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Monday, 27 January 2014

27 January 2014. Storheim Had TWO Victims, Syosset…

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Syosset changed its post on the Storheim affair… it’s common for them to do that if embarrassed (so, I made a copy of the present post so that they can’t accuse me of lying in future… that’s the way that they are, kids). One of the Cabinet wrote me:

The lawyer just did his job, but even though he did the best he could with what he had, the judge saw through it. You’ll also note that the judge didn’t say that Storheim DIDN’T abuse the second man, only that there wasn’t enough to convict! Now, the OCA  revised their press release to call at least one of the twins a “victim”.

What I said to this Cabineteer was:

Note how Storheim and his lawyer tried to trash them. They still refuse to “man up” and “get down”. The victims have my complete support and sympathy, for what it’s worth. Lebedeff will try to make Storheim into the victim, and Fatso will be worse (aren’t you glad that he’s not wearing the “white hat” now?). What little cred the OCA had went down the toilet with their “statement”. How can they sleep at night (rhetorical question, dear)?

Another Cabinet member said:

They think it’ll go away if they act like it isn’t happening.

Note this on oca.org:

The faithful of the Orthodox Church in America are asked to offer prayers for the victim and family involved in this case …

I made a copy of this… I’ll betcha they’ll change it. There were TWO victims, not one… TWO. They’re “deer caught in the headlights”… they can’t think straight. I believe that the verdict hit them out of the blue. They’ve been lying to themselves (and to us) for so long that they forgot that the outside world has standards. The judge saw through it all… he didn’t say that Storheim was innocent of anything against the second complainant, only that he couldn’t find credible evidence to convict Storheim. Note well that the OCA’s tactics were its usual ones… accuse the victim, accuse them of mental instability, belittle the victim in public fora, attack them using internet claques, and, above all, smarmy denials by the First Families apparat. A friend of mine at the Centre wrote:

You must be fair even if they’re not. Give them a week to deal with Storheim, that is, to remove him from active ministry permanently (he doesn’t need defrocking) and to send him away to a monastery far from children (that’s what the judge wants). That’s happened in similar cases in our country (to priests, not bishops). Above all, the Church should apologise for the action… otherwise, the damage will be worse than that suffered in the late controversies over Paffhausen. As for me, I think that the OCA is going to mishandle this. I don’t know what’ll happen as a result of it, but I know that they’ll try to cover it up. I’ve been to their HQ in Syosset… that’s been their way for years. They won’t change. I keep all of you in America in my prayers.

Frankly, I have to agree with the above. I don’t think that Syosset is going to do anything until it must, and it’s going to continue to trash the victims using their cat’s-paws on the internet (“Oh, we’re not saying that… we’re so sorry”… what a rubbishy load of bollocks on stilts). Does ANYONE give a shit anymore? Do recall that Yuvenaly Poyarkov forbade OCA clergy to concelebrate at Laurus Škurla‘s funeral… I’ve heard some say that “interesting situations” in the OCA disgusted him… this verdict shows that his feelings weren’t based in hearsay…

Pass me the jug…


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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Church Arsonist in Dago Gets Time in Ha-Ha Hotel

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Editor’s Note:

I’ve heard of “the devil made me do it”, but “St Gregory of Nyssa made me do it” is a new one on me. Pass the jug and cross yourself… the world’s being its usual capricious, sardonic, and unpredictable self. However, the perp’s in the laughing academy where he belongs… I think that he did it deliberately to get back in. No lie; there are folks like that, kids. It DOES take all kinds…

It’s not usual for the GOAA to have “house churches”… they don’t go in for “small”. Yet, the church illustration on the GOAA site does look rather small, indeed… one wonders “why?”



On Tuesday, a court ordered a man who set fire to a church in Rancho San Diego CA and attacked a cellmate four days after his arrest to spend seven years and four months in a state mental hospital. Last month, Darin Wayne Williams, 39, pleaded guilty to arson and assault with intent to commit mayhem. Following a full evaluation by two court-appointed doctors, attorneys on both sides agreed that Williams was legally insane at the time of both offenses. On Tuesday, Judge John Thompson ordered Williams committed to Patton State Hospital for the seven-year-plus term. Deputy District Attorney David Williams III, who’s not a relative of the defendant, said that Williams would “receive treatment for a major mental illness and the public will remain protected”. According to the prosecutor, if, after seven years and four months at the hospital, doctors determine the defendant still poses a threat to the community, he could stay there for two-year extensions for the rest of his life.

On 27 January, cops arrested the defendant within hours of a fire that caused about 250,000 USD (8.24 million Roubles. 262,000 CAD. 268,000 AUD. 186,000 Euros. 156,000 UK Pounds) in damage to St Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox Church in the 1900 block of Maryann Way at Jamacha Road. According to authorities, Williams said that his patron saint, St Gregory of Nyssa, told him to do it. There were no injuries caused by the 04.00 PDT blaze, which the sheriff’s Bomb/Arson Unit and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives investigated. Before the fire, church officials knew the defendant. Rev Simeon Corona, a Greek Orthodox priest, told reporters that Williams was in psychiatric hospitals before, but he released from one shortly before he set the fire. Fr Simeon told 10News, “He was a sick young man. He was a member as best he could be. We helped him as best we could, as well, but he was ill; off his medications and obviously got violent”. Rev Corona said that he and the parish forgave Williams, adding, “We still pray for him daily and at every service. We want the best for him, that he’ll get the help he needs”. According to the priest, Williams rented a room from a parishioner and became upset after his landlord told him that he couldn’t stay there unless he took his medication. His motive for attacking his cellmate was unclear. The parish is building a new church on the site; it hopes to complete it in time for Christmas services.


