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Sunday, 13 September 2015

13 September 2015. Vote AGAINST the Republican Anti-Life Programme

00 Oppose the GOP Anti-Life programme 130915


I wrote this 2½ years ago… it’s still as true as ever…

The so-called “March for Life” is coming up. The usual cast of suspects is making the usual Sturm und Drang concerning it. At one time, before I wised up, I supported the Pro-Life Movement. Then, I looked beneath the surface, and what I saw appalled and repelled me. The same pols who supported so-called “Pro-Life” measures were also for:

  • perpetual warfare in foreign parts
  • the gutting of the social safety net to fund corruption-riddled defence contracts
  • opposition to single-payer healthcare to benefit their corporate paymasters
  • derisory tax rates upon their wealthy contributors
  • the promiscuous use of the death penalty
  • the increasing role of the “security state”
  • using prison as a “solution” to the so-called “drug problem”
  • shitcanning all labour and environmental regulations in favour of libertarian “economic freedom”
  • the extending of personal and human rights to corporations

Whew… and that’s NOT exhaustive! In short, they OPPOSED what the late John Cardinal O’Connor rightfully called “the seamless garment”. There’s a reason why Timothy Cardinal Dolan didn’t come out in favour of Wet Willy in the late presidential election… Willy was AGAINST the “seamless garment”, and Dolan couldn’t support him without ripping up Catholic social teaching.

We have loud sorts amongst us. Follow the money… Potapov is (or was) a mid-level US government flunky (a propagandist targeting the Orthosphere, no less!)… Freddie M-G is (or was) an apparatchik at NPR… Dreher and Mattingly are rightwing stink-tankers… Webster is a stink-tanker and a chaplain in the US Army Reserve. When you add in that Lyonyo’s a member of the CFR (Anne Schmemann works in a CFR office that issues mendacious and self-serving apologias for American aggression abroad) and that Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are part of the New York Times Pravda-machine (the jewel in the crown of the American Corporate Media), well, what does that tell you? They’ve all sold out to the godless powers-that-be for a comfortable life and above-average incomes. You can follow Christianity or you can follow Sergianism. It’s interesting… the ones who loudly accused the MP hierarchy of “Sergianism” during the Sov era now stand exposed as Sergianist cheerleaders for Free Market buccaneering and bloodsucking. Fancy that… what they criticised, they now espouse. God DOES have a sense of justice, doesn’t He? Do you want to honour Christ, or shall you worship Mammon (the Almighty Dollar)?

Choose well… your eternal destiny does rest upon it…



Wednesday, 22 January 2014

22 January 2014. A Cabineteer Weighs in on the Current Situation

00 Free Market Samaritan 27.10.12


One of the Cabinet wrote this:

If I hear [President Obama] say ONE more time that it’s all about the Middle Class, I’m going to scream.  I know that he tailors his message to the middle of the political spectrum, but whatever happened to the Great Society, The New Deal, The Fair Deal, or even A Thousand Points of Light?  Yes, people are starting to talk about “income disparity” and “unfair distribution of wealth“… both just sound like terms that economists made up… but no one talks about starvation or malnutrition, shitty and dangerous locales, the plight of the working poor or crumbling families.  One reason that I think that unions are important is because of the real trickle-down effect… working folks have relatives who’re out of work and could use a hand. On the other hand, money never trickles down from the rich to anybody else.  In my area… one of the wealthiest in the country, mind you… things are getting tough for some of our neighbors. You see evictions, power shut-offs when the temperature is in single-digits, and cut-backs for the largest employer here.

I quite agree. There’s caterwauling over the rich’s woes, but the unemployed? “Die! And decrease the surplus population. I’m not going to help you, you lazy layabout, you!” That attitude is evil (and no amount of so-called “Pro-Life” verbiage can change that fact)… and the clergymen who applaud the Republican Party‘s godless greedster ideology are twice as evil. May God see and judge…

One last thing… it’s time for that hypocritical “March for Life” (a sanctimonious fig-leaf of warmongering, fatcat-supporting, anti-union, pro-Big Pharma/Insurance, pro-death penalty Republicans and their supporters). One wonders if Mollard‘s gonna invite another anti-Orthodox Republican to St Nick’s in the District just because they’re “Pro-Life”… do recall that he invited one Chris Smith, a papist supporter of anti-Orthodox proselytisation in Russia (and Russophobic hater of the Rodina) and anti-single payer greedster (I wonder how much in “campaign contributions” he gets from Big Pharma/Insurance, as he’s their prostitute?) at his installation. The “Campaign for Working Families”… a Hard Right anti-labour and anti-government group (should the Church even have anything to do with such sorts, considering our teaching on Symphonia? We teach that the state is GOOD)… LOVES Smith. He’s also a warmonger and the John Birch Society rates him favourably. It speaks much of Mollard’s character that he invited such a feral sort to a Church affair. Will he do it again? I wouldn’t bet against it, kids…


