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Monday, 5 February 2018

5 February 2018. Uniate Nationalists Burn Orthodox Church in Lvov


This is the Church of St Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles in Lvov. It’s a parish of the UPTs/MP… Galician Uniate fanatics torched it. Many Orthodox bishops asked the Pope of Rome to rein in the Uniate nutters, but Franky Bergoglio refuses to do so. Bear that in mind whenever you see one of his well-orchestrated public appearances. He refuses to rein in his Uniate attack dogs. Bastard…



Saturday, 27 June 2015

27 June 2015. Graffiti Seen in Lvov: “правительство жидов и убийц…” Nasty Shit… BAD NEWS for the Junta

00 the pro-american liberal pigs 1. 29.07.14


00 VSN. Novorossiya. To Kiev! 26.03.15


We're Going to Kiev! 26.08.14


This graffiti was up in Lvov: правительство жидов и убийц… Government of Yids and Killers (literal translation). Somebody in the Lvovshchina ain’t happy… NOT good news for Rabbit and Choco Loco is it? Galicia has suffered a disproportionate number of casualties in the War of National Liberation in Novorossiya. Mostly, this was due to zealot Uniate nationalists flocking to the junta’s new quasi-SS “National Guard”… units led by Uniate nationalist military incompetents, which has led to a massive and heartrending butcher’s bill (anyone who doesn’t feel for the pain of the families receiving the body of their son in a coffin is a brutish dolt, and I say so openly). Today, the draft evasion rate in the Lvovshchina is as high as in the rest of the country, if not higher (mirabile dictu!). If this continues, the Lvovshchina could fall to the patriots… after all, if 38 percent of the voters in the Lvovshchina supported the Svoboda fascists, it means that 62 percent (nearly two-thirds) opposed them. The Sovs secured the Lvovshchina with the aid of the local homies, as the Uniate fascist nationalists were bloody bastards who murdered left n’ right. They haven’t changed their spots. That means that the Galician locals could very well help the patriots secure the Lvovshchina for Holy Rus, just as they helped the USSR to secure the region. We’ll have to see…


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Lvov Brutality: Right Sector “Heroes” Stab People in Broad Daylight on the Streets

00 Right Sector. 31.08.14


In Lvov, ATO “heroes” stab their compatriots in the streets. They justify their actions by saying that they have concussions and memory lapses. They know no one will do anything to them for cutting up a few “rear rats”. Compared to this, the American horror series The Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks like a harmless children’s fairy tale. Judge for yourself… yesterday, in Sikhov, one of the largest residential areas of ​​Lvov, in broad daylight, an unknown thug in camouflage stabbed a 30-35-year-old man. The poor guy went out to the grocery store… he ran into the knife of a “Hero of the Ukraine”. Community activist Igor Zinkevich reported the incident on the internet. Immediately, first responders took the wounded man to hospital, and the cops went to the crime-scene. Shortly before that, another citizen of Lvov, Ivan Kranitsky, reported that a young man of 20, strongly built, and with a knife, sauntered down Kolomoisky Street, threatening everyone who crossed his path. Krasnitsky stated, “When I asked him, he only said that he’d already killed a lot of people in the fighting in [Novorossiya]. He added that he suffered a concussion, and he doesn’t care. His uniform had Right Sector badges, but when I called the hotline number, they just laughed at me and hung up”. In fact, the police confirmed the violence in Lvov, but they’ve released no official conclusions yet.

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, a media contact for the Lvov Oblast police, said, “At about 15.00, we received a phone call from the hospital called and told us that there was a man lying on Kolomoisky Street with a stab wound. We immediately dispatched a team to the scene to investigate. I can only add that there weren’t many injured, so, it’d be difficult to call it a slaughter in the full sense of the word”. In general, the Lvov cops whitewash the Right Sector. They just say, “Big deal! So somebody’s guts get smeared on the pavement… it isn’t a combat wound, we can fix it. They’ll be proud a defender of the Fatherland stabbed them… they’ll tell their children and grandchildren”. Not surprisingly, in future, the cops will just take the victim into custody and prove that they provoked the “ATO Hero” into stabbing them.

