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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Russian Brass Sez the Ukraine Received No New Buk Missiles Since 1991



Note well that Russia, a legitimate state actor, wasn’t part of this “investigation”. On the other hand, the illegitimate and illegal American-installed Ukrainian junta was part of it. That means that the “findings” were American-manufactured rubbish. After all, the Yanks do like sabotaging airliners, don’t they?



On Friday, the Minoborony Rossii said in an official statement:

Since the moment the USSR ceased to exist in 1991 and the split of the military equipment that followed, the Ukraine, which then obtained about 20 Buk SAM battalions, hasn’t received a single new air defence missile.

On 24 May, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) formed by Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the Ukraine published an interim report of its probe into the MH17 disaster over Ukraine in 2014. The investigators claimed that the launcher that fired the missile might have been from Russia’s 53 Air Defence Brigade stationed near Kursk. The Minoborony Rossii dismissed all JIT charges to this effect, saying that not a single air defence system of the Russian forces ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border. It also stated that it provided exhaustive evidence to the Dutch authorities concerned to prove unequivocally that Ukrainian Buk crews were responsible for shooting down the passenger plane.

25 May 2018




Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Study in Contrasts: How Russia and the West Respond to Violence in Different Ways

00 egypt russia memorial 221115


Confirmation that a terrorist bomb brought down the Metrojet airliner that crashed in Sinai surprised no one. However, the episode highlights the contrast between the way Russians and the West go about doing things now. Last year, following the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over the Ukraine, the West rushed out accusations within hours of the crash, which meant that, from the outset, they skewed the investigation to fit a theory. By contrast, after the crash of the Metrojet airliner, Russians refused to speculate on a cause until they did a proper investigation. Therefore, the investigation was open, in contrast to the secrecy cloaking the MH17 investigation. Importantly, the Metrojet investigation consulted the proper experts… the aircraft’s French manufacturers. On the other hand, the MH17 investigation excluded relevant evidence from Almaz Antey… who manufactured the Buk SAM that the investigation alleged shot down the aircraft… they didn’t heed the firm’s opinions nor did they even mention them in the report.

Since the investigation into the Metrojet tragedy took place openly and objectively, it produced a conclusive finding within weeks of the tragedy. By contrast, after more than a year, the MH17 investigation produced an incomplete (and in parts, contested) report. Besides this, note the astonishing contrast in the reaction to the two recent terakts… the Metrojet crash and the Paris attacks… that recently took place. In re the Metrojet crash, the Western reaction was large-scale indifference. Nevertheless, Russians rushed to show sympathy and support for the people of France following the Paris attacks, but there was no like rush from the Western public to show sympathy and support for the people of Russia following the Metrojet tragedy. There were even some appalling claims… apparently, extending to US government officials… that by supporting the Syrian government, Russia somehow brought the Metrojet tragedy down on itself.

In the case of the Paris attacks, alongside proper and legitimate feelings of grief for the victims, Western officials responded with blind fury and elements of panic, with talk of war and a stampede to impose ever-more draconian restrictions on Western society, but with no coherent plan of what to do. This contrasts with the calm and purposeful way that… amidst feelings of intense grief… the Russian authorities and people responded to the Metrojet tragedy. We should say clearly that it makes no sense to say that by supporting the Syrian government that Russia brought the Metrojet tragedy down on itself, any more than it makes sense to say that by opposing the Syrian government France brought the Paris attacks down on itself. Such rationalisations of terrorism are both wrong and immoral. However, it’s legitimate to say… as President Putin said in his recent speech to the UN General Assembly… that attempts to manipulate terrorists to achieve geopolitical objectives are both wrong and immoral… and also extremely dangerous. If Western governments want to respond properly to the Paris tragedy, then, acknowledging that is a good place to start.

19 November 2015

Alexander Mercouris

Sputnik International


Monday, 19 October 2015

Basurin Sez DNR has Positive Proof that Junta Militants Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

00 dnr donetsk captured ukie map 191015


Today, Colonel E A Basurin, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence, said that the DNR Minoborony has direct evidence of guilt of junta forces in destroying Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on 17 July 2014. Colonel Basurin showed the appropriate documentation (a captured map of the commander of the 1 Battalion/95 Separate Airmobile Brigade of junta forces) as he briefed the media, saying:

In our opinion, this document is direct evidence proving the guilt of the Ukrainian forces in destroying the Malaysian Boeing airliner. As you can see in the above map, one can find the firing positions of Ukrainian Buk SAMs. One position was at Gruzsko-Zoryanskoe, three kilometres west of Ilovaisk, another was two kilometres south of Shakhtyorsk near Zaroschenskoe at Height 224.8. That is exactly what the Russian experts at Almaz-Antey pointed up. Any reasonable person, having studied all the official evidence, including our captured maps, can’t help but conclude that if a ground-fired missile shot down the Boeing 777, it could only come from Ukrainian-controlled territory near Zaroschenskoe, and that the weapon involved is only in service with the Ukrainian forces.

14 October 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

DNR Genprokuratura Delivered More than 2,500 Fragments from Flight MH17 to the OSCE

00 dnr memorial to MH17 victims in grabovo 160915

IN MEMORY of the 298 people who died as innocent victims of the civil war


Maksim Pevtiev, an official at the Investigative Department for Special Cases of the DNR Genprokuratura told us that locals from Rassypnoe in Shaktyorsk Raion handed over about 2,500 fragments from the MH17 crash to the authorities:

People gave us some 2,500 fragments from the airliner… there may be more. Amongst the debris are pieces of the airliner’s exterior, personal belongings of passengers, and so on. All objects will remain in storage until the Genprokuratura transfers them to the OSCE mission.

According our correspondent on the scene, the locals turned over the debris to the authorities before witnesses. Staff from the DNR MChS and the DNR Ministry of Defence were also on hand. They loaded the fragments into a KAMAZ lorry, which took them to Donetsk. The DNR Genprokuratura agreed to resume the preliminary investigation into the crash of a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, which occurred on 17 July 2014. It reopened the case as locals found fragments and parts from the destroyed Boeing 777. Flight MH17 was enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed in the DNR. The accident killed all 298 people onboard.

16 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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