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Friday, 1 June 2018

Pardon Me, Buddy


On Thursday, following his recent pardon of conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, US President Donald Trump informed reporters aboard Air Force One that he’s “seriously thinking” of exercising his power to benefit both lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Critics believe Trump’s motivation for pardoning these particular public figures is to send a message to the US Department of Justice and the FBI amid as Robert Mueller continues his special counsel investigation. Considering that former FBI Director James Comey had ties to both Stewart and Blagojevich’s past cases in some way, suspicions were raised even further when it became clear Trump knew little about the individuals he’s thinking of pardoning. Trump claimed on Thursday:

[Martha Stewart] used to be my biggest fan in the world… before I became a politician.

While Trump is correct about her not being a fan of his politics (as evidenced by her vocal support for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election), to claim that she was even a fan prior to 2016 appears to be a stretch, considering this 2007 video. In the case of Blagojevich, Trump concocted his own facts related to the former governor in the same 31 May remarks. Possibly mixing up years with actual corruption charges, Trump added four years to Blagojevich’s actual 14-year sentence saying:

Eighteen years is, I think, really unfair.

Either Trump is doing his former Celebrity Apprentice stars a solid, or there’s something strange behind his pardon party.

1 June 2018

Sputnik International



Friday, 30 December 2011

Yuliya Timoshenko to Serve Sentence in Kharkov Oblast Penal Colony

Yuliya Timoshenko (1960- ), former Ukrainian Prime Minister… not only are her “roots” showing, she has the tight facial skin characteristic of those who’ve had “vanity surgery”… can anyone spell F-A-C-E-L-I-F-T?


On Friday, the prison service said that Ukrainian opposition leader Yuliya Timoshenko, convicted on charges of abuse of office, will serve her sentence at the Kachanovskaya Penal Colony in Kharkov Oblast. In October, the former prime minister received a sentence of seven years imprisonment for acting beyond her powers in sealing a gas deal with Russia in 2009. In its statement, the prison service said, “Yuliya Timoshenko was convoyed to prison in Kharkov Oblast at 08.00 EET (09.00 MSK 06.00 UTC 01.00 EST 22.00 29 December PST). Doctors examined her before leaving and concluded that her health didn’t prevent her transportation”. Media reports said earlier that Timoshenko left the pre-trial detention ward in a wheelchair as she was unable to walk, but the prison service refuted this information. The service said that she went to prison in a comfortable minibus, whilst a separate vehicle delivered her luggage, consisting of 12 suitcases. Sergei Vlasenko, a lawyer for Timoshenko, confirmed that the former prime minister arrived at the Kachanovskaya Penal Colony where 900 other inmates are serving their time, including 14 serving life sentences. The prosecution and imprisonment of Timoshenko, a heroine of the country’s Western-leaning 2004 Orange Revolution, was widely criticised abroad. The 51-year-old Timoshenko insists that she’s a victim of a conspiracy by President Viktor Yanukovich, her long-time political opponent. Yanukovich denies the allegations.

30 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

Don’t shed a tear for Lil’ Mizz Yuliya. “She went to prison in a comfortable minibus, whilst a separate vehicle delivered her luggage, consisting of 12 suitcases”. That’s doesn’t sound too typical to me. In short, she’s going to serve her sentence Martha Stewart-style… in comfy surroundings in a min-security atmosphere. I’ll say this… the other inmates are glad that she’s there… it means that the prison administration won’t be able to pull off too many gags as the Kiev authorities are going to be inspecting the place every other Tuesday with extra spot checks thrown in for good measure. That means that the level of corruption and thievery will be kept to a bearable minimum. Yuliya will finally serve a useful purpose…


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