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Sunday, 22 November 2015

THIS is the Reality of Life in Syria Under Bashar al-Assad

00 syria priest and imam 221115


This is a picture taken in Damascus, the Syrian capital. Here are two Syrian clergymen… one is a Christian priest; the other is a Muslim imam. Bashar al-Assad has always worked for the peaceful coexistence of all faiths in this ancient and sacred land. This photo confirms the success of his policy.

Syria Will Survive and Win!



Don’t listen to Barack Obama or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Chilly Hilly. They all lie… as do all neoliberals, both “conservatives” and “liberals”. The USA arms and trains terrorists. How low the mighty have fallen…



Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 March 2015. Ye Have Done It Unto Me… Why Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are Sham Christians

00 Ye Have Done It Unto Me. 10.03.15


Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio support the filth who kill our children in Novorossiya. Full stop. Their pose of Christianity is nauseating and disgusting. Our children’s blood is upon their hands and they cackle in demented glee. I find such too much. I’m not alone…


10 March 2015. A Thought from P Yu Gubaryov on His Birthday…

00 Pavel Gubaryov. 10.03.15


Here’s a thought from P Yu Gubaryov, on his birthday. I’m simply going to say, “Amen. I support my brave coreligionists in Novorossiya. Let all Orthodox who support the Uniates and their American puppeteers be cursed and put to shame. Our coreligionists bleed and their blood lies in the gutters… how can they support those who thrust in the knife?” Yes… how can they?

The biggest supporters of the Uniate murderers are John McCain, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio… do draw your own conclusions… I have…


Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 September 2014. A Point to Ponder from I A Ilyin…

00 Mikhail Nesterov. The Thinker. A Portrait of Ivan Ilyin. 1922


You can’t help but love your Motherland; if you don’t love it, this means that you haven’t found it and that you really don’t have one. You must seek out your Motherland with your soul… with an unbound soul, full of the love of beauty; you can’t see it without knowing it, but if you do find it and know it, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it.

I A Ilyin

On the Essence of Justice



In the midst of a raging Civil War, Ilyin stipulated that the “Sense of Justice” was an intrinsic property of the human soul, which manifests itself as a feeling of respect for the law and the rule of law. Ilyin posited that the person has a special moral sense… of righteousness, justice, responsibility, and freedom. The absence of such feelings generates a civic void, one that inevitably becomes an uncivil morass. If one finds the Motherland, one finds the strength to take upon themselves this burden of responsibility… ergo, if one refuses to find the Motherland, if one refuses the Sense of Justice, one has no strength, no reality, and no moral compass. One sees this in Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rod Dreher. The last-named is particularly egregious… he refuses to settle down and to have a real objective Motherland, ergo, he not only has no Sense of Justice, he has no standard of humanity whatsoever (where is he from? Is he from Brooklyn, Texas, the District, or Louisiana? He’s a rootless and soulless avatar of his own making… a figure more to be pitied than hated). If you don’t have a Motherland, you can’t have the World, either. Before you can love the Abstract, you must love the Concrete… and that is always a specific place, a Homely Home, as the Brits say. I live in the Northeast, and the only way I’ll leave it is in a box, toes up… I mean it. It gives me grounding and nurture. That’s why I pity those like Dreher… he’s sold off his real inheritance for mere and fleeting financial gain. Silly wabbit… there’s no place like Home… when will he realise that and stop his peripatetic wandering (not only in geography, but in spirituality, too)?


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