On Tuesday, a court ordered a man who set fire to a Greek Orthodox church in unincorporated El Cajon CA sent to a state mental hospital for a seven-year term. Later, the perp attacked his cellmate in county jail. In October, Darin Wayne Williams, 39, admitted that he committed arson and assault with intent to commit mayhem in connection with both incidents. Two court-appointed doctors examined him and determined that he was legally insane at the time of the offenses. Previously, his lawyer, Deputy Public Defender Paul Rodriguez, entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity on Williams’ behalf. On Tuesday, at a sentencing hearing, El Cajon Judge John Thompson ordered Williams committed to Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino County for seven years and four months. Deputy District Attorney David Williams III, who’s not a relative of the defendant, said in a phone interview that the defendant would receive care at the hospital “for his major mental illness, and the public will remain protected”. He said that if doctors determine at the end of that term that the defendant still poses a danger to the community, potentially, they could extend his commitment in hospital for the rest of his life.

On 27 January, Cops arrested Darin Williams, hours after the fire started at St Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox Church. The blaze started about 04.00 PDT, under a patio in the back of the church off Jamacha Road near Hidden Mesa Road. The church building was a converted single-family home. Early estimates of the damage were close to 250,000 USD. The attack on Williams’ cellmate happened on 31 January.

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19 November 2013

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

USA Remembers the Dead, Forgets About the Living

Our combat veterans… they deserve everything that we can give them… the warmongering contractors and pols deserve NOTHING… I think that I have PLENTY of company in that view. The vets paid in blood… the fat-cats suck our blood… I seem to notice a SLIGHT difference there. Those who suffer the pain and those who garner the gain aren’t the same… isn’t there something WRONG with that one?


In the USA, this Monday is Memorial Day, a holiday observed every year since the American Civil War to remember American soldiers who died in the line of duty. Today, however, US servicemen continue to suffer because of incompetence and disorder amongst the authorities. Of late, high-profile incidents demonstrated that the American leadership, whilst ever ready to use the memory of the dead for their own low purposes, tended to forget about the living. Recently, unprofessionalism and incompetence amongst the US Defence Department and other government agencies responsible for US soldiers led to many scandals. One report triggered a particularly wide-ranging outcry; it said that the US Army had been saving money for years on servicemen who suffered from psychiatric disorders. An inquiry revealed that military doctors intentionally refused to diagnose soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in order to avoid paying compensation and pensions. Information leaked to the press said that military medical brass urged doctors to ignore PTSD in order to “save taxpayer money”.

This money-saving policy led to a tragedy. A US Army soldier, Robert Bales, who was suffering from PTSD, killed 17 civilians in southern Afghanistan. The incident exacerbated American relations with Afghanistan, a key NATO ally in the struggle against global terrorism. Bales repeatedly complained of health problems caused by a head injury in Iraq. Nevertheless, the army dispatched him to Afghanistan, and, as it happens, he wasn’t the only victim of the money-saving programme. It turned out that doctors at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Bales’ duty station, had cancelled the psychiatric disorder diagnosis for 40 percent of servicemen originally so designated, contributing to the dispatch of mentally-ill people to conflict zones.

This arbitrariness affects American veterans as well. US veterans’ groups have expressed concern over an alarming percentage of suicides among servicemen who’ve returned from hot spots. In the opinion of war veterans and human rights campaigners, the main reason behind the increasing number of suicides is dereliction of duty on the part of federal employees. In most cases, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a federal institution created to support servicemen who return from conflict zones, is at the centre of disputes. According to veterans’ organisations, the VA has a sluggish bureaucracy; it doesn’t react to phone calls from police and relatives, and ignores its regular duties. Its employees refuse to hospitalise veterans suffering from psychiatric disorders. One of the most outrageous instances of that was the death of William Hamilton, a 26-year-old veteran of the Iraq War, who was suffering from regular hallucinations in the form of visits from a demonic woman and a man he killed during combat operations. Despite Hamilton’s deteriorating condition, VA officials doggedly refused to provide him with treatment. As a result, the man committed suicide by throwing himself under a train.

The US authorities haven’t got the slightest idea as to what all this could lead to. As public discontent continues to increase, the government tries to turn a blind eye on the problem. A recent incident, where war veteran Scott Olsen received a serious head injury during a police raid on an Occupy march in California, is equally unlikely to contribute to the myth that the government is taking good care of the people who risked their lives for the US government’s plans on foreign battlefields. A steady rise in public protests demonstrates that Americans are getting more and more reluctant to play the government’s unsavoury games.

28 May 2012

Vladimir Gladkov

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