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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

27 January 2016. A Blast from the Past… Maya Kristalinskaya Sings “Я тебя подожду” (I’ll Wait for You)

00.01d Maya Kristalinskaya




I’ll wait for you; outside the window, in rain and in snow.

You looked at me

You searched for me everywhere.

I used to run, keeping you always in view.

Now, you’re not there.

For some reason, you’re not there.

I just want you to gaze at me.


Outside the window, in rain and in snow,

it was time to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep.

Always the same yard, always the same laugh,

and I miss you a little bit.

I’m going out,

beyond my familiar haunts.

With Natasha at the cinema, I don’t hurry; I’m not with you.

But the windows of your quiet home

send your greetings

like the old guys still clicking their dominoes.


I go over and over

in the darkened courtyard.

You said you’d come, even though it’s night.

This evening to me

Is nothing but a grain of sand.

I’ll wait for you, only you, even if it’s forever.



Thursday, 15 December 2011

15 December 2011. Videos. Some of My Favourite Things… Ots, Kristalinskaya, Lemeshyov, and Piekha… the USSR Wasn’t ALL Heroic Tractor Drivers…

Georg Ots (1920-75), People’s Artist of the USSR. Estonian operatic baritone… his voice could be heard on radio and TV all over the Soviet Union, and all his records sold out almost immediately.


Georg Ots sings Moscow Nights


Maya Kristalinskaya (1932-85), Honoured Artist of the RSFSR. Her signature piece was Tenderness, of which she was the first performer.


Maya Kristalinskaya sings Tenderness


Sergei Lemeshyov (1902-77), People’s Artist of the USSR. Russian operatic lyric tenor, his signature role was Lensky in Yevgeni Onegin. Six marriages and numerous affairs focused the attention of Lemeshyov’s fans on his personal life. Ultimately, he found his life partner in singer Vera Kudryavtseva. Their marriage lasted for over 20 years, until Lemeshyov’s death in 1977.


Sergei Lemeshyov sings A Love Song


Edita Piekha (1937- ), People’s Artist of the USSR. She’s a well-known public activist for humanitarian causes, and supports orphanages in Russia.


Edita Piekha sings And Life Goes On


One thing that you can’t say about the old Sov performers is that they put out indecent material. On that, the Party and the Church see eye-to-eye…


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