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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Venezuela Expels Three American Diplomats in “Sabotage Conspiracy”

00 President Nicolás Maduro Moros. Venezuela. 01.10.13


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros announced on national television that he’s ordered the expulsion of three American diplomats for allegedly plotting acts of sabotage in conspiracy with “far-right” opposition groups. Speaking in a public address Monday, Maduro gave Chargé d’Affaires Kelly Keiderling, the top American diplomat in Caracas, and two other embassy officials, 48 hours to leave Venezuela, whose economy has been troubled by power outages and food shortages. Maduro said that he had evidence that the American diplomats frequently met with the “Venezuelan far-right” to finance it and “encourage actions to sabotage the country’s electrical grid and economy. I can’t allow them to interfere in Venezuela’s internal affairs and I ask for your full support in this struggle against the interference. Yankees go home, get out of Venezuela!”

Venezuela and the USA have been without mutual ambassadors since 2010, and Caracas toughened its anti-American rhetoric following the death of Venezuela’s outspoken leader Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías in March. Maduro, chosen by Chávez as his successor, expelled two American military attachés for alleged attempts to destabilise the country just a few hours prior to the official announcement of Chávez’s death from cancer on 5 March. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan opposition claims that the leftist government uses “foreign interference” as a smokescreen to hide their own inability to handle the country’s ailing economy, wide-spread corruption, and rampant crime.

1 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

Given the dirty nature of Langley’s involvement in the region, one can’t blame Maduro for doing what he did. Oh, yes… Capriles, America’s fair-haired boy in Venezuela… his father was a lickspittle Quisling, an executive for an American multinational, Kraft (Capriles’ family owns apartments on the posh Affluent Effluent Upper East Side in New York and he took courses at Columbia). That is, his wealth came from kissing the Americans’ arse (pecunia non olet in its most disgusting form). Fancy that…



Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shall Snowden Stay in Russia or Go to Venezuela?

01 red-question-mark


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros said that his country was ready to consider granting asylum to Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee wanted by the USA for leaking state secrets, saying, “We’d consider it, because asylum is a measure of humanitarian protection and a mechanism of international humanitarian law, which is popular in Latin America; we always used it to protect the helpless. No one has the right to spy on someone else, and this youngster [Snowden], who told the world about it, deserves humanitarian protection”. He also said that Snowden hasn’t yet officially requested asylum in Venezuela. On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin said that Snowden, whose whereabouts were the subject of international speculation for the past two days, was in the transit area of a Moscow airport. Snowden is wanted by the USA for disclosing a top-secret surveillance programme that allegedly targeted millions of Americans. WikiLeaks said in a statement that Snowden took a plane from Hong Kong to Moscow on Sunday accompanied by WikiLeaks representative Sarah Harrison.


On Wednesday, the whistleblowing organisation WikiLeaks said that former CIA employee Edward Snowden, wanted by the USA for leaking state secrets, might be permanently stuck in Russia. WikiLeaks said on its Twitter feed, “Cancelling Snowden’s passport and bullying intermediary countries may keep Snowden permanently in Russia”, but it didn’t specify the names of intermediary countries. The USA issued a warrant for Snowden’s arrest on charges of leaking details of an American surveillance programme and cancelled his US passport, which Washington says should prevent him from travelling internationally.

26 June 2013




Editor’s Note:

The USA’s going nuts because Russia and China won’t budge on Snowden. The USA’s been a nasty mofo and rouge for the last twenty-odd years… it’s come home to roost. Of course, the surveillance programme is nothing but the logical outcome of the Bushie “security state”. I agree with the old wisdom that those who give up freedom for security deserve neither. It’s time to abolish the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA… they’re nothing but Bush’s Gestapo, and the sooner they’re gone, the better off all will be. Of course, the FBI and Coast Guard will stay in existence… the Orwellian department that supposedly “coordinates” them would go, that’s all. The surveillance programme that Snowden exposed was part of Bush’s spurious, meretricious, and evil “Protect America Act of 2007“… it was an enabling law for totalitarian secret police work. If that doesn’t tell you that voting for Republicans is stupid, counter-productive, and without any offsetting merit whatsoever, nothing will.

There’s no need for constant fear and a level of police activity more suited to an occupied country than a free state. Let’s return to the socialist New Deal as it was under FDR (yes, kids, the USA was mostly-socialist under the New Deal)… he didn’t need a “Department of Homeland Security”… he gave Americans a fairer deal than they had before or have had since. It’s time to go “back to the future”…

Oh, one last thing… President Maduro is a former bus driver, not a lawyer. It sure shows you that electing lawyers (and other overeducated upper middle class sorts) to high office is folly of the highest order, doesn’t it? Note well that he’s “uneducated”, “working-class“, and “hoi polloi” as far the Corporate Media’s concerned… that sure tells you that they hear “Their Master’s Voice”… and NOT yours.


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Venezuela and Cuba to Set Up Joint Commission to Boost Cooperation


Venezuela just beat back an American attempt to impose an oligarchs‘ junta (Capriles‘ father was a sycophantorganisation man” for Kraft Foods) on them… the good guys don’t always lose… sometimes, right wins over might…


Venezuela and Cuba will set up a joint commission to boost their cooperation in carrying out various projects. According to local news media, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros will sign an agreement to that end during his present visit to Havana. Maduro said, “We’ll assess our cooperation with the aim of boosting our ties in public health, culture, and education, as well as in joint economic projects”. Cuba and Venezuela have been close politically and economically since Hugo Chávez Frias’ accession to power in 1999. Both countries launched the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América, ALBA) in 2004. The two countries’ annual trade turnover exceeds 8 billion USD (251 billion Roubles. 6.14 billion Euros. 5.17 billion UK Pounds).

27 April 2013

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