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Sunday, 20 September 2015

20 September 2015. Translated Russian Demot… This is Better Than McDonald’s Is!

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Mickey Dee’s Sales Falling Despite Cheaper Food

happy hamburger


Yesterday, the HuffPo said that despite Big Macs being cheap, McDonald’s sales and profits decreased, with McDonald’s earnings falling by 30 percent. BBC reports said that although the company’s sales fell in Russia, Germany, and especially China after a scandal over meat supplies, the key reason for the poor numbers is low sales on the home front. Earlier, experts speculated that McDonald’s sales plummeted because lower-income Americans suffered from the weak economy; therefore, they weren’t able to afford eating out at McDonald’s. However, this could be a false conclusion, as Bureau of Labor Statistics data published by HuffPo showed that McDonald’s menu prices grew only by a mere 4.8 percent between 2009 and 2014, whereas prices at other fast-food eateries rose anywhere from 6.7 to 16.9 percent. Despite higher prices at other fast-food eateries, their sales actually increased. Therefore, the issue plaguing McDonald’s may be its falling reputation. According to the HuffPo, the commonly held perception is that McDonald’s food isn’t worth eating at any price. Now, CNBC News reported that McDonald’s is trying to re-brand itself as a seller of fresh and good quality food by introducing “transparency initiatives”, such as last week’s campaign asking customers to submit their opinions about the company’s food.

24 October 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



We prefer to eat at Burger King… the food tastes better… full stop. Mickey Dee’s is all over the place, but we prefer to buy food on the road that we can TASTE. Besides, everyone knows how Mickey Dee’s abuses and underpays its help… it’s the Republican Party Paradise writ large. Now, that I have the Burger King app on my tablet, I’ll never have to stop at McClown’s again (Friendly’s is a good bet on the road, too)!


Monday, 2 September 2013

2 September 2013. Video. Celebrate Labour on Labour Day

00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13



In this Labour Day message, Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labour and subject of the upcoming documentary Inequality for All, breaks down what it’ll take for workers to get a fair share in this economy… including big profitable corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart ponying up and finally paying fair wages. McDonald’s and Walmart… pay your employees decent wages! Your typical employee is now earning 8.25 to 8.80 USD (275-293 Roubles. 8.60-9.20 CAD. 9-9.60 AUD. 6.25-6.75 Euros. 5.25-5.60 UK Pounds) an hour. Most are adults, responsible for bringing in half their family’s income. You can easily afford to pay them 15 USD (500 Roubles. 15.60 CAD. 16.40 AUD. 11.40 Euros. 9.60 UK Pounds) an hour without causing layoffs or requiring price hikes. Your shareholders and executives are doing spectacularly well.

28 August 2013

Nick Berning

Move On


Editor’s Note:

We have to end the charade of voodoo economics brought by Margaret “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher and Slobberin’ Ronnie (and reinforced by Shrub Bush). We produce the wealth… we deserve our fair share. If that’s “Red”… so be it, I’m proud to be a Red! Those who didn’t work to produce the wealth, shouldn’t take the lion’s share… and I’m not alone in thinking that way.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dr Onishchenko Urges “Food Patriotism” Over Sushi and McDonald’s

00 Pelmeni. Russian food. 26.06.13


On Tuesday, RIA-Novosti reported that Dr Gennady Onishchenko, RF Chief State Sanitary Doctor {head public health official in the RF, the Russian analogue of the US Surgeon General: editor}, urged Russians to eat healthier by exercising “food patriotism”, eating “traditional” dishes instead of dining on “exotic oddities” such as McDonalds and sushi bars. Onishchenko urged caution with raw and cultured fish dishes, saying that no additional public health inspections of sushi restaurants are planned for the coming months, saying, “We continue to be vigilant about sushi-bars from a cultural point-of-view, but we aren’t instituting special measures to monitor them”. Last June, Onishchenko warned about the dangers of “gastrointestinal adventures”, stating, “We are a people with established traditions in food, and we mustn’t be seduced by exotic types of food, particularly, a diet of raw fish, when it isn’t prepared by Japanese people“.

26 June 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Dr Onishchenko isn’t saying that sushi’s bad… he’s saying that sushi prepared by cooks not trained in traditional Japanese cuisine under Japanese masters are apt to get things wrong, and there’s no margin for error with raw fish. He’s also right in saying that you can upset your tummy with too much unfamiliar food. In any case, most Russians are quite content with kasha, shchi, pelmeni, and kolbasa… that sounds like good eats to me, too…


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