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Friday, 5 April 2013

5 April 2013. More from the Cabinet on Kryštof’s Canoodling…

00 Krystof card. 05.04.13


01 JP and Krystof

In all of its low-res glory, here’s a snap of Kryštof with his bosom pal, JP… shitbirds of a feather flock together…


Got this from the Cabinet:

  1. In Orthodox Christianity, ANY fornication is a mortal sin. It’s much more than “violating monastic vows“.
  2. He’s not popular because he’s a Renovationist. He’s foisted the “New Pascha” in a few places in Carpatho-Russia, and this has ticked-off A LOT of the more serious believers. They do NOT want to become “little Finland“.
  3. Well… thank God, it was women, not children/little altar boys.


Don’t forget, JP had a more-than-decade-long dalliance with the proven sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky. If like calls unto like, and it does, what does that tell you about JP and Kryštof?


This Just In Department:

One of the Inner Cabinet whispered this:

Czech Old Catholic {KP‘s father was an Old Catholic priest: editor} convert Kryštof? He’s like the American Episcopalian convert Jonah. The bitter fruit of modernism, Kryštof is Anthony Bloom No 2.

A better description, I couldn’t give.



Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11 July 2012. Lyonyo and Tosi Stonewalling All Requests for Information… Refuse to Give Any Details on “Resignation”


Tosi and Lyonyo are stonewalling all requests for information, and their drooling lickspittle, Lil’ Mizz Ginny, just approves of it all. What’s interesting is that the First Family coup members haven’t only not released a coherent “narrative” to date, they’re apparently refusing to do so in future. Click here and here for the uninformative oca.org posts on the matter. Note Tosi’s arrogant and smarmy tone in his “announcement:

The facts of the Metropolitan’s decision are contained in his statement, which has been posted on the OCA website. At this time of transition, all of the Chancery’s efforts are directed at moving forward in faith and good order, ensuring that the Church’s mission of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ is strengthened. As events may require, further information will be posted on the OCA website, which should be seen as the official source of information about the Church. We ask everyone’s prayers for the hierarchs, clergy and faithful of the OCA.

In other words, “All of you unwashed peasant motherfuckers have to pay, pray, and obey. We’re not going to tell you anything, and you don’t deserve to know anything. It’s all for us, and you can leave if you don’t like it”. Nothing was reported of the Tuesday night Holy Synod meeting… this is in marked contrast to the Centre which issues disclosure of what was discussed at Synod meetings and all zhurnaly (decisions) are publicising immediately for the believers to scrutinise. Of course, the militant atheist repression taught the Centre a thing or two… like being honest DOES work and decentralisation is the way to go. In short, one can see that the problem in the Church wasn’t Herman… it wasn’t JP. They were symptoms, not causes. There’s a culture of institutional secrecy in the OCA… Schmemann brought it in after Vladyki Leonty‘s death. You see, ADS was going to remake the OCA according to his Renovationist fancies, and SVS was going to be his vehicle. His motto was, “The believers be damned”, as the Church War and l’Affaire Mayfield pointed up. This attitude is still alive, especially amongst SVS grads (all of whom were contaminated to some extent or another with ADS’ notions).

A priest said this:

Bishops owe the people an explanation of WHY they unanimously demanded the resignation now, and not whenever. Nothing less just adds to the sense of drift and confusion.

Not only are the believers refusing to accept the plotters silence, neither are the grounded clergy. The putschists are in the deep kimchi, but there are going to be rosy reports from Lil’ Mizz Ginny until the very end. It has been five days since the “resignation”… and there’s no news of the the “resignation” on either Interfax or patriarchia.ru. As a Moscow source told me:

They lied to us before, and they’re probably lying to us, again.

There it is. No one believes the putschists, not here, not at the Centre. Expect things to be murkier in the immediate near term, and believe NOTHING that comes out of Syosset. After all, it’s the same ol’ cabal there, isn’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Albany NY

Monday, 9 July 2012

9 July 2012. The Situation is Very Much in Flux… No One Knows Which End is Up… The Brats at Monomakhos Should Just All Shut Up


I’ve received many reports today, most of them contradictory. That being the case, it’d be irresponsible for me to post any news on JP. Trust me, according to some sources, a Renovationist clique executed a coup. Others say that JP resigned in a pique to mess everything up. Still others insist that Kishkovsky and Potapov ganged up on JP to get at Bobby. In short, it looks more a gigantic tits-up at this point than it did this afternoon. NO ONE SHOULD BE SPECULATING… there’s no solid evidence to go on. This especially applies to the nappy-wearing brats at Monomakhos. They should all shut up. None of them has the depth of sources that I do, and I tell all of you:

The situation’s so confused, there are so many stories “out there” at present, that anyone who posts opinion at this juncture is a braying jackass.

Let the situation develop… the news will come out. However, remember this… JP has NEVER told the truth. Ergo, take anything from him or his claque with a large dose of scepticism. Bite the coin… there be counterfeits out there… especially amongst the toddlers at Monomakhos who hide behind usernames.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27 June 2012. St T’s Needs Your Help NOW


I did a little checking, and the following is on the up-and-square. St T’s is in the deep financial kimchi. They need money, and they need it quickly. Firstly, the money isn’t going to support any harebrained konvertsy schemes… there are serious infrastructure problems that must be put right. Let’s put it this way, if things go on as they are, there won’t be any summer camp at St T’s this year. St T’s is the oldest Russian Orthodox monastery in the country. Yes, I know that Renovationist creepozoids have tried to obscure that, but right now, the priority is to put material things right, not fight the creepo-supremos. We can do that after the crisis is past. Click here for info on how to give… and I say, GIVE, this is our Russian Orthodox heritage… and it doesn’t matter what JP, Reardon, Dreher, or Freddie M-G say or do. This is the beating heart of our po-nashemu heritage… the Anglo converts have no clue of what that means (and with all their crackbrained arguments over Canon X and Father Y, they never will). By the way, Ginny Nieuwsma showed her incompetence, yet again… she CHOSE not to highlight this need with the necessary seriousness on oca.org. What a low, stinking, individual she is (but she slobbers all over Kosovar Albanians, go figure)… I know that she’s nothing but JP’s PR flack, but this is too much of a muchness.

I say, “We have a debt to baba and dede”… there it is, full stop, and ‘nuff said…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Albany NY

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