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Saturday, 23 August 2014

John Richard Daeuenhauer. Easter Matins

00 Russian Orthodox Easter Basket. 08.06.14


Easter Matins

In redness, the votive lamp

glows red. The altar is the still

centre of the world. We stand

in midnight darkness, semi-

circling the altar, and become

an icon, standing as the halo

spelling out “I AM

WHO I AM”, bearing

salvation history in icons

of the prophets, Annunciation,

Nativity, Theophany,

and Lazarus, about to light

the candles, chant

the resurrection, and proceed

around the church. This circling

becomes at once the first, and yet

the farthest, the once and yet most recent

ring of ever expanding con-

centric circles, both the splash

and ripple, the candles tracers

captured in a time exposure

of the timeless moment. We circle

stillness at the empty

centre of creation: a cosmic

gyroscope of time and space

balancing the world, as the church itself

becomes the empty tomb.

John Richard Daeuenhauer


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

8 May 2013. Here’s the Official Schedule for the Memorial Day Pilgrimage at St T’s

St Tikhon's 05.12


Here’s the official listing for the Memorial Day Pilgrimage at St T‘s (there’s an article for the monastery in the Russian Wikipedia, but NOT in the English one… it looks like SVS/Syosset is trying to whitewash history):

Monday, May 27, 2013

  • 07.30 Divine Liturgy, Monastery Church
  • 10.00 Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
  • 12.00 Veteran’s Pannikhida and Memorial Service, All Saints Bell Tower
  • 13.30 Akathist to St Aleksei Tóth in the Monastery Church (NB: The Russian Wikipedia article is more complete than the English one is… shame on the OCA)
  • 14.30 Molieben to the Most Holy Theotokos and Anointing of the Sick,
    Infirm, and all Pilgrims at the Monastery Bell Tower
  • 16.00 Vespers and Matins in the Monastery Church

All times are Eastern Daylight Time

For the entire schedule of the weekend, click here. God willing, it’ll be better than the last couple of times. Of course, the question remains… is Mollard going to allow Feodosy and JP to serve with him? Is Mollard going to have some sort of role for his sugar daddy Herman? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…



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