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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. It’s Been a Year Since the Fascists Murdered O A Buzina

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It’s been a year since fascist terrorists killed O A Buzina. He had every chance to flee to Russia or the People’s Republics, but he stood his ground in Kiev… he paid the price in full. The Uniates killed Oles Alekseyevich, but they couldn’t kill his legacy or spirit. I wrote this a year ago at the time of his murder. Sadly, it hasn’t gotten better, but worse:

I’ve often stated that the junta-misruled Ukraine has slipped into lawless anarchy. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT REALLY GOES ON THERE. Let me repeat that. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT REALLY GOES ON THERE. I can’t be too strong about that. Why are so many opponents of the junta ending up dead? Damned if I know… no one else knows more than I do, either. The Ukraine has slipped into a crazy Ayn Rand Libertarian hell. If you want to know what Libertarianism leads to, look at what’s happening in the Ukraine. THIS IS WHAT THE US REPUBLICAN PARTY LUSTS FOR… A LAWLESS AND NIHILISTIC ANTI-STATE WHERE NOTHING IS ILLEGAL OR PUNISHABLE, SAVE BY PRIVATE VIOLENCE, RAPINE, AND CRUELTY. No one is going to bring the murderers of opposition lawyers, journalists, and politicians to justice.

Note well that the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics” cheer on this nihilistic charade. “The Ukraine for Ukrainians Only!” “Knife the Moskals (Russians)!” They applaud that. It does have its real-world ramifications. If you scream to knife Russians, I’d say that if people start dropping dead, it proves that such people are evil and beyond all redemption. That’s why I’d slip the noose around the necks of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Turdchinov, Yushchenko, Denisenko, and Shevchuk and trip the trap with no emotion. Yes… it’s sinful… but the alternative is worse. The Church normally teaches against the death penalty, and I accept that. However, there are rare exceptions, and those who call for the murder of thousands based on their nationality are certainly such exceptions.

I’d hang them all, go to confession, and be absolved knowing that what I’d done wasn’t praiseworthy, but it was necessary. Our fallen world is like that.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. We Know Neither the Time Nor the Hour

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A woman places flowers at the Rostov Oblast representation in Moscow to honour those killed in the recent aircrash. Why do the Fathers counsel remembrance of our death? We know neither the time nor the hour. Remember the victims of the Rostov-on-Don aircrash… four of the 62 victims were children…


20 March 2016. Remember Those Killed in the Rostov-na-Donu Aircrash

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Spare a moment to say a prayer for the dead of the Rostov-na-Donu aircrash… ask your priest to mention them in the Proskomidi tomorrow… light a candle and bow before their memory and in respect to their survivors. We’re Christians… that’s what we do…


Sunday, 13 March 2016

13 March 2016. Today is the Ninth Anniversary of Eric Iliff’s Death

00 Eric Iliff 13.03.12 Pannikhida


I wrote this four years ago:

[Five] years ago, Eric Iliff died, supposedly a “suicide”, after having been sexually assaulted by a staff member at SVS. Today… remember his memory… light a candle… say a prayer… have Pannikhida said for him. Do NOT forget his tormentors… the main ones were Timothy Blumentritt and John Erickson. Erickson is still in good odour with the OCA apparat (indeed, Erickson’s the mentor of the strutting smarkach Oliver Herbel (the one who denies that St Peter the Aleut existed)… “birds of a feather”)… he’s not only an amoral monster, he’s an indifferentist heretic. Indeed, the unrepentant weasel just gave a lecture at a Uniate seminary in Pittsburgh… we shouldn’t even be in the same room with these imposters. They’re a dagger of the Roman Curia aimed directly at our hearts. Is it surprising? The good word has it that Erickson covered up the Iliff case… facts show that he consorts openly with our implacable Uniate foes (who attack the Church openly and relentlessly in the Ukraine). What a loser. Remember Eric… remember his Golgotha. Also, remember how his tormentors walk free… the OCA diehards applaud them. DO draw the proper conclusion.

Вечная ему память, раб божий Ерик Иванович…

NOTHING has changed, sadly enough, save for us to be mired still further in the same old pit. When you pray for Eric, or have Pannikhida said for him on the anniversary of his passing tomorrow, DO NOT FORGET HIS PARENTS JOHN AND MONICA. They didn’t deserve what happened to their son. His death was “convenient” to some in the apparat, wasn’t it? Oh, yes… the lawsuit against SVS “went away” with Eric’s death, didn’t it? I’d say, “Ask yourself, ‘cui bono?’ and connect the dots”. Follow the evidence… it’s a rum go, isn’t it?

Note well that those who tormented Eric all were (and are) in good odour at SVS (save for the sacrificial lamb, Blumentritt). Those who covered up Eric’s death also supported the convicted perv Storheim (and approved of his attorney’s tactic of smearing the victims as “mentally ill”… that’s SVS common tactic, after all). Follow the truth wherever it may lead you… be prepared for the “respectable” and the goodthinkers to hate you for it…


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