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Saturday, 7 September 2013

7 September 2013. A Cabineteer Reports on “Why” Fatso was in Bethesda

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One of the Cabinet sent this:

The reason for this is that last month Tikhon wrote JP a letter confining him to Bethesda. JP can’t hang around ROCOR in DC anymore, as too many people left St Nick’s.

If so, this raises far more questions than it answers. Did Mollard do this at Hilarion Kapral‘s behest? If so, did Hilarion do such at the Centre’s request? What was Potapov’s role in all of this (JP was stealing the limelight at his parish, after all)? What does this do to the supposed plans for JP’s “monastery” in Maryland? Why were people leaving St Nick’s? If they were following JP, the latest move is asinine. However, it makes some sense if said flight was due to John Perich’s machinations. Did the Centre insist on this, independently of the ROCOR? Is this “exile” to be permanent, or, is it only temporary? Was this due to the OCA Holy Synod overruling Mollard? Did Mollard get “marching orders” in re JP during his recent junket to the Centre? Did Yustinian Ovchinnikov play a role, or, was he just a bystander? That’s not all… it’s only what I could come up with on a moment’s notice. It’s a gigantic shit sandwich… and no one wants to take a bite, but I think that all concerned will have more than their fill of it in the end.

Mollard’s proved himself to be dumber than  I thought he was. He threw JP into the “briar patch” (remember B’rer Rabbit?), into one of the looney bin konvertsy parishes that always supported Fatso. Mollard has to send JP out of the District (but not to California nor to the South, where Tikhon Fitzgerald would succor him and his supporters… JP was Fitzgerald’s protégé), and do so QUICKLY. He has to detach JP from his claque, and do so IMMEDIATELY. To put JP in a situation where he’s combined with his pal Ray Velencia (who still has influence with his nutter parishioners, despite his all-too-real suspension and earned disgrace) is devoid of any good-sense or street-smarts.

Mollard’s running worse than “true to form”… he’s acting as though JP’s in charge, not him. Is Mollard going to turn out to be a cowardly slug? We’ll have to see… it’s not over yet by a long shot. After all, the Centre is in charge ultimately… it’s why JP got le sabot in the first place. However, I don’t think that Mollard’s going to be out any time soon (the Centre doesn’t want to lose face). Keep this in mind, though… it’ll be due to the Great Game between the MP and the EP… it’s deadly serious, as we saw in the recent events in Estonia. For the moment, it suits the Centre for the OCA to be nominally “autocephalous”. When that’s no longer so, the OCA will be no more… and that’s that.



Friday, 21 June 2013

21 June 2013. Rumblings about JP’s “Monastery”

01k Kirill and JP Epiphany

Here’s the Centre’s true opinion of Fathausen… it hasn’t changed. After all, the Centre peremptorily VETOED JP’s attempted move to the ROCOR


One of the Cabinet told me:

More and more is being heard about Paffhausen’s desire to open a new monastery, supposedly with the approval of the OCA Holy Synod. Desired location is Prince George’s County, Maryland (just outside of Washington DC).  Currently, he has at least one monastic hanging around him, Fr Nektarios (AKA Michael Rymer), the defrocked Greek priest. Click here for Pokrov on Rymer.

I don’t think that the rumours are true… at least, not in the form that they’re circulating, at present. Firstly, the OCA’s flat-broke… there ain’t no money for necessities, let alone fripperies like a “monastery” for Fatso. Secondly, real estate in the area around the District is expensive as all livin’ git-out. Thirdly, Mollard may be stupid and bovine enough to allow El Gordo to establish himself as the virtual “Bishop of Washington”, but Lyonyo and the rest of the Syosset gang wouldn’t buy it (it’d undercut them, don’t you see).

Rather, I think I think that another, even worse, alternative is in the cards. I think that JP is going to go to the rebellious group of nuns that he ensconced in Maryland (remember them?) and become their guru. He’ll live there and be fawned on by the likes of ignorant poseurs such as Freddie M-G, Rod Dreher, and Terrence Mattingly (one wonders if Darlin’ Marilyn will be part of this admiring circle, too). All of the konvertsy toddlers will see that disobedience, spendthrift mismanagement, and sullen truculence bring reward from the OCA. In short, it’ll exacerbate the coming crisis in the OCA. It won’t be pretty. It’ll be a combination Texas Steel-Cage strap match and Teletubbies episode. However… I warn you… the konvertsy won’t win, but they can cause tremendous damage before they finally leave us (with JP as an American analogue of Denisenko? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…). Therefore, don’t argue with them… simply mark down who they are and what they do… it’ll come in handy when the shit starts flying…

