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Thursday, 3 May 2018

You Believe Russiagate and Chilly Hilly? WHY?


After loudly denying rigging their primaries for two years, the leaders of the Democratic Party now openly admit to deliberately stacking primary elections to ensure the win of preselected establishment loyalists. In response to an audio recording of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer telling a progressive congressional candidate that he’d run in a contest rigged for his opponent by the DCCC if he doesn’t drop out, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came right out and told the press:

I don’t see anything inappropriate in what Mr Hoyer was engaged in… a conversation about the realities of life in the race as to who can make the general election.

I mean, wow. She just came right out and said it. All it took was a little audio recording to transform months and months of “But Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia!” into “Yeah, of course, we do that. Duh”.

27 April 2018

Caitlin Johnstone



Monday, 30 October 2017

Ajamu Baraka on Liberal Totalitarianism


You folks worry about the supposed neofascism of Trump while liberals give ammunition to the state to impose further thought control on the people through censoring social media… the only medium where capital doesn’t completely control content. However, that will change… thanks, liberal democrats and bourgeois leftists.

30 October 2017

Ajamu Baraka



I hate all forms of neoliberalism… both “liberal” and “conservative”. Both are feral and evil, but the “conservative” doesn’t mask their greed and cupidity. The “liberal” cloaks it with smarmy shibboleths and ghastly identity politics. True Conservatism distrusts Captial as much as we Leftists do. Liberals LOVE Capital… the “conservatives” are the most liberal “liberals”, for they hate Tradition and love Gain above all. Be careful… the people who gas the most about “freedom” are freedom’s greatest foes…


Sunday, 13 August 2017

13 August 2017. Liberalism… The Enemy of the Left


Every day my contempt for these people grows. Heather Cottin captures the snapshot of the liberal anti-communist… now freed up from that chore to become the liberal imperialist.

It came to be de rigueur, that constant genuflection to anti-Sovietism which they demonised through a man, and then dismissed the whole social experiment. They ignored the victories of socialism and said that socialism was the enemy. That’s the basis of liberal “thinking”. They ignored and condemned a real system that helped people in a million ways and which won the most horrible war that anyone ever waged.

Heather Cottin

Luciana Bohne


Monday, 20 February 2017

Death and Demise of American Liberalism

00 01 Statue of Liberty. NYC. 07.12

The Dems slunk away from their New Deal legacy to follow Wall Street greedsters and K Street grifters… they suffered the consequences. Shall they learn? God alone knows… it’s time to “go back to the future”…


The 2016 race to the White House threw a spotlight on the American Liberal. They’ve evolved into an insular and narrow-minded political species, more focused on supporting radical and controversial cultural experiments than serving as humanitarian watchdogs against government abuse of power. Since most of the discussion and debate now focuses on Donald Trump and his stunning upset over Hillary Clinton… which only seems “stunning” because the US media had long conditioned us to believe that a Clinton presidency was a done deal… I’d like to talk about what for me is the most under-reported phenomenon of the 2016 US presidential election, which in fact has been a long time coming.

Perhaps, the headline accompanying this article is slightly misleading. American Liberalism (and by extension, the Democratic Party) hasn’t really passed away, per se, rather I believe it’s transmogrified into something completely strange, alien, and absolutely hideous. Many of the Liberals who make up the bulk of the Democratic Party constituency abused the constitutional privilege of freedom at the expense of US liberty. Now, we risk losing both. Originally, Liberalism, which largely shapes the political ideology and outlook of the Democratic Party (much like “conservatism” is the ideological cornerstone of the Republican Party) was predicated on the idea of protecting liberty and promoting equality. Over time, however, and especially in the last eight years of the Obama administration, Liberals became totally obsessed with cultural over strictly political affairs. They’re mainly concerned with maximising “freedom of choice” for its increasingly hedonistic adherents. In other words, the pursuit of happiness in the cultural realm is their ultimate goal… to hell with consideration for what’s happening in the real world of politics.

