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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Zakharchenko sez DNR will Strengthen Social Welfare Commitments

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DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated that state authorities will increase their commitment to social welfare programmes for the Republic’s population, saying, “Despite the siege and destruction, we’re going to take on increased social welfare obligations to our people, securing for them an appropriate living standard. We already operate our own financial and banking system; we started disbursing pensions and social benefits. We’re restoring enterprises and mines; we’re supporting agriculture and creating jobs. Our children learn in restored and refurbished schools”. Earlier, Maksim Leshchenko, the Head of Administration for the Chairman of the DNR Government, stated that the DNR developed its laws on social welfare using the norm that “the fundamental principles of these statutes is to ensure the social protection of the population at a level no lower than the [prewar] Ukraine”.

7 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Compare the socialist DNR with the crapitalist-misruled “Ukraine”. The DNR not only repairs the social safety net, it strengthens it… the “Ukraine” rips up the social safety net and runs to its American “conservative” sugar daddies for approval. The DNR is what socialism brings you. The “Ukraine” is what neoliberal Libertarian “conservatism” brings you. Any questions?

It’s clear from this that the Republican Party is an evil organisation and no Orthodox Christian can have anything to do with it and keep their ties to Christ and what He taught and practised. It’s equally clear that “conservatism” is a demonic construct; an ideology that no real Christian can espouse (it’s a sign of influence by Radical Sectarians, who’re as Anti-Christian as one can be). How can you celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Christ and support those who want to kick the weakest amongst us for the sake of Filthy Lucre (justifying themselves in the name of Almighty God, no less)? I find that repulsive and a mockery, kids… I’m not alone.



Friday, 22 November 2013

Duma Rejects Raise in Minimum Wage… Is This Shot in the Arm for the KPRF?

00 rich man hitting poor man. 26.09.13


On Friday, Russian lawmakers rejected an amendment to raise the country’s minimum wage to match its national poverty line starting in January. Russia’s current minimum wage of 5,205 roubles ($158) a month is 27 percent below the government’s own national average poverty threshold, set at 7,095 roubles ($215) in July. Deputy Mikhail Tarasenko said that the RF Gosduma Labour Committee “didn’t feel able to support this amendment”, without explaining why. The rejected amendment was part of a bill to bump Russia’s minimum wage up to 5,554 roubles ($169) in January 2014. Nevertheless, the Gosduma still expects to pass a bill raising the wage by about 350 roubles ($11) in a vote on Friday.

The minimum wage is a controversial concept among economists. Some argue that raising the salary threshold increases costs and thus unemployment, as companies may employ fewer people at higher salaries. Others, however, believe the relationship between minimum wage and unemployment is more complicated, and that the government is responsible to provide a salary guarantee at least equal to the poverty line. Russia has one of the lowest minimum wages in Europe, ranking 23rd out of 27 European countries in a 2013 study by the RIA Rating agency.

22 November 2013



Editor’s Note:

I’ll tell you why the deputies didn’t explain why they didn’t support a real rise in the minimum wage… BRIBES. It happens all the time in the US Congress (John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are bought n’ paid-for whores of the insurance industry, for instance)… so, the Russian lawmakers are only following the example of their more corrupt American mentors! Money talks and bullshit walks in crapitalism… that’s why the Left is gaining tread and cred in Russia and the USA (the Republicans couldn’t even win in Virginia… where a large bloc of sectarian voters usually puts them over the top). As Comrade Zyuganov said, “Events are filling the sails of the ship of the Left”… he’s right… in spades…


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