




The OCA’s synod instead “reviewed” the report of the Synodal Commission, as well as procedures and a date for the spiritual court. They also appointed a committee of three bishops to “develop appropriate procedures”.


Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, say that the denomination has publicly acknowledged that their sex abuse policy requires that clergy convicted of child sexual abuse be laicised.




Cappy Larson of SNAP said, “This ‘spiritual court’ seems to me to be little more than a time-wasting formality. Both Archbishop Seraphim’s guilt and church policy are crystal clear”. Melanie Jula Sakoda, also of SNAP, added, “At least Archbishop Seraphim can’t use his religious title to hurt children from behind bars, but what happens when he completes his sentence?” Larson concluded, “The OCA can’t afford to have the archbishop’s die-hard supporters expose kids to danger to prove to him that they trust him completely”. 



The fact that the OCA refuses to give Storheim the drop even though he’s in the slam for nasty doings speaks volumes. I have to walk away from this one. One MP priest asked me, “Which one of the OCA bishops isn’t gay?” This gives that question tread… and I wish that it didn’t. However, facts are facts… the OCA has to shitcan Storheim and apologise to his victims for the over-the-top attacks on them by Storheim’s shyster in court. That’s what I believe, any road. I stand by it.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 March 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Garbageman Gets 30 Days in the Slam for Collecting Trash Too Early in Rich Chi-Chi Suburb

01 Trash Can


Kevin McGill, a sanitation worker in Sandy Springs, an upscale Atlanta suburb, received gaol time for running his route too early. You read that correctly, gaol. Sandy Springs prosecutor Bill Riley said that McGill violated a city ordinance that limits trash collection to between 07.00 to 19.00. McGill had only worked for Waste Management Inc for a matter of months, and claimed that this was his first offense when cops cited him for running his collection route just after 05.00. When McGill arrived in court to answer the citation, Riley insisted that McGill receive the maximum penalty of 30 days in jail. Riley stated, “Fines don’t seem to work. The only thing that seems to stop the activity is actually going to gaol”. Riley is unapologetic for imprisoning sanitation workers, and has done so in the past. The prosecutor claims, “911 lights up when trash haulers come before 07.00”. Therefore, we have sanitation workers doing gaol time for collecting trash early, but all of those affluent Sandy Springs residents who flagrantly abuse the 911 system receive vindication on top of no punishment. This makes perfect sense.

When McGill and a Waste Management representative arrived in court, they expected to receive a 1,000 USD fine. McGill didn’t have an attorney present, and entered a guilty plea to the citation. McGill was never in trouble with the law before this incident; in fact, this is his first time even appearing in court. However, the judge showed no leniency on McGill for his first offense and sentenced him to 30 days gaol time, originally to be served consecutively, until someone in court stated that he should still work to collect Sandy Springs’ trash. The judge changed the sentence to 30 days gaol time on the weekends, starting on his 48th birthday. McGill stated, “The solicitor said its automatic jail time. He didn’t want to hear nothing I had to say. I said it’s my first time. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to think. I was shocked”. McGill has since sought out an attorney, Kimberly Bandoh, who stated, “Give him a warning. I mean he’s the employee. He’s not the employer. Sentencing him to jail is doing what?” Riley was quick to point the blame directly at McGill, and not Waste Management Inc, “The company doesn’t start that truck up. The company doesn’t drive that truck down the street”. McGill’s attorney filed a motion.

8 March 2015

If You Only News



I need not comment on this. This is what the Republican Party wants… a libertarian anarchy where the moneyed can push around all the rest of us. It does illustrate the perverted Republican ideology in all of its hideousness. That’s why no decent person can ever vote Republican. ‘Nuff said. Racism is alive and well in the American South… the Republican Party and “Evangelical” religion smile at it… none dare call that evil…


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snowden Better Stay in Russia… “Betray-Us” Gets Slap on Wrist

00 Thank You Edward  Snowden

Eddie Snowden is a hero… David “Betray Us” Petraeus is a pig. Note well that all of the rightwing punditocracy loved him… it shows you the depth of their character, doesn’t it? Depressingly shallow, isn’t it?


Read this. Petraeus got the velvet-glove treatment. He knows much about Langley and the inner workings of the District… so, IF he goes to prison, it’ll be to a “country club” facility where he won’t have to worry about Bubba cornholing him without vaseline on the first night. This proves that “justice” in the USA depends on who and what you know, and who you blow. Eddie… stay in Moscow… you’d disappear, killed in the shower in some fed pen. Use your brains… this travesty should be a lesson to you. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN ANGLO AMERICA.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Zimmerman Whitewashed by Feds

00 No More Hate Crime. 18.09.13


Read this. Let’s keep this focused… no Neighbourhood Watch member can carry arms. I got this from several cops… the Neighbourhood Watch are NOT sworn deputised peace officers, ergo, they can’t use force, which Zimmerman did do. Furthermore, Neighbourhood Watch members are under orders NOT to initiate contact with others (as all my sources told me)… their job is to report suspicious activity to the coppers, who’d confront the plug-uglies. In short, Zimmerman broke all ordinary procedure by confronting and shooting Trayvon Martin. He needs to face a federal court for that solid and concrete offence, not a “hate crime”. He took the power of a deputised peace officer into his (untrained) hands… he belongs in the slam for that. The Republican Party makes him their poster child. If you needed proof that they glorify criminality… well, this is that. I can’t understand why the corporate media won’t report that Zimmerman criminally overstepped his bounds as a Neighbourhood Watch member… I do wonder why…


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