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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Ukrop Commander Admits Defeat in the Donbass


Biletsky spoke about the torrent of corpses from the horrific Ukrainian defeats in the Donbass

The stories about the hard slog of the Ukrainian army [in the Donbass] are a sham. The cowardly Ukrainian forces suffered a terrible defeat in the Donbass, leading to a torrent of corpses going home. Andrei Biletsky, a leader of the so-called “Azov” Battalion” and Peoples Deputy of the Verkhovnaya Rada, gave an interview to the internet edition Апостроф (Apostrof: Apostrophe). He didn’t conceal his irritation at the brave front that the Kiev elite placed on its abuses. Moreover, Biletsky stated:

Economically, they’ve totally despoiled the Ukraine. In actuality, the bragging of the Kiev [junta] only brings impoverishment to the people. You see, it isn’t possible to tell us that we’ve created a powerful army and so on. People are aware of the fact that any army in a time of war needs to win victories, not merely look good on parade. We’ve had massive defeats; we’ve capitulated, as one can see in the cowardly position of the Ukrainian authorities towards Russia. Therefore, they pretend that nothing is going on in the streets of Kiev… but our soldiers die on the banks of the Dnepr and helicopters take the wounded to the Mechnikov Hospital… the authorities have nothing to brag about, except the country’s complete impoverishment. The situation could worsen at any moment. When you smoke outside an open barrel of gunpowder, don’t be surprised when it explodes. That’s what the current situation is… an open barrel of gunpowder. The explosives are just lying around…  they could explode from anything, from the effects of known statistical levels or from just playing with matches.

20 October 2017


21 October 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko



Saturday, 16 September 2017

16 September 2017. Remember Our Real Heroes of the Present Day!


M S Tolstykh (codename “Givi”) was one of the heroes of the fight for the Donetsk Airport. The local homeboys whipped the American and Polish special oppers (disguised as “Private Mercenary Company” types)! The Americans got skunked again! Obviously, the Yanks wanted to capture the airport and use it to fly in junta aggressors. It didn’t work… due to the bravery of Givi, Motorola (the late A S Pavlov, also murdered by Uniate nationalists), and their men. In like manner, the Russians defeated the American special oppers at the Roki Tunnel during the South Ossetia campaign (the Yanks were disguised as PMC employees there, too… it’s a common Langley deniability tactic). The Russians chased the American minders of the Georgians from Gori, capturing all their computers and files (a prize intel windfall if there ever was one… the Yanks tried telling the world otherwise, but everybody could figure out the truth). The Russians chased out the Americans from the Crimea… the USA’s Banderist allies just folded and ran… they left the Yanks hanging in the wind. At the airport, it was the same. In short, the USA doesn’t have good luck in dealing with Russia (nor does it get a good measure from its Banderist running-dogs). Shouldn’t it get the hint and stop its provocations?

Galician Uniate nationalists murdered Givi. They’re not good at stand-up fights… but they sure are good at stab-in-the-back assassination and bombs targeting civilians. S A Bandera was one such… the Poles had him in prison for setting off a bomb in a public place (show me whom someone idolises… I’ll show you that person’s character). By the way… most Galician Uniates are workaday sorts who don’t engage in terrorism or outré nationalism. In fact, the highest rates of draft evasion in junta-misruled Banderstan are in Galicia! Most Galician Uniates want the junta and its war to just go away. However, the Uniate nationalists are feral. Don’t forget… they said, “All Jews to the gallows” and “the Ukraine for Ukrainians only”… they meant it then; they mean it now.


Sunday, 27 August 2017

27 August 2017. The Soul of the Donbass


The Orthodox Socialist Peoples Republics in the Donbass are bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh. They’re under attack by Uniate nationalist filth egged on the Anglo Americans. Our house is on fire… our co-religionists and compatriots die under aggressor shellfire. We have to put out this fire before attending to anything else, for the Faith is under attack by the Papists, yet again (this is nothing but a 21st-century crusade, using the Uniates as the new Teutonic Knights). Things such as “Pro-Life” pale in comparison to this assault. Note well that the so-called “Pro-Life” lobby in Congress supports the papist assault on our faith in the Donbass. The Uniates want to impose their false union in the Donbass, in Novorossiya, and in Malorossiya, just as they have in Galicia. This is the most pressing thing facing us today. Give it a thought…

If the Donbass falls to the Uniates and their Anglo puppeteers, a long night will fall over this part of Holy Rus. It’s our job to do whatever we can to avert that.


Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017. The Donbass… The Tomb of the Euromaidan Fascists


The Americans egg on their Uniate/schismo clients. This is unwise. The junta needs at least a generation of utter peace to attempt a consolidation (it might not even work then), but the Anglos pushed their puppets into a war of aggression in the Donbass. The local homeboys rose up and defeated the Uniates. That wasn’t hard, as Galicia is the hard-luck hardscrabble Dogpatch of Eastern Europe, poorer and less-educated than the rest of historical Holy Rus. That’s why so many Galicians emigrated to the USA and Canada. There was nothing at home and there were no real opportunities in the Habsburg empire (unlike Russia, where many Little Russians migrated to the Donbass and to Siberia). Therefore, Galicians outnumber Russians and Little Russians in the diaspora. They’re the smallest group at home… but the largest one here (with some real political clout in western Canada). In consequence, their lies get attention and our truth gets trampled into the mud. Besides all that, the Galician “leadership” kisses the ass of the West. They kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass and they’ve always kissed the ass of whatever Western group hates Russia (the Habsburgs, the Nazis, the Anglos). Many ordinary Galicians don’t share this hate. Indeed, the region with the greatest draft resistance in the contemporary “Ukraine” is Galicia. No lie! Galician moms don’t want their sons to die for a notional “Ukraine” and for the fascists who lead it. I’ll confide that there are many in the Lvovshchina who’d welcome the Russians as liberators. Truth IS stranger than fiction is…


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