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Thursday, 4 December 2014

4 December 2014. Pierre Narcisse and Marina Devyatova… THIS is Contemporary Russia

00 PIerre Narcsse and Marina Devyatova. 04.12.14




In contrast to the rancid and undisguised racism of the Galician Uniate fascists, take a look at this. Marina Devyatova pairs up with Pierre Narcisse… a pop singer from Cameroun. He went to Russia to study medicine (he did get his degree)… but he also made a big splash in the entertainment world. It’s an utterly different mindset from “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only!” and “A knife for the Moskals!”

You can support Russia and its upholding of the decent Orthodox/”Red” patriot elements in Novorossiya or you can support the feral Galician White fascist Uniates and their Anglo American sugar daddies. The choice is yours. You can stand with V V Putin and HH… or you can stand with Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz… do ponder it well, for you can’t have both!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

10 August 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Bayan Miks… The Accordion STILL Rules in Russian Pop Culture

00 Bayan Miks 02. 10.08.14


Roses on the Snow with Anzhelika Argubash


00 Bayan Miks 01. 10.08.14


A Bulgarian Hora (Dance)… music doesn’t start until 0:30… starts slow, then, pow!


00 Bayan Miks 03. 10.08.14


Watch Out for the Car!


00 Bayan Miks 04. 10.08.14


Bayan Miks with Marina Devyatova singing Mamochka… watch it fullscreen in 1080p HD… awesome!


The accordion STILL rules in Russian pop culture… as long as there’s kvass, accordions, Borodinsky khleb, dill pickles, kolbasa, and arbuzi… there’s always gonna be a Russia! Bayan Miks is a good example of how traditional folk culture has adapted to the modern world. Russia is returning to Soviet standards in pop culture, rejecting Western degeneracy (especially, the perverted Anglo American version). Russian people love the old Sov songs as they’re positive and upbeat, without any of the nasty and dirty nuances found in Western “popular” music. I’d say that if I had to choose between Soviet standards and Anglo American standards… there’s no contest… the Sov standards are cleaner, more morally pure, and more decent. Keep that in mind as you hear the usual cast of suspects attack the legacy of the USSR. I know where I stand… what about you?

If the USSR is coming back… let it get here, already! It’s a lot better than the rot found on Fox News and the rubbish spread by the media about Kim Kardashian…


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