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Saturday, 17 February 2018

16 February 2018. A Consideration From a Friend…


I never want to hear anyone claim that [the USA] is a “Christian country” again as long we regularly offer up our children as sacrifices to the false idols of “freedom”, “the right to bear arms”, and the Constitution.

Gregory Robertson


I’d add that most of the more-rabid gun nutters are Republican Born-Again fanatics who blubber about the “Abortion Holocaust”. I guess that foetuses have more “rights” than our living kids do…



Wednesday, 12 November 2014

12 November 2014. A View From the East… Spying on Santa (Luo Jie/China Daily)

00 Luo Jie. Spying on Santa. 2013

Spying on Santa

Luo Jie



Yeah… it’s almost American Christmas season… that is, from American Thanksgiving to Catholic Christmas on 25 December. Unlike trad Christians in the Catholic, Orthodox, and Reformation Churches, Anglo Americans have a holiday season that PRECEDES the holiday (I shit you not). There ain’t no “Twelve Days of Christmas”… there’s four weeks of utter commercialised madness starting with Black Friday (the Black Mass of this “holiday”)… then, Catholic Christmas… and all Anglo Americans collapse in a stupor, glad that the “holiday season” is over for another year. There’s not even a New Year’s celebration of any note! It’s not like the Russian holiday of New Year’s-Christmas-Epiphany… nineteen days of partying hearty and fun (including jumping in an ice hole on Epiphany… no lie, I’ve done it… don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). It has none of the hearty exuberance of “c’était un Noël au Québec” (grand-père has to come and give the family bénédiction for the coming year first)… NOBODY decorates for the season “comme le font les québécois” (must be that Caribou that they drink… half moonshine and half homemade wine). It isn’t the Sicilian midnight feast after Christmas Mass… nor is it the homely joy of an English Christmas Cake… it’s a deadening exercise… so much so that I wonder why they even engage in it.

Keep your wits about you and stay out of the malls from Black Thursday until Catholic Christmas. Then… CELEBRATE… feast, feast, feast, like real men and women and kids should. Pass me the roast beast, please… I WILL take seconds, if you will.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

4 October 2014. A View From the East… Mind Your Own Business! (Luo Jie/China Daily)

00 Luo Jie. Mind Your Own Business. 2014


If there was ever a time for the US government to keep its big mouth shut, it’s now. True, Faux News would rant n’ rave, and Thomas Friedman would issue bombastic and pietistic bullshit in the NY Times, but the US government should’ve keep mum on the Hong Kong situation. You see, the USA had a chance to throw a spanner into the works of the Sino-Russian alliance… but it fucked it up by its loud and hubristical remarks. Every normal person knows that Beijing is going end up on top… probably, without the bloodshed of Tiananmen… the USA could’ve scored some points on the QT, but no… it had to pound its chest to show the world how powerful it is! China has an ancient civilisation… as does Iran… as does Russia… none of them appreciate smarkach toddlers telling them what to do. America hasn’t solved any of its problems… in fact, it refuses to face them! The rest of the world sees this… yet, Anglo Americans are clueless, and they wonder why everyone thinks them hypocrites and poseurs. America isn’t the “sole superpower”… it isn’t now, it never was. Remember, as D K Kiselyov put it, “Russia can turn America into a pile of radioactive ash”… the Anglo bullies resent that… it’s the real reason for the sanctions. Anglo Americans want to brutalise others with impunity (“Winning is the only thing”), and resent all those who can resist them (for it makes them look ridiculous in front of the whole world). Ponder that…


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30 September 2014. A View from the East… Gas War. (Luo Jie/China Daily)

00 Luo Jie. Gas War. 2014


This makes a crucial point… the USA wants to make its partners abandon Russian gas, but what alternative is it offering in the near and medium terms? It’s offering nothing… so, all of its moves are mere Kabuki and GIGO.


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