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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Head of Lugansk GMA Discussed Concerns with Workers at Marshal Plant

00 lugansk lnr factory meetoing 190815


Today, Lugansk GMA* Head Manolis Pilavov discussed topical concerns with employees of the Marshal pipeline-fittings works. Pilavov said of his visit, “Such meetings are necessary to know the views of ordinary people on how to manage the city. If we don’t learn such, the authorities won’t be able to cope with ordinary day-to-day situations that arise in our life”. He spoke about the work of public services during the fighting in the summer of 2014, about the problems faced during the last heating season, and about the current situation in Lugansk, saying, “All public utilities are still working smoothly, although, for the first time in many years, the city budget is zero. In order to meet our community needs, we’ve gotten assistance from the LNR Government, the Russian Federation, and from business elements”.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

The factory workers asked Pilavov pointed questions about water supply, rehabilitation of housing damaged by the fighting, and improvement in public transport. Pilavov replied, “The fighting’s damaged about 400 apartment buildings and about 1,300 private houses. The second stage of restoration includes about 840 private houses and 150 apartment buildings. In addition, we’re working on repairing 34 Lugansk socio-cultural facilities. We’ll have that done by the end of 2015. After restoring social benefits, restoring destroyed facilities is our next priority. Today, there are problems with public transport. Before the start of hostilities and the economic blockade of the city, we had about 1,200 vehicles; now, we only have a third of that number. When motor transport companies that left Lugansk because of the war return to it, then, we could reactivate public transport routes now inactive”.

Those factory workers who wanted to ask Pilavov questions, but couldn’t because of time limits, were asked to contact the Мир Луганщине (Mir Luganshchine: World of Luganshchina) movement, of which he’s the local head. At the end of the meeting, Pilavov said, “I thank all of you; you showed what you were made of in going through all our difficulties. After all, thanks to you, our city lives… its resistance amazes all those who come here. I promise to make meetings like this a regular thing”.

The Marshal plant started in 1992, when it rolled out its first ball valve. Before the outbreak of the war, the plant’s products included more than 5,500 sizes, there were more than 1,200 employees, and the enterprise covered 20,231 square metres (@2 hectares/217,764 square feet (@5 acres)). Annually, the plant produced about 300,000 units. During the fighting in summer 2014, Workshop-1 and storage areas, a foundry, and a warehouse for finished products received direct hits. Total damage included more than 200 square metres (2,152 square feet) of glazing, 300 square metres of roofing in various workshops 3,228 square feet), and more than 150 square metres (1,614 square feet) of exterior façade. Builders restored all the damage within a month; the company was one of the first to resume production in Lugansk.

18 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Creation of a Unified LNR State Water Utility to Reduce Consumer Water Charges in Future

00 water in a glass. 210715


Today, Aleksei Rusakov, LNR Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, announced at a meeting of the LNR Council of Ministers that creating Luganskvoda, a unified state water utility, would allow a reduction in consumer water charges, saying, “Creating a unified state enterprise would allow us to calculate and compute an economically justified rate and to see what problems that we have to face. In particular, it’d ensure that our people would pay the real cost of water, not using the [false] calculations used in the Ukrainian times. As the amount of transit is now less, of course, perhaps, we’d be able to reduce water rates in future. Immediately after we create a state enterprise, the LNR Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the LNR Chairman of the Government could direct us to begin work to formulate water rates. At the end of the day, I think that consumer water rates should go down”. In related news, earlier, the LNR Council of Ministers unanimously adopted a resolution to establish the State Unified Corporation Luganskvoda.

21 July 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



In the Peoples Republics, rates for utilities are going DOWN… as there is state ownership of utilities. In the fascist “Ukraine” rates are going up because the “government” is selling assets off to foreign “investors”, who only want to make a quick buck (and throw some bones to their local lackeys whilst they’re at it). The “Ukrainian” actions are objectively evil… the Peoples Republics’ actions are objectively good. What does that tell you about the loud asshats who want to ally the Church with the grasping amoral greedsters of the Republican Party? It tells you volumes about their character, doesn’t it?


Saturday, 4 July 2015

4 July 2015. Video. Victory Day Performance on Red Square with Fireworks at End

00 lenin. do not touch our history. 040715



This is 95 minutes well-spent. It’s NOT a concert… it’s performance art, and of very high quality too. It starts out with the Nochhye Volki MC guys doing bike ballet on Red Square (with A S Zaldostonov in the lead). The first “name” performer to appear is V S Lanovoi… he kept the faith with the Party, even in the bad years. Presidents Putin and Xi were present… that was a message to the demented arrogant Anglo toddlers, no doubt.

Orthodox people… watch this… you can stand with V S Lanovoi, or you can stand with Victor Potapov. You can stand with Presidents Putin and Xi, or you can stand with Paffhausen and Dreher. You can ease on down the road with Aleksandr the Surgeon and the Night Wolves, or you can stand with blustering phonies like Reardon and Jacobses. You can stand with decent healthy people or you can stand with those who cheer on greedy grasping filth (in the hope that some of the crumbs might fall their way). It IS up to you… choose wisely…

DO NOT TOUCH OUR HISTORY… It’s ALL ours or NONE of it is ours. Do read Potapov’s unhinged rants in that spirit…


Watch it in HD 1080… awesome!

4 July 2015. Why V S Lanovoi Giving a Zhukov Monument to Lugansk was (Excuse the Pun) Monumental

00 Putin and Lanovoi at March of the Immortal Regiment. Moscow. Russia. VIctory Day. 040715


In the above image, on Victory Day, during the March of the Immortal Regiment, People’s Artist* of the USSR V S Lanovoi is to the immediate left of President V V Putin. Lanovoi’s wife I P Kupchenko is to the immediate right of Putin. Does this give you an idea of how close the Lanovois are to VVP? Vasili Semyonovich has been a communist since 1968… he kept the faith through the Nasty 90s. The American fomented disorder didn’t faze him… America’s lies about “winning the Cold War” didn’t move him… he saw it for the phony paper tiger that it was (and still is). The fact that V S Lanovoi gave a Zhukov monument to Lugansk is VERY significant. It’s tantamount to VVP saying, “I’ve got your back. I won’t abandon you. I won’t allow the American-paid Uniate fascist pigs to annihilate you”.

Symbolic actions mean a lot. This one means that VVP’s told the USA and its Neo-Nazi Uniate running dogs that Novorossiya is now under his wing. Note well that the Western media didn’t tell you this. Note well that the lying puffed-up poseurs at Stratfor didn’t tell you this. Note well that Colonel Cassad and the Saker were silent. Fort Russ didn’t have a thing to say. None of these preening phonies want to tell you the whole story… I do attempt to do that, within the limits of my ability.

V V Putin has extended his hand to Novorossiya through the agency of his longtime confederate V S Lanovoi. If you wanted something to put in the bank, this is that. The Ukraine is not dead yet… but it soon shall be!

  • Peoples Artist: award of distinction for an actor, dancer, singer, or musician… “artists” in the Western sense are “Peoples Painters” or “Peoples Sculptors”


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