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Friday, 12 June 2015

“Ukrainian” Synchronised Swimmer Rallied to Russia… To Join Russian National Team

00 marina goldyakina. russian swimmer. 12.06.15


Ukrainian synchronised swimmer Marina Golyadkina joined a Russian team. “F-Sport” reported that Secretary General of the Russian Olympic Committee (OKR) Anastasiya Davydova said, “She was from Donetsk, she had Ukrainian citizenship, but since August 2014 she trained in Russia under my guidance and will represent Russia in future”. Davydova pointed up that Golyadkina couldn’t be part of the Russian national team at the European Games in Baku, which start on 12 June. The International Swimming Federation issued a ban, despite no opposition from the Ukrainian side, as there’s a mandatory 12-month waiting period if an athlete changes their citizenship (this period will expire this August). According to Davydova, synchronised swimmer Marina Goldyadkina is a Master of Sport (International Class); she was a bronze medallist of the World Championship in 2013 in Barcelona and the winner of the European Cup.

11 June 2015




Friday, 5 June 2015

DNR Karatekas Told about First-Ever Victory in IJKA World Cup

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President Yuri Martynov of the DNR Federation of Sport and Traditional Karate summed up how DNR karatekas* fared at the IJKA World Championships in Istanbul in late May, “We felt the support that our friends and the friends of our Republic gave us. We did our best to give a good showing, for it was important to prove our competitiveness in the global arena”. DNR Sport Minister Mikhail Mishin told reporters, “For the first time, our athletes took part in a World Cup as a DNR delegation. This was a historical event. We’ve punched our way into the international arena”. Athletes from 28 countries, including world-famous karatekas from Japan and Russia, attended the IJKA World Championships. DNR Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, and Tourism Aleksandr Gromakov told journalists, “Our guys took first place in one of the most prestigious programmes in karate… kata mixed team. Anna Medvedeva took first place in the individual programme”. Besides gold medals, our karatekas also won silver and bronze. Honoured Master of Sports Anna Medvedeva said, “I got emotional over the fact that I was on the podium with our flag; that was perhaps even more intense than the victory itself”. Medvedeva, who won gold in Istanbul and bronze, said that the victory was possible thanks to support from “many people, including both sports officials and personally our Head of State, A V Zakharchenko“. Besides winning medals, our DNR sportsmen also received a samurai helmet from the chairman of the International Japan Karate Association as a sign of recognition of their sportsmanship and fighting spirit.

  • Karateka: Practitioner of karate

4 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Friday, 28 March 2014

2008 Ukrainian Olympic Medallist Artur Aivazyan Opts for Russian Citizenship

00 Artur Aivazyan. Russian athlete. 28.03.14


Today, our reporter spoke to formerly Ukrainian athlete Artur Aivazyan. He explained his action by saying, “I’m going to stay in the Crimea. That means that I’d have to take Russian citizenship. I’m sure that from now on, sport in the Crimea will prosper”. At present, shooting champion Aivazyan lives in Simferopol. Earlier, other Olympic champions took Russian citizenship, the American Vic Wild and Korean Viktor An.

28 March 2014




Where is The Nation? Where is Sophia Kishkovsky (her POS article slamming HH was on the National Catholic Reporter… which means that she not only attacks the Orthosphere herself, she’s a quisling actively collaborates with our enemies)? Note the SILENCE of the Western media whores on the REAL goings-on in the Ukraine and Russia.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Mighty KAMAZ Wins Dakar Rally for the 12th Time

00 Dakar 2014 Rally. KAMAZ-Master Team. Russian winners. 20.01.14


During the final stage of the Dakar 2014 rally, the crew of Andrei Karginov from the KAMAZ-Master Team lost time whilst offering help to a Chinese ATV driver. However, the judges decided that they’d compensate him for the time lost, and, finally, named Karginov the winner in the truck class. Gérard de Rooy, a Dutch driver, refused to help the Chinese driver of the broken-down ATV. When the crews of Karginov and Nikolayev came, they tried to help, but with no success though. They saw that they needed to use special equipment. With the help of Karginov’s KAMAZ truck, the Chinese driver was able to re-enter the race. This cleared the road, eliminating all danger to traffic. A statement posted on the website of the KAMAZ-Master Team said, “The fact that the members of the Russian crew offered help to their Chinese colleague (No 319) is indisputable, and the organisers decided to compensate the KAMAZ-Master Team crew for the time lost”. Gérard de Rooy from the Netherlands came second in the team count. Eduard Nikolayev was third, Dmitri Sotnikov was fourth, and Anton Shibalov was fifth. They’re all members of the world-famous KAMAZ-Master Team, which has won the Dakar rally for the 12th time.

19 January 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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