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Sunday, 27 March 2016

27 March 2016. The Judases in the OCA Who Want to Sell Out to the Phanar Want to Stab the Rodina in the Back

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


All of those who wish to turn the OCA over to the Phanar have connections to the EP, or to the American Establishment, or to the Uniates. Jillions was a paid minion of the Uniates… of the Galician Uniates, who support the Fascist aggression against Orthodox Socialist Novorossiya. Lyonyo is part of the CFR, a pro-US State Department organisation. Moriak and Dahulich are former ACROD, with deep ties to the Phanar apparat, both here in North America and in the Phanar itself. Dahulich is a quasi-Uniate with a graduate degree obtained under papist auspices. Maymon is a disobedient former AOCANA bishop, shitcanned by Saliba for refusing to go where ordered. Peterson is a HOOMie lover. Chad Hatfield is a former Episkie who accepted an “honorary degree” from his Episkie seminary alma mater AFTER converting to Orthodoxy. Mollard is a dweeb, chosen precisely for his bovine passivity… he’d go wherever he thought the majority was.

They want to turn the OCA into an obedient running dog of the Phanar, which means that the OCA would become the drooling Step n’ Fetchit of the US State Department… that means that it’d become the plaything of the Galician Uniates, who have a veto on much of the American policy towards Russia (as the Croats adversely affect decisions on Serbia, and Armenians and Greeks pressure policy on Turkey). OCA people may have to face a hard choice. They could stay with the OCA and become the enemies of their ancestral homeland, or they’d have to leave it and join the MP. I can’t make this decision. I won’t influence it. However, if you chose the Phanar, you’d choose allying yourselves with those who kill our Orthodox coreligionists in Novorossiya and Syria. Think on that, if you will…

Choose wisely… it’s the most momentous choice facing most of us in our lifetimes…

One last thing… Potapov was the running dog of the Galician Uniates at Radio Liberty. Are he and Fatso conspiring to join parts of the ROCOR to the Phanar, too? It’s a possibility…



Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. Cabinet Intel on Loopy Doings in the Wyoming Valley

00 burning russian church in novorossiya. 25.04.15


I got this from a Cabinet source on Saturday:

Have you heard what’s been happening with the OCA cathedral in Wilkes-Barre PA? The convert priest uses questionable liturgical practises. The choir director protested these mistakes/blatant errors… he recorded them. Bishop Mark came in, fired the choir director, kicked him off the church council, with the comment, “This cathedral is gonna be closed soon anyway”. What a disgrace. It turned so many people off that many are boycotting the Sunday of Orthodoxy vespers there tomorrow. It’s disgraceful what Bishop Mark is doing, he can barely celebrate Hierarchical Divine Liturgy! No parishes except for one or two in the whole diocese can even do them anymore! Last year’s, the feastday at St Tikhon Monastery was ludicrous and a liturgical disgrace. Check the website of Holy Trinity Cathedral when you get a chance. Weird stuff is going on there. They have some “Ecumenical Service of Encouragement” every Saturday after Vespers. Their priest is still in various Pentecostal and evangelical Christian societies, as well as some ecumenism society… it’s all on the website.

I replied:

Maymon is a disobedient SOB picked up by Fatso. Saliba kicked out Maymon for refusing to go where he was sent! The konvertsy love Maymon… what does that tell you about a lot that’s always caterwauling about obedience?

Maymon is Moriak Lite… we have to treat him the same way that we treated Moriak. He deserves the boot… yesterday! Note well that these konvertsy are all disobedient loose cannons… it’s time to put a stop to that; I’m not alone in thinking that way!


Friday, 21 August 2015

21 August 2015. Good News About Fr John Bohush

01 woman on phone


Got this from informants and vetted it:

At our diocesan meeting the other day, Mark decided to “table” Fr John’s situation.

Now, if this follows the Old School Pravoslavny Playbook, it’ll stay “tabled” until Gabriel plays his Trumpet. That’s how it should end. It should just disappear. Fr John should go to the MP, Maymon should shut up, and this whole sorry mess should go in the dumpster where it belonged in the first place. Sadly, the scars from this won’t heal easily… Maymon will exacerbate them, no doubt. However, God willing, the worst of this is now OVER. Please, God… we’ve had enough “excitement”, haven’t we?


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28 July 2015. Some Buzz in the Loggia on Maymon’s Letter to Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


I got this from a source:

I think I know why Maymon sent a nasty letter to Hilarion Kapral… I just heard that a ROCOR priest was at a meeting at St Nicholas parish about Fr John Bohush.

Unconfirmed… but plausible. Many think that Maymon is unbearable, prickly, standoffish, and jealous of turf. He’s the typical ignorant, pig-headed, arrogant, and brutal konvert… just about the poster child for the sort. Remember, he openly defied and spat on Philip Saliba. Why did the OCA SOBs allow Fatso to bring this unrepentant disobedient POS into the Church? My take is that the idiocy in the Church is bringing healthy Russian Orthodox believers together. God willing, when it all settles, we’ll have a united body of ROCOR, MP/USA, and the sane part of the OCA. This is too much of a muchness, though…


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