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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lei Feng… A Real Man with a Real History… A Man Well-Worth Emulating

00 Lei Feng. China. 29.03.15


Waiguo Laoshi wrote this on Facebook:

Many Chinese think that Lei Feng (a soldier who was loyal, protected others, and was a symbol of the People’s Republic of China) wasn’t “real”’… real, or not real… be like Lei Feng and be proud of values that are good! Help your fellow countrymen… always remain strong.

I did some checking. I’ve concluded that there was a real PLA soldier named Lei Feng, who actually did care so much about his country and countrymen that he did many altruistic things. However, did he do everything that agitprop attributed to him? Probably not… but that doesn’t negate the fact that Lei Feng left the world a little better than when he was born… it doesn’t take away from the fact that he touched many lives. No, Lei Feng was no superman… but he was an ordinary man who did what he could with the means at hand to uplift the common weal. This is more than what many do, frankly speaking.

You may emulate the selfless patriotism of Lei Feng, or you may emulate the narcissism of Ted Cruz (who, for all his bluster, was a pusillanimous coward who refused to serve his country in the forces). You may follow in the footsteps of Lei Feng and serve the common good, or you may follow Willy Romney and fulfil your own selfish greedy interests. You may follow Lei Feng in self-effacing service, or you may follow Rod Dreher in venal adulation of the Almighty Dollar.

The choice is yours. Lei Feng was real… he did try to make things better in some small way. We can do likewise… but shall we?


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