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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Manezh Centre Fears New Attack of Pseudo-Religious Kooks on Art Exhibit



On Tuesday, Manezh Exhibition Centre (near Red Square) Director Irina Tolpina told us that the Manezh wouldn’t rule out a new attack on an art exhibition, as the leader of the Bozhya Volya (God’s Will) extremists alleged that a 5,000-person rally will occur. On Friday, members of Bozhya Volya vandalised “The Sculptures We Don’t See” exhibition at the Manezh, claiming that the exhibits were offensive to religious feelings. Early reports said that they damaged five art works. Toplina blasted the incident, “It was heinous, lawless, provocative, and stirred up horror and indignation. We fear that the attack may be repeated”. On Monday, Mikhail Piotrovsky, head of the Russian Museums Union, condemned last week’s attack on the art exhibition, saying in reference to Bozhya Volya leader Dmitri Tsorionov (widely known as Enteo), “The Russian Museum Union regards the actions of strange activists with hallucinogenic nicknames as a real display of blasphemy and religious offence”. ICOM (International Council of Museums) Russia also condemned the incident.

18 August 2015




They have some real loony rightwing religious extremists in Russia… some friends of mine said to me, “We’ll tell you what, you can have our nuts and we’ll take yours. Paffhausen and Dreher are nothing compared to our nutters” (that’s an unwitting example of the “Everything’s Bigger and Badder in Russia” syndrome, isn’t it?). Interestingly, American konvertsy latch on to statements made by the Russian right (a group just as unhinged as the American right is) and portray it as the “Teaching of the Church”. Have a care, there be counterfeits… you can tell the religious phonies in the USA… they vote Republican. They also expect you to feel sorry for them… do keep your wits about you, the times be evil…



Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20 November 2013. Looking Back…Looking Forward…

00 Moscow. Crowd at Manezh. 19.11.13

Looking back… line at the Manezh for an exhibition on the Romanov Dynasty


Vals Yunkerov… a song of the White Armymen of character and honour


Irakli Toidze. The Mother-Motherland Calls! 1941

The Mother-Motherland Calls!

Irakli Toidze



My Army… “Our Great October is with us, the song of Red fighters as well, the first day of war and the victory salute, and the fate of our fallen fathers, you, my army, you are always on guard, you are my love and my destiny”(the song proper doesn’t begin until 0:20 of the vid). There was character amongst Reds, as well…


00 Stalingrad. Mother Motherland Calls. 07.02.13

The spirit of the Great Victory lives! The Mother-Motherland Calls statue on Mamayev Kurgan on the Stalingrad battlefield


Looking forward… a new commie pop song… Communists, Forward! (with English subtitles)… “The people are ready for the final fight!”


These things AREN’T unrelated. As Comrade Zyuganov said on Red Square and President Putin said at Valdai, Russian History is an indivisible and unified whole… we can’t remove parts of it to suit our childish and self-centred fancies. Kievan Rus is ours… Medieval Muscovy is ours… the Tsardom of Russia is ours… Imperial Russia is ours… the USSR is ours… it’s ALL ours. That’s why Comrade Zyuganov went to the exhibition at the Manezh on the Romanovs and went away moved. Remember, those who attack the Soviet legacy have agendas… most of them sold out to the West years ago (especially, one who lives in the District‘s chi-chi suburb of Takoma Park, I’d say).

It’s ALL ours… or, NONE of it is ours. I say, “I’ll take it all, the bitter with the sweet”… it’s all MY RUSSIA… and the wind is blowing “leftwards” (don’t forget, HH is friends with the Castro brothers (and here), NOT with the Bush clan)… fancy that…



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