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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

6 March 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… THIS is What the Rightwing Crazies Believe In… Mark It and Oppose Them

00 Obama. hate poster. 06.03.13


Look at the above image. I found it whilst I was searching for images today. It’s disgusting and untruthful, isn’t it? However, not only do the rightwing kooks in general eat this shit up, but the Orthodox konvertsy are even worse… they’re some of the most unhinged righties that I’ve ever met, bar none. Many of them are on the Monomakhos site… others came out of the looney-tunes “Continuing Anglican” movement (as typified by a reactionary site called Stand Firm in the Faith)… they believe that Coolidge‘s nutty squirrel laissez-faire economic policies (which led directly to the Great Depression) are the ne plus ultra of economics and that they’re a beleaguered minority beset by a voracious “socialist” government (actually, the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them, but that’s attending to reality, and these sorts would NEVER do that).

Take a good look at the above… that’s the sort of shit that’s peddled by the likes of Potapov, Paffhausen, and Whiteford (the last-named is the least-culpable, as he’s the most ignorant). It’s nasty, isn’t it? However… if you march in a March for Life, that’s what you march for. Not quite what you thought, was it? I’d say, “Don’t march in a ‘March for Life’ until it disassociates itself explicitly and completely from Hard Righties such as Rick Perry, Darrell Issa, and Franklin Graham“. If it doesn’t, you’re responsible for their evil agenda. Sad to say, but there’s no “clean” option here. You can stand for social justice, but if you do, you have to stand with those who believe in legal abortion (that’s the way of it in the real world… you can’t choose your family and you can’t choose who stands for what).

If you stand for “Pro-Life“, you also stand for the promiscuous use of the death penalty, unending warmongering in foreign parts, the gutting of the American economy, generous tax cuts to the rich (and Scroogish cuts to social services), and the continuing rape of the working-class to enrich the corporate oligarchs (that’s the agenda of “Pro-Life” politicians such as Chris Smith and Willard Romney). Weigh both in the scales… neither are “clean”; both are “grey”… I have. I stand for social justice… the Left may stand for legal abortion, but it also stands against the Anti-Life agenda of the Hard Right. It’s NOT an easy or simple decision (unlike the cartoonish and mawkish arguments brought forward by the “Pro-Lifers”), but one HAS to go where the least evil’s being wrought. An anti-abortion plank doesn’t mean that an agenda is Pro-Life… NEVER forget that. It may be just the exact opposite… Satan laughs…


Friday, 25 January 2013

25 January 2013. There’s Good Shit Out There… A Link to Consistent Life: Voices for Peace and Life

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Respect for Life from Beginning to End. 2012


One of the Cabinet made me hip to a website called Consistent Life… click here to go there. These people aren’t rightwing anti-abortionists, they’re real deal prolifers. They don’t cheerlead for foreign wars, the DHS Gestapo, or the Affluent Effluent… they stand up against the Rightwing Culture of Death wherever they find it. That includes so many in the so-called “Pro-Life” movement… if you want to be Pro-Life, you have to stop shilling for the extremist agenda of the Republican Party, full stop. Oddly enough, it’s the rightwing “social conservatives” who’re the greatest enemies of real Pro-Life through their support of greedy pols who want to dismantle the social safety net… they scream about the “Culture of Death”, yet, they’re its greatest enablers through their votes for rightwing politicians. Interesting paradox, isn’t it?

If you want to call me a “socialist“… go ahead! I’m a Leftist, and proud of it. Interesting… for many years I was schizo… I was a union member (and walked the picket line) and, yet, remained a Republican. The meltdown of ’07 opened my eyes. I saw the objective evil in the anti-life and anti-people ethos of the Republican Party… it IS a Culture of Death (when sick people are refused healthcare if they have the “wrong” insurance, that’s evil, yet the Republicans smile at it all). I saw how my Nicky was treated shabbily by his employers… and it was “legal”.

There’s Pro-Life and there’s Anti-Abortion. They’re NOT the same thing. Think on that, if you will…



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