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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30 June 2015. The Kingdom of God is Within You

00 Viktor Olkhovsky. Aurora Borealis in Leningrad Oblast 1. gospel of luke. 300615


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

15 May 2012. A Point to Ponder…


We DO have a choice. We can choose to follow the path of private gain or we can choose to follow a path of common cooperation. These paths are NOT compatible. You can’t be on both paths at the same time, just as you can’t be in two places at once. Any time that you hear someone gassing about “individualism”, it’s usually an apologia for economic anarchy… an excuse for the strong preying on those less powerful than they are.

His Holiness is friends with Fidel Castro Ruz and Gennady Zyuganov… Paffhausen pals around Hard Right Republicans. I’d say that one of these things is NOT like the other! If we’re Christians, one thing IS clear. We should worship Christ, NOT Mammon… someone should tell all the rigthtwing konvertsy that. Remember, Our Lord Christ suffered death on the cross for OPPOSING the dishonesty and greed of the powers-that-be, especially the high priest and his party. Meaty reflection, no? Oh, yes… there ARE analogues of Caiphas about in today’s Church… do have a care…


Friday, 4 May 2012

4 May 2012. If Paffhausen and His Rightwing Claque are Wrong… Who’s Correct?


The image is of Christ chasing out the merchants from the temple. One can say many things, but one can’t say that Our Lord Christ was a friend of the “entrepreneurs” and “businessmen” of His day. Indeed, he viewed them as contemporary Russians view “biznessmeni”… rather shady and dubious characters, at best.

You can agree with Vsevolod Anatolyevich (who’s a close confidant of His Nibs), or, you can agree with Fathausen (a friend of Mormons, squiffy off-brand Episkies, Uniates, and the Hard Right). Birds of a feather DO flock together! I know where I stand… what about you?


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