16 May 2015




This is simple anarchy. There’s no real law in Banderstan. Thugs roam the streets, terrorising whom they will… this isn’t government policy, for there’s NO real government left in Juntaland. This is what libertarianism means. This is what Ayn Rand slobbered about… this is what Paul Ryan and Scott Walker want… this is the hellish vision of the American “conservative” movement… this is what the Western lapdog media praise to the skies (that’s why I hold Victor Potapov, S A Schmemann, S L Kishkovskaya, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, and Terrence Mattingly in utter contempt… they all willingly work for the American media Moloch and gleefully take their pieces of silver for praising evil). This is what the US Republican Party wants in the USA. Ever wonder why they’re so vociferous in their support of the fascist junta? THIS is why… they want the same lawless conditions in the USA… “Might makes right” and “He with the gold rules”. This is what awaits us if the Republicans win the White House. American “conservatism” is a satanic ideology. Remember how it started… the smearing of patriots in the McCarthy era… do you want that again? Think on that…


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The DNR Minoborony Thinks it Probable that the Junta will Try to Disrupt Victory Day Celebrations in the DNR on 9 May

00 E A Basurin. VSN. Novorossiya. 18.02.15


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin stated at a media briefing, “Ukrainian nationalist elements are preparing to commit provocations in the DNR and LNR in the period before, on, and after our celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the VOV”. He pointed up that activists formed a covert sabotage unit in the Lvov Oblast of 300-500 members recruited from radical groups, which the junta plans to deploy near Stanichno-Luganskoe (12 kilometres (7.5 miles) north of Lugansk) to commit provocations wearing Russian military uniforms. Basurin observed, “It’s important to note that NATO instructors are in Lvov Oblast training nationalist elements; on 17 April, 300 American paratroopers of the 173 Airborne Brigade arrived at the Yavorov polygon* (50 kilometres (33 miles) from Lvov). It’s possible that foreign troops would take part in provocations in the DNR and LNR, to destabilise and disrupt the celebrations of Victory Day, of the victory of Soviet people over fascism”. Due to the intel that came in to us, we’ll intensify patrols and strengthen garrisons; we’ll also step up checks at roadblocks and checkpoints. We’d collaborate with police to identify and interrogate suspects. We ask the citizens of the LNR and DNR to be vigilant and promptly report suspicious persons to us”.

  • Polygon: Post-WWII Russian colloquialism for a military base, it derives from the polygon-shaped concrete blocks on drill fields (the US Navy calls such a field a “grinder”)

21 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



It’s important to note that Yavorov Raion is right on the border with Poland; Yavorov is the first major town on the motorway between Poland and Lvov. That is, the NATO troops aren’t in the Ukraine proper, rather, they’re in the Lvovshchina (a part of the Habsburg Empire and of interwar Poland). If necessary, they can skedaddle quickly back to Poland in less than an hour on the motorway (it appears that the Americans learned from their fiasco in Gori during the ’08 South Ossetia War). Add in the fact that the American and Canadian troops aren’t trained instructors, but regular combat units, it looks like that their real role is to secure a retreat path to Poland for Western elements in the Ukraine (and to allow a bolthole for pro-American nationalist terrorists… they know too much, but it’s too difficult to kill them on home ground). Probably, it’s where the Americans and their Canadian poodles will take the last looted resources of the Ukraine, as a convenient guarded stopping point on the way to Poland.

Again, don’t listen to asshats such as Stratfor and Fort Russ… pull out your maps… look carefully at what’s deployed where… have an idea of what modern military units “look like”. For instance, media releases ranted about “120 US tanks in the Baltics”. Photographic evidence showed that the “tanks” were a mixture of wheeled APCs and tanks… 120 AFVs equal two heavy mechanised battalions… NOT EVEN A FULL BRIGADE. Besides that, the images revealed that there weren’t any MICVs at all. In all, 590 American and Canadian paratroopers are in Yavorov. That’s not even a full battalion… in short, the West knows that its client is going down the shitter. The present deployment is to protect the last known secure retreat route to Poland. Everyone knows that the present situation is political kabuki… mostly for domestic purposes in the USA. It allows both Republican and Democratic pols to claim that they did their all to preserve “the free Ukraine”. The Canadian troops are there because Galician Uniates are a big political presence in the Prairie Provinces (Ed Stelmach, anyone?). Once you understand that, you almost feel sorry for the junta. Their Western “allies” are anything else but that, and their patriot opponents are waxing their ass at the front. It’s only a matter of time. How long? I haven’t the foggiest… no one does. However, I hope that the Dear Lord cuts the time short… too many innocents have suffered already.


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