Oh, one last thing… Takoma Park, where Potapov lives, is near the border of St George’s County (in fact, it used to be part of the county, but was ceded to Montgomery County). Fancy that… shitbirds of a feather flock together, don’t they? You see, St George’s County became majority-black in the ’90s, which upset the White Flight residents of Takoma Park. Ergo, they petitioned the state to “adjust” the county borders, the first time since the early 1900s (especially, after blacks took over county government as a result of their demographic dominance). None dare call it racism



Sunday, 18 November 2012

18 November 2012. Love BT “Leaves” Monomuckos Again… He’ll be Back, Kids


Firstly, let’s have Love BT in all of his glory:

That you ascribe credence to the SIC report, Mr Michalopolos, makes it easy for me to say “Good-bye All!” today, the first day of my 81st year on earth. You elevate that piece of garbage, the SIC report, to the status of “historical record”. Actually, it’s like the “historical record” that President Obama is a Communist, a Hitler, a Muslim with an Islamic inscription on his ring, as well as a blatant, life-long homosexual with “Gay Code” on his ring, with lots more of the same to come. So, I’m not REALLY surprised that you’d believe that sort of thing. The link to that report has been published here for some time. I suppose Metropolitan Jonah has a refuge lined up in another Local Church and there’d be no point in the OCA granting him a stipend, he’s too young for a pension. I think he’s more than satisfied with the “career” he had in the OCA, and not a little relieved to be out of the spotlight as far as his personal life goes. So, Goodbye all, some of this journey was OK, but a LOT of it stank. That’s life. Sexual immorality is NOT at the root of what’s happening so publicly in the OCA, but still discreetly elsewhere. The elephant in the room is Unbelief.


Like all raconteurs, Love BT loves an audience. He’ll be back on his usual soapbox in a fortnight… that’s what happened the last time, no? However, there are some lacunae in the above rant. Firstly, I hear that JP’s trying to get into the ROCOR through his pal Potapov. That’s iffy at best… Potapov’s not as powerful (in Church terms) as he claims, and JP’s not bright enough to catch it. After all, Hilarion Kapral shitcanned that squiffy bunch of nuns in Maryland. That’s a sign that JP’s probably not wanted… Hilarion would take him in if he was an independent actor, but he’s a dependent liege of the Centre now. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

Note this from Love BT:

Sexual immorality is NOT at the root of what’s happening so publicly in the OCA, but still discreetly elsewhere. The elephant in the room is Unbelief.

That’s only partially true. BT doesn’t want questions about Soraich, Brittain, Peterson, JP, Herman, and Feodosy… they’re all “interesting”, aren’t they? Tikhon Fitzgerald (“Love BT”) is tied up with all of them, and if they were to sink, so would he. As far as Unbelief is concerned, it’s mostly a problem amongst the First Families and the SVSniki. If you look at the actions of Lyonyo, Bobby, Piggy Iggy Burdikoff, Tosi, and Ray Velencia, you don’t find the actions of believers… you find the actions of very secular unbelievers (note their propensity to resort to legal action rather than using Church channels).

The main problems facing the OCA are concealment of sexual perversion amongst some of the clergy and rampant ignorance amongst the konvertsy (especially amongst konvertsy clergy). Unbelief comes in a distant third, if not fourth (“creative accounting” would take third place, I’d say). Tikhon Mollard lacks the fortitude and grit to deal with this. He’s a “nice guy”… we don’t need a “nice guy”; we need someone who’ll “kick ass and take names”. He’s had it too easy… Herman greased the ways for him from the beginning.

No… Love BT won’t be away from Monomuckos for long… he does need an audience, after all. Pass me the jug, I need a hit, and so do you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 November 2012

Albany NY 


Friday, 12 October 2012

12 October 2012. Look for Legal Fireworks Concerning STS… One of Freddie M-Gs Sons Jumped to ROCOR

It makes ya wanna ask, “What’s bloody next?”


I have it on good intel that a major legal case involving STS is in the pipeline. I’m not going public with details yet as my original informant wishes some of the particulars kept on the QT for a day or so. We have Storheim, Sir Ray and his Fantastic Lawsuit Machine, Fathausen, the dippy no-nun nuns in Maryland, and, now, this. The Samogonshchiki were better organised than this lot is. This is truly too much. There’s only so much shit that people can take, y’know. It’s Popeye‘s, “It’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more”. The OCA has turned into a freak show… where’s the humane-killer, and who’s got the stones to use it?

By the way one of the Cabinet left this nugget:

One of Freddy M-G’s sons is attending a ROCOR parish. What is it about foolish convert types and the ROCOR? I wonder how long it will take for ROCOR to tire of them… those White Russians don’t like untidiness.

The shit’s hitting the fan and all the rats are scrambling this way and that. I’m certain that a good end will come of it all, but we haven’t tossed the One Ring in the Cracks of Doom yet (shall Fathausen be the Gollum of this tale? “My Precious!”)… until then, have a care, “it ain’t over ’till it’s over”…


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