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Friday, 12 September 2014

Rogozin Sez Russia Isn’t Going to Build Aircraft Carriers in Near Future

00 CVA Admiral Kuznetsov. 12.09.14


On Wednesday, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government D O Rogozin said that building an aircraft carrier in Russia just isn’t worth the expense and bother. As previously reported by the Minoborony, Russia won’t authorise any new aircraft carriers for at least another five years. The state armaments programme doesn’t plan to authorise building a new aircraft carrier until 2020, at the earliest. Rogozin told reporters after a meeting with President Putin on the 2016-20 state armaments programme, “Whether or not to build aircraft carriers is more of a geopolitical decision than a military-technical one. We proved that we had the military-technical capability to do so on 16 November last year {the commissioning date of INS Vikramaditya, built at Sevmash: editor}, when we showed that Russia had competence in building fleet aircraft carriers. If we need to do so, we’ll be able to do it. However, such a task isn’t necessary now”. Meanwhile, as reported, the idea of ​​contracting with France to build the Mistral LPHs came about as Russia needed to get experience with the technology and skills needed to build such ships. At present, the Russian Navy has one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov.

12 September 2014

Russian Arms



Many irresponsible and uniformed Amerikantsy are bloviating about Russia building up a carrier fleet to rival their own. Firstly, that’s bullshit. Russia is a continental power that has to devote more resources to its ground forces and air forces than the USA does. All things being equal, that means that it can’t devote as many resources to the naval forces as the USA does. Secondly, the proper countermeasures to carrier task forces are cruise-missile-armed cruiser submarines, quiet diesel-electric boats (the Norwegians proved that modern diesel boats can easily penetrate a task force’s screen), and supersonic cruise-missiles. Thirdly, the waters in which the Russian Navy would conceivably operate aren’t suited to carrier task force deployment, which is particularly true of the Black Sea, Baltic, and Northern (Arctic) theatres of operation (and restricted waters such as the Sea of Okhotsk and the Mediterranean). The Russian Navy isn’t organised nor trained for blue water sea control. It has a more modest mission… protecting the Barents Sea and Sea of Okhotsk fortress areas (deployment areas of Russian boomers with SLBMs) and protecting the sea flanks of Russian ground forces (along with short-range amphibious attacks, such as Novorossiysk in the VOV). That is, it isn’t a sea control force, as the Anglosphere navies are. Therefore, CVs ARE a waste of time and money.

The Anglosphere (USA/Australia/NZ/Canada/England, along with Japan) axis is the foremost world naval power… the Chinese/Russian axis is the foremost world land power. They needn’t conflict. In any case, the USA would waste its substance by direct operations on the World Island. The economic crisis of 2008 was a direct result of the USA waging unnecessary expensive land wars in Asia (whilst cutting taxes to the grasping Affluent Effluent at the same time). General Omar Bradley’s words in 1951 still ring true today… he was speaking of a land war in continental Asia, saying that it’d be “the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy“. Anyone who advocates land warfare on the World Island for the USA without a STRONG local ally to carry the main burden of the land fighting (much as England used the continental powers in the 18th and 19th centuries) is an ignoranus, doesn’t know history, and is dangerously demented. What does that tell you about John McCain, Chilly Hilly, Mitch McConnell, John Kerry, Marco Rubio, Benjamin Cardin, and Ted Cruz? Such people hold power… God do preserve us. However… there IS hope on both sides of the aisle… Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul… odd couple, no? However, both do see the situation aright…

One last thing… Dmitri Olegovich is the MOST anti-American figure in the Russian government… even he says that Russia doesn’t intend to challenge the USA (or its maritime allies) on the open seas. That proves that the posturing warmongers in the USA are chock fulla shit…



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Russian Forces on Heightened Alert



According to Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov, the Russian Federation raised the combat readiness of the Central Command Post of the General Staff and the control centre for troops in Aerospace Defence due to missile tests in the Mediterranean. He called the region a powder keg and warned that if a fire starts there, “it may spread not only to neighbouring countries, but also to other regions of the world”. The launches in the Mediterranean Sea were part of joint tests between Israel and the USA. The first reported detection of two ballistic missile launches in the Eastern Mediterranean area came from the Minoborony. Antonov added that the Russian forces are closely monitoring everything that happens in the Mediterranean region.

