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Sunday, 31 May 2015

DNR Minoborony Slammed Junta for Using Mercenaries from the USA, Poland, the Caucasus and Israel

00 E A Basurin. VSN. Novorossiya. 18.02.15


Today, DNR Deputy Minister of Defence E А Basurin told journalists exact details on the composition and number of foreign mercenaries employed by the junta, “In Verekhenetoretskoe we detected a company of 60 to 100 personnel composed of Georgian ‘volunteers’. At fortified point Veterok (between Gorlovka and Dzerzhinsky), we’ve registered a company of troops from the USA and Poland. Our intel tells us that there are about 1,000 Polish mercenaries, in Dzerzhinsk, Dimitrov, Slavansk, Mironovskoe, Konstantinovka, and Kramatorsk. In a collective farm near Krasnogorovka, we recorded two companies of the so-called Ichkeria Volunteer (sic) Battalion {Islamist Chechen terrorists in Langley service: editor}. In Lastochkino, we detected a mercenary unit (up to 800 troops) that appear mainly to be blacks. In addition, we identified two platoons of black soldiers in Slavnom. By the psychiatric hospital in Yasnobrodovke, we recorded Arab mercenaries. We think that this unit has direct links to the terrorist organisation ISIS. In addition, in Odessa’s port, we recorded the arrival of 14 UAVs from Israel with the staff needed to operate them. We discovered that retired Israeli servicemen would serve under the MVDU. These findings suggest that the Ukrainian leadership knows how low morale is in its forces, so it depends on foreign PMCs for terrorism in the Donbass”.

31 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Langley is pulling out all the stops as its client is going down the shitter… fast. This is a sign of desperation. The junta is now in the same state as the Führerbunker was in January 1945… it deploys non-existent troops… it orders about imaginary units. It can’t feed its people… pay is in arrears, if there’s work at all… the electricity flickers on and off… hot water in working-class neighbourhoods is history. The above is a forlorn last-gasp attempt to save the Anglo project in the Ukraine… to stop the Red Orthodox patriots’ advance (the Republicans hate anything that even looks like socialism). I’d say… it shows the obtuse and vacuous stupidity of the Anglos… sending Polacks in? That’d ignite anti-junta feeling for sure (1612 redux, anyone?). I’d give you another hint… bet on “Red”…



Saturday, 12 April 2014

US Iraq War Combat Vet sez Mercenaries Pose Threat to Ukrainians as they’re Ultra-Violent

01 Private Mercenary Armies cartoon


Although American officials claim there isn’t any “confirmation” of American mercenaries in the Ukraine, American combat vet Michael Prysner thinks that mercs are already involved in the Ukrainian turmoil. Prysner pointed up that private American “security contractors” carry out the USA’s “dirty work” around the world. He warned that American private “military” bands pose a serious threat, as most are “a very rare breed of ultra-violent sorts”. Prysner stated that the Pentagon recognises no legal limits to its actions, not even mentioning its “dirty little secrets” about its corporate hitmen. Numerous American mercenaries illegally operate all over the world, and if the USA wants to meddle in the domestic affairs of another country whilst keeping its own hands “clean”, it sends mercs to do their “work” there. Prysner believed that recruiting private contractors is a result of a shift in American military strategy in the last decades. The Iraq War vet has no doubts that, now, squads of American mercenaries are taking part in operations in the Ukraine.

One should note that a source cited by ITAR-TASS earlier reported that the Kiev junta decided to use foreign mercenaries, allegedly Greystone Ltd (a subsidiary of Blackwater) to suppress patriot movements in the Southeastern Ukraine. Answering the question why the junta needed to deploy American mercenaries, Prysner emphasised that the new semi-fascist junta is extremely unpopular in most of the Ukraine, and to avoid losing power over the state apparat, the self-proclaimed putschist leadership is willing to sell off the entire country to the West, saying, “The USA and the EU very much want to secure the results of their operation to bring the Ukraine into their sphere of influence. Of course, neocons like John Kerry and John McCain already push to arm the largely rightwing elements that took power. Of course, we know that they even favour direct military intervention”.

However, as direct military intervention is impossible, the US administration is using private military contractors to invade the country. Thus, they try to shield themselves from responsibility for their client’s actions, attempting to give themselves “deniability”. Prysner estimated that there are about 150 foreign mercs operating in the Ukraine and they pose a significant threat to the civil population, saying, “They were soldiers who came out of special ops forces in the American and other militaries, highly trained in ambushes, in sabotage, and in