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Friday, 9 October 2015

9 October 2015. Moriak Suing OCA… Does Fatso Have a Finger in This Imbroglio? It Has His Fingerprints All Over It…

01 the judge


Bishop Matthias Moriak, the former Chicago bishop of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), who had to retire amid allegations of sexual misconduct two years ago, sued church leaders for breaching his retirement contract. He filed the lawsuit against Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard, First Hierarch of the OCA, and Detroit Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, leader of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate, in Cook County Circuit Court last month. Both defendants received papers served during the national Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in Chicago. Bishop Matthias alleges that church leaders violated the terms of his retirement and a recent employment agreement when they terminated a parish assignment in response to complaints from the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests. The suit alleges, “This is a case about broken promises and the repeated failure to honour one’s legal obligations. The legal questions involved aren’t complex. Indeed, they require only a straightforward application of civil law”. OCA officials didn’t return requests for comment. Bishop Matthias’ assignment to a parish in Pennsylvania angered victims’ advocates, who said allowing the ousted bishop to return to any form of active ministry violated the church’s zero-tolerance policy.

Bishop Matthias, born David Lawrence Moriak, stepped down from his post as head of the Midwest diocese in April 2013 after the church determined that remarks to a female parishioner in Ohio qualified as sexual misconduct. Matthias said at the time of his ouster, “I do repent of using poor judgment, of using inappropriate words that I thought were being received as humorous. It was never my intention to cause a complaint of any harm or discomfort. In fact, I was quite concerned for her health and well-being. I’m sorry that my kindness and generosity to this person was viewed with suspicion and ulterior motives”. Terms of the retirement package included permission to serve in any parish, as long as he has the blessing of the local bishop. That agreement included the parish in Columbus OH, where his son serves as a priest. Although the Orthodox Church allows its priests to marry and have children, married priests cannot become part of the hierarchy. As a widower who didn’t remarry, Bishop Matthias could become a bishop. After his retirement, Bishop Matthias moved to West Virginia where he purchased a home and secured a retail job to make ends meet. According to the suit, Archbishop Nathaniel, the most senior OCA bishop and leader of the Romanian Episcopate, contacted him in November 2014 to fill temporarily a parish post in Hermitage PA. Because of the temporary nature of the job and the move required, Bishop Matthias initially declined the request. Archbishop Nathaniel returned six months later to offer a guaranteed one-year appointment approved by Metropolitan Tikhon and other bishops. Bishop Matthias quit his retail job, leased his house, and moved to Hermitage.

According to the suit, after victims’ advocates aired their concerns in the media in July, Metropolitan Tikhon told Bishop Matthias he could continue to serve with his blessing, but the parish had to remove any references to his position from its website. Bishop Matthias declined. In August, according to the suit, Metropolitan Tikhon proposed removing Bishop Matthias from the Pennsylvania parish and moving him to a monastery for three months with a 7,000 USD (430,000 Roubles. 44,500 Renminbi. 454,000 INR. 9,080 CAD. 9,620 AUD. 6,200 Euros. 4,560 UK Pounds) stipend. He also acknowledged in that email that Bishop Matthias had “acted in good faith in all of this”, and admitted that he and the bishops “failed in fulfilling” their “responsibility”. In the suit, Bishop Matthias seeks damages, including lost wages and expenses incurred from the move to Pennsylvania. The suit also claims Bishop Matthias suffered emotional distress. The suit said, “After losing his beloved wife, the church was his entire life. Now that, too, was being taken away from him”. The OCA, one of several branches of Orthodox Christianity in the USA claims about 100,000 adult members nationwide, with about 5,000 in the Midwest.

8 October 2015

Manya Brachear Pashman

Chicago Tribune


Monday, 5 October 2015

16,000 Junta Militants Deserted with Arms from Units in Novorossiya

00 debaltsevo. dnr. broken ukrainian tank. 22.04.15


Anatoly Matios, the junta Chief Military Procurator, told TV 112:

The Ukrainian Military Prokuratura toted up how many deserters left units in the area of operations in [Novorossiya]. We opened cases on 16,000 deserters who left the area of operations; a significant portion skipped with their weapons. We declared them “wanted”, but the MVDU found no more than a thousand of them. Where did they go? They didn’t find them; they just went home. If lowly local cops won’t do their jobs, well, the whole system doesn’t work. The absence of inevitability of punishment undermines governmental authority.

In June, the Military Prokuratura said that only 400 soldiers received a fine or suspended sentence for leaving their units, only three soldiers received seven-year prison sentences.

5 October 2015

Teleradio Zvezda


Monday, 28 September 2015

Genprokuratura Ukrainy to Open Criminal Case Against A P Yatsenyuk

00 Odessa. Yatsenyuk hanged in effigy. 15.03.14


On Saturday, Sergei Kaplin, a Ukrainian official, wrote on his Facebook page that a Kiev court petitioned the Genprokuratura Ukrainy to open a criminal case on corruption charges against Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk:

Yatsenyuk will answer for a 3-million [USD] bribe! On my complaint, the [Kiev] Pechersk District Court petitioned the GPU [Genprokuratura Ukrainy] to open a criminal case against the head of the government. Yatsenyuk took the bribe to appoint Vladimir Ishchuk as a head of the National Broadcasting, Radio Communications, and Television Concern.

Kaplin attached the court petition to his statement on the social network.

27 September 2015

Sputnik International


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Terakt at Torez Polygon Professional Hit

00 dnr donetsk pr torez polygon terakt 01 260915


Today, DNR Deputy General Procurator and Chief Military Procurator Vasili Bairachny told us that the terakt* at the Torez Polygon* that killed a 9-year-old girl looked like a professional hit. He said:

Judging by the explosion site and the location of the explosive device, those who placed it must have known that it wasn’t directly in the line-of-sight of visitors and of military personnel that periodically checked vehicles. That is, we focus on the fact that we believe that professional operators did this. Those who committed this crime had to have a clear idea about where to place the explosive device and how to actuate it. On 24 and 25 September, chemical, bomb, and weapons experts carried out investigations. We want to nail down the type of bomb, what explosive it used, the composition of its casing, and the triggering device it used. The DNR Government placed all available assets at our disposal in the search for the terrorists. This is a very serious crime, of course; our investigative and operational staff wants to solve this case in the shortest possible time.

The DNR Genprokuratura opened a criminal case under Article 229 “Terrorist Act”, which provides for imprisonment for a term of up to 15 to 20 years or life imprisonment.

On 24 September, during a tank competition at the Torez Polygon, an explosion caused a Strela light SAM to cook off and ignite. The tragedy killed 9-year-old Kseniya Ivakhno; 7-year-old Artyom Malyk suffered numerous burns, which put him in hospital. The blast also injured two adults. Today, 26 September, the DNR declared a Day of Mourning.

  • Terakt: Russian acronym for “terrorist action”
  • Polygon: Russian colloquialism for a military base, due to polygonal concrete blocks on the drill ground and airfields



Today, DNR Deputy General Procurator and Chief Military Procurator Vasili Bairachny told us details about the IED that went off at the Torez Polygon on 24 September:

The explosive device was in the fighting compartment of a Strela-10 light SAM launcher vehicle. The terrorists used a caseless bomb with a blast equivalent of 200 grammes of plastic explosive.


26 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency

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