4 September 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The USA is playing with matches around a rapidly-spreading pool of petrol… and giggling. In the end, there’s no difference between the Right of Centre neocons and the Centre-Left humanitarian interventionists (there’s a slight, but perceptible, difference in their general political slants). Despite surface disparities, they’re the same underneath… “The USA will rule the world because we’re better than everyone else is”. Doesn’t their vacuity scare you? (Orthodox people should note that Potapov, Lyonyo, Paffhausen, and Alexander Webster (and the konvertsy in general) are part of this noisome lot). American power is much like a McMansion… glitzy and impressive on the outside, but cheap softwood plyboard underneath… that is, something that’ll break and fail at the first serious strain. The Affluent Effluent has partied hearty over some thirty years of hubris and voodoo economics… but now the bill is due. Did you notice that they expect us to pay for their toot? Just sayin’…


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Still More on the Missile Event

00 Iskander missile 02


On Tuesday, an official from the alliance told RIA-Novosti that NATO has no information about the launch of “ballistic targets” in the Mediterranean; it’s looking into those reports. Earlier on Tuesday, Minoborony said that its early warning systems detected the launch of two “ballistic targets” in the Mediterranean. The Pentagon, the UK and French Defence Ministries, and the Israel Defence Forces all told RIA-Novosti that they had no information about such launches. A French Defence Ministry spokesman said, “The Defence Ministry can’t confirm these media reports. This is all I can say”. A Minoborony spokesman said that a radar in Armavir detected the launch at 10.16 MSK (23.16 2 September PDT. 02.16 EDT. 07.16 UTC. 17.16 AEDT). The targets’ trajectories ran from the central to the eastern Mediterranean. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported the launch to President Vladimir Putin. The Minoborony press service wasn’t immediately available for further comment. The Russian Embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus said that it didn’t have any information about the launch.


An Israeli Defence Ministry official in Tel Aviv said that the Israeli military launched the two “ballistic targets” detected Tuesday in the Mediterranean by the Russian military as part of a joint US/Israeli test of its missile defence system, saying, “The launches we’re talking about were a test of the Anchor target missile that’s used for testing our missile defence system”. The launches were part of joint tests with the US military, and that radars in Israel successfully tracked them. A diplomatic source in Damascus told RIA-Novosti that the targets fell into the sea. A RIA-Novosti correspondent reported that the streets and residents of the Syrian capital appeared calm.

3 September 2013




Clarification of Missile Event in Mediterranean



On Tuesday, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin that Russian missile detection systems registered two launches of ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean region, apparently, from the eastern coastline. Minoborony said that the launches took place at 10.16 am MSK (23.16 2 September PDT. 02.16 EDT. 07.16 UTC. 17.16 AEDT); the early warning system in Armavir in southern Russia detected them. The event comes amidst growing expectations of Western military action in Syria. The Syrian Embassy in Moscow said that it had no information on the nature of the ballistic launches.


Minoborony reported that the Russian early missile attack warning system registered the launch of two ballistic targets in the Mediterranean Sea, saying, “A crew of the radar division of the system in Armavir detected the launch”. The flight trajectory of the two ballistic targets extended from the central part of the Mediterranean Sea fired towards the Sea’s eastern coastline. The launches took place at 10.16 MSK (23.16 2 September PDT. 02.16 EDT. 07.16 UTC. 17.16 AEDT); the early warning system in Armavir in southern Russia detected them. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported the event to President Putin, which came amidst growing expectations of Western military action in Syria. The Russian embassy in Syria said that it saw no sign of missile attack or explosions in Damascus after Aramvir detected the launches. A spokesman for the Russian diplomatic mission in Damascus said, “I know nothing about this”. The Pentagon denied any knowing of the alleged Mediterranean missile launches. Israel also said that it was unaware of any ballistic missile launch in the eastern Mediterranean. A military spokesman in Jerusalem said, “We aren’t aware, at this time, of such an event having occurred”.


RIA-Novosti cited a source in Damascus as saying that the two ballistic “objects” that Russia detected near the eastern coast of the Mediterranean on Tuesday fell into the sea. Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Defence said that they were “aware of the launch”, but had nothing to do with it.


According to a Syrian security source quoted by Lebanon‘s al-Manar television on Tuesday, Syria’s early warning radar system didn’t detect any missiles landing on Syrian territory. On Tuesday, Russian radar detected the launch of two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean Sea, but RIA-Novosti reported that there was no sign of a missile strike on the Syrian capital Damascus.


An US official told the CBC that no American ship or aircraft launched missiles in the Mediterranean Sea. Also, the NORAD press service told Interfax that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has no information on the launch of ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean Sea.


Interfax reported that missiles detected by the Russian early warning system could’ve been launched from an American vessel in Mediterranean for weather reconnaissance.


Israel said that it carried out a test of a missile, used as a target in a US-funded anti-missile system, in the Mediterranean on Tuesday. The Israeli Defence Ministry said hat it conducted the test at 09.15 local time (23.15 2 September PDT. 02.15 EDT. 07.15 UTC. 17.15 AEDT), about the same time that RIA-Novosti reported that Russian radar detected the launch of two ballistic “objects” in the Mediterranean.

3 September 2013

Voice of Russia World Service








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