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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Is Putin’s Decision on DNR/LNR Passports a “Message to the West”?

00 LNR Passport. 04.04.15


Putin’s recent decree doesn’t give DNR/LNR residents Russian citizenship; it just gives them an opportunity to cross into Russia if they want to. Zak Novak, a US citizen who’s spent 2 years in the former-eastern Ukraine and now works at Novorossiya Today Press Centre, spoke to us about this decision:

Recognising all documents was a message to the West, to McCain, to the Ukraine that these are now our people and we have every right to defend them with this signature of Vladimir Putin. This gives people an opportunity to find protection in Russia.

In response to this decree, Kiev reacted with a decree of its own, calling it “a violation of international law” but is it really? Novak noted:

We all know very well what it means and that Poroshenko now fears that Russia is here to protect us. That’ll put pressure on the EU and Poroshenko to stop the bombing, stop the terrorism, stop killing our children, and implement the Minsk agreement that you all signed. I don’t think that they’ll implement the Minsk agreement; I don’t think so because the Ukraine really doesn’t want that and it will do everything to break it apart. “This is a story of toy soldiers. [Ukrainian] boys die, Poroshenko and [the Ukrainian authorities] send them to the frontline, and as they retreat the Right Sector kills their own guys. That’s good for us, and the Minsk agreement is even better for us because sooner or later we’ll liberate all of our territories because the people want it.

19 February 2017

Sputnik International


Putin Decree Declares DNR/LNR Papers Valid in Russia… Lavrov Explains Putin’s Decision

00 DNR Donetsk PR military ID 01. 23.04.15


On Saturday, the Kremlin media office announced that President V V Putin signed a decree that declared documents issued by the Lugansk Peoples Republic (LNR) and Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR) valid in Russia. The media release stated:

We hereby declare that IDs, academic certificates, birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, name changes documents, death certificates, transport registration certificates, and vehicle license plates issued by corresponding local authorities to permanent residents of these regions who are citizens of Ukraine or are stateless are valid.

Later that day, LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky praised the decision:

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a fateful decision. This is another sign that our Republic achieved statehood. Today, we made a step closer toward international recognition of our sovereignty.

Meanwhile, DNR Head of State A V Zakharchenko told us:

The decree proved that Russia has always upheld and will continue to uphold our right to defend our lives, our culture, our language, and our dignity. If the Motherland is adamant about standing by our side and supporting our fight, then, our fight is fair, our sacrifices aren’t in vain, and it justifies our hopes.



On Saturday, Minster of Foreign Affairs S V Lavrov said that the issue of recognising DNR/LNR documents wasn’t brought up during foreign ministers’ talks in the so-called Normandy Four format in Munich, noting:

The decree stated clearly that we made this decision out of humanitarian concerns until we can fulfil the Minsk agreements. The presidential decree validated IDs of Donbass residents so that they could enter Russia legally and use Russian rail transport and air carriers.


18 February 2017

Sputnik International

US Embassy in Kiev Concerned Over Russian Recognition of Donbass Documents




The Russians are telling the USA:

Fuck off. We won’t let the Peoples Republics go under. Your protests be damned. This isn’t your backyard and you have no interests here.

The American toddlers are having a tantrum. One hopes that the American snit won’t turn to war. They’re not known for good manners or decent behaviour when vexed.



On Saturday, President V V Putin signed a decree allowing temporary recognition of DNR/LNR identification documents by Russia until the Minsk peace accord takes full effect. The US Embassy in Kiev said on its Twitter account:

Russia’s recognition of the separatist “republics” papers is concerning and contradicts the agreed goals of the Minsk agreements.

In 2014, Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts in the then-eastern Ukraine declared independence from Kiev. In response, Kiev launched military operations against the two Donbass Peoples Republics. In 2015, the sides signed a ceasefire in Minsk brokered by the leaders of the so-called Normandy Four group, comprising France, Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, LNR and DNR residents faced difficulties with their documents, as their Ukrainian papers were now invalid, but DNR/LNR papers had no international recognition.

19 February 2017

Sputnik International


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Official Assessment of LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky on the Memorial Day of the Victims of the So-Called “Golodomor” in the Ukraine

00 Bandera scum out! 10.05.14

“Out with the Banderist scum!”



To our honourable Citizens and fellow countrymen!

On 26 November, noisy and public events in the areas controlled by the Kiev régime will occur, although good order demands that a proper response should be dignified and private. In fact, the untimely death of loved ones from hunger brings great anguish that one doesn’t want to put on public display. However, for over 20 years, the Kiev régime has tried to turn a common tragedy into a political show that has the aim of sowing discord and enmity between different peoples and social groups. Did death ask the nationality of the people that it swept up in the great famine of the 20s and 30s? Didn’t many hundreds of thousands of victims die in the Volga region and in Kazakhstan? At about the same time, many suffered from hunger in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, and even the USA, but no one there calls it the “Golodomor”… they call it a “global economic crisis” and the “Great Depression”. Finally, why won’t these ceremonies point up that the Poroshenko régime is enforcing an all-out blockade on the Donbass? That could’ve led to widespread death from hunger, but Russian aid forestalled that. On behalf of the people of the LNR, we declare that we sympathise with all who lost loved ones to famine, wherever they might live, in the Ukraine, in Russia, in Africa. We’re always ready to help everyone who needs it. For example, during the siege of Lugansk, captured Banderist aggressors received food, water, and medical assistance on the same basis as our soldiers and citizens. However, we strongly condemn the deceitful notion of the “Golodomor”, which [nationalists] allege was an intentional action against Ukrainians. Those who blame their former countrymen for the “Golodomor” should first remove the log from their eye and soberly assess the immediate consequences of their own policies. Soon, the people will ask you not for the “Golodomor”, but for the “Tarifomor”* and most of all for the “ATO-mor*!

  • Tarifomor: a play on words, adding “tarif” (rates) to “–mor”, referring to the vast increases in rents, utility rates, and prices under the American-installed Uniate nationalist junta
  • ATO-mor: another play on words, it adds “–mor” to ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation), the Uniate nationalist term for the present American-supported aggression in the Donbass

00 I V Plotnitsky. LNR. Lugansk PR. 20.05.15I V Plotnitsky

Head of State of the Lugansk Peoples Republic

25 November 2016

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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