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Friday, 27 March 2015

Avakov Regrets Not Taking the Opportunity to Blow Up Donbass Patriots in Donetsk OGA Building and Lugansk SBU HQ…

00 A B Avakov. 27.03.15

Avakov… a shady “businessman”, who’s now the so-called “Minister of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine”… many believe that Langley recruited him when he was in the nick for real estate fraud in Italy. He’s the “poster child” for evil… a perfect illustration of Hannah Arendt’s postulation of “the banality of evil”. That is, he’s corrupt enough to suit the Anglo Americans, who’re dishonest to the bone… if you doubt that, ask any Native American… they’ll tell you a story…


RIA-Novosti reported that Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs A B Avakov said on 1+1 TV that the junta erred in not blowing up the Lugansk Oblast SBU HQ and the Donetsk Oblast OGA* building, as protestors had taken them over at the beginning of the civil disturbances in Novorossiya. He said, “I’ll tell you a bad thing about myself… I’m wanted in Russia… well, we should have blown up the Donetsk Oblast OGA building. That way, only 50 terrorists (sic) would’ve died, we wouldn’t have had 5,000 deaths in Donetsk Oblast (sic). We should’ve done the same thing to the SBU HQ in Lugansk, too. However, were we ready to do this?”

  • OGA: Oblast State Administration, administrative apparat of an oblast

In April last year, the people of the Donbass in Novorossiya opposed the putsch in the Ukraine, so they demanded a referendum on the status of the region, a federalisation of state power, the recognition of Russian as a second state language, and even rejoining Russia. This led to patriot protestors taking over administration buildings in the former Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. The putschist junta in Kiev promised to make concessions and to hold a referendum, but they really began a military operation, deploying troops against the region. According to the latest UN information, there are more than 6,000 victims of the conflict.

In mid-June 2014, the SK RF filed a criminal case against Avakov. They charged him with ordering killings, the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, and kidnapping, as well as impeding the movements of accredited journalists.

27 March 2015



Wednesday, 4 March 2015

“We’re All OK”… The First Bear Woke Up from Hibernation at the Lugansk Zoopark… Spring is on its Way

00 lugansk zoopark. 04.03.15


On 2 March, Lugansk Zoopark keeper Dmitri Khitryuk told visitors, “We’e all OK. The Gorispolkom* owns the Lugansk House of Animals at the Unified Park of Culture and Rest. We’re self-sufficient, so, we don’t depend on government funding. Despite the fact that we had to suspend operations at the zoopark last year, we were able to save all the animals. To help save the animals, local people brought in all kinds of food. The Lugansk meatpacking plant gave us a lot of help in feeding the predators… lions, bears, foxes, and wolves. People didn’t stop to help us feed the animals, and they still collect all kinds of goodies for our beasts. However, we need all kinds of edibles, as our little family is very diverse… we have herbivorous beavers and deer, raccoons love fish, whilst dogs and monkeys are omnivores. Fortunately, life here goes on as usual. We hope that there’d be peace in Lugansk this spring so that we could begin normal operations again. The world needs not only people, but also animals”. The Lugansk Zoopark admits visitors with the beginning of spring. The official opening of the zoo-year takes place on 1 May.

  • Gorispolkom: City Executive Committee

3 March 2015


Four-legged forecasters at the Lugansk Zoopark predict the beginning of spring… on 2 March, the first Himalayan Bear woke up from hibernation. Zookeeper Dmitri Khitryuk said, “Krosh was the first harbinger of spring. The bear woke up as he should; normally, they come out of hibernation as soon as the temperature reaches 5.4 degrees (42 degrees Fahrenheit). As soon as he got up, the bear showed an appetite… he had some delicious treats. Gradually, the keepers will give him more vegetables, then, they’ll add meat to his diet. Different names for the Himalayan Black Bear are Asian, Himalayan, or Moon Bear. The main distinction of this forest denizen is a white moon-shaped stripe on his chest. Krosh is the only Himalayan Bear in the Lugansk Zoopark. His keepers invited the public to bring Krosh goodies. This king of the forest is omnivorous … he likes pine nuts, acorns, leaves, fruit, pine cones, insects, and fish.

4 March 2015

Liliya Levitskaya

MIA Istok



Wednesday, 28 January 2015

28 January 2015. Latest Sitrep Maps from Novorossiya

00 Novorossiya IS Russia. 11.06.14


00 sitrep map Novorossiya 01. 27.01.15

Sitrep map for 25 January


00 sitrep map Novorossiya 02. 27.01.15

Sitrep map for 26 January


Sunday, 25 January 2015

25 January 2015. Latest Sitrep Map from Novorossiya

00 VSN Novorossiya 01. 21.01.15


00 sitrep map Novorossiya. 25.01.15


The VSN is on the offensive again. The Uniates are getting thrown back in their attempt to wrest the Ukraine from Holy Rus. It looks like they’re on the run…


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