Concisely, I believe that largely explains why the Democratic Party not only lost the presidential election, not to mention both houses of Congress, but also is quickly losing its relevance as a political force. In other words, unless the Democrats clean up their house, and place raw political issues above cultural exploits and experimentation, the party is over for them. Allow me to provide some examples. On the morning after Donald Trump was formally announced president-elect, news reports began airing scenes of Clinton supporters (who I must assume were also Obama supporters) shedding tears of sorrow that their candidate failed to win the White House. Later, while some Californians were issuing desperate calls to secede from the USA, large-scale marches against a Trump presidency occurred in major cities across the country. While it’s certainly the democratic right of these individuals to express their indignation, why were these same individuals so quiet for the last eight years while the Obama administration conducted its wars of aggression around the world?

Dear Liberals, I ask you (admittedly, perhaps not at the most polite time), where were these hot tears of sorrow when hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East and Northern Africa were falling victim to Washington’s endless wars of aggression? Where was the outcry when the people of Libya, who once upon a time had the most advanced medical and education system in Africa, were crushed by a totally senseless attack by US, British and French forces to take out Muammar Gaddafi in 2014? Where were the nationwide marches against the illegal and unconstitutional attack on Syria, which has provoked a mass exodus of refugees into Europe and beyond? Your Democratic darling Hillary Clinton had a large hand in all of that. Where were the emotional marches against that humanitarian disaster that continues today?

Calling Bob Dylan

By comparison, please consider how Liberals from all walks of life raised up in protest against the Vietnam War. On 19 December 1964, the Student Peace Union helped coördinate the first nationwide protests against the Vietnam War that attracted thousands of demonstrators. In May 1965, the so-called Vietnam Day Committee (VDC), a loose coalition of left-wing political, university, and labour groups conducted a 35‑hour‑long anti-Vietnam War protest at the University of California, Berkeley, which attracted almost 40,000 participants. Nobody is condoning violence here, but it’d be nice to see university students have even half the amount of passion for political issues that their academic antecedents demonstrated. Meanwhile, can anybody name a single anti-war song on the hit charts today? That’s rather strange, isn’t it, especially when we consider that US military adventures, which began under the Bush administration with the absolutely unjustified Iraq War thirteen years ago, continue today under the sheep’s clothing of the Obama administration with Libya’s destruction and the attempted destruction of Syria.

So exactly what have the Liberals been preoccupied with over the last eight years of the Obama administration? Perhaps, as a convenient way of distracting public scrutiny from what the US military was doing overseas, the Democrats in the Obama administration decided to toss out some highly controversial smoke grenades, such as allowing men who suddenly “identify” themselves as being female… “transgender” is the preferred nomenclature… to be legally permitted to use the ladies bathrooms, as well as locker rooms. Naturally, this insane proposal, which aims to protect an infinitesimal cohort with total disregard for the absolute majority of women, has, in the words of Time magazine, turned into “America’s latest civil rights fight”. Imagine that! As US soldiers are getting killed and wounded in senseless overseas battlefields that most Americans couldn’t locate on a map, Liberals on the homefront are fighting over the right of some men to use the women’s bathrooms and changing rooms at the local Wal-Mart. On top of that mountain of nuts, Liberals also took up cause with a number of other highly controversial nationally divisive ideas, such as same-sex marriages, LGBT rights, and the legalisation of marijuana at the very worst of times.

Now, Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton are out on the streets, incensed that a billionaire real estate tycoon threatens to end their eight-year flight from reality. However, had the Liberals in the Democratic Party pursued something higher than simply challenging the moral sensibilities of the status quo with an endless array of cultural experiments, perhaps Donald Trump wouldn’t be where he is today. In short, American Liberals, ignoring their past legacy of resistance and protest, have nobody to blame but themselves and their proven preference for ignoring matters of real political urgency in favour of hyper-individualist pursuits and pleasures. Now it’s up to Trump to undo the damage.

12 November 2016

Robert Bridge

Rethinking Russia



I quite agree with Mr Bridge, especially on “transgender” activists. It’s a matter of objective science and medicine… not activism or “identity”. I say, “Keep it in the hands of the medical professionals, who know what they’re talking about. Keep it out of the hands of the activists, who empower fringe elements”. I think that the majority of people agree with that. It’d put many at ease, knowing that fringe nutters aren’t being allowed to run amuck. You can stand with placard-waving activists or with objective scientists with peer-reviewed research. I choose the latter… I confide that I’m not alone…


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