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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28 October 2014. THIS is the “Weak Russia” that the Anglo Americans and their Uniate “Amen Corner” Rant About… I Think NOT!

00 Park Pobedy. Poklonnaya Gora. Moscow. 28.10.14


This is Park Pobedy (Victory Park) on Poklonnaya Gora (Reverence Hill) commemorating the Great Victory over Fascist Germany in the VOV. It sure doesn’t look cheap or second-rate to me! I guess that the Anglo Americans (and their Uniate and lickspittle Russian Orthodox amen corners) aren’t looking at the same country that I am! By the way, they set up the Ramadan Tent at the Park every year… HH and V A Chaplin (amongst a host of others) were honoured guests there of the Russian Muslim people. Our leaders do NOT espouse hate of Islam and Muslims the way the neocons do. NO SIR! We even stand behind the Iranians (Mom! Get the smelling salts… Whiteford and Dreher just fainted).

As you can see from this image, Russia isn’t a minor country. Why would you trust the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Jen Psaki, Bill O’Reilly, and Marie Harf anyway? What DO they know about the Rodina? Less than you do, dear reader! Keep it focused and keep it strong. We spring from a mighty and ancient civilisation… one that had been Christian for 788 years BEFORE the American Declaration of Independence. Fancy that…

America is “a City on a Hill?”. I think NOT…



Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September 2014. From the Russian Web… As For Me, My Money’s On the Monk

00 Marie Harf and the Baboon. 06.09.14jpg


This juxtaposition of images is making the rounds of the Russian web. Marie Harf, a US State Department PR flack, attacked a reporter for asking her inconvenient questions, accusing him of repeating Russian propaganda. That’s a howler and a half… she’s nothing but a fancy propagandist herself… her press appearances make it clear that she’s nothing but a pretty newsreader in government service, an airheaded Sarah Palin in training! It’s clear that she knows nothing beyond what she parrots… but that’s contemporary Anglo America for you… superficial, stupid, obtuse, cruel, patronising, and obnoxious… and the whole world knows it… as this juxtaposition of images shows. I sure didn’t think this one up… but I wish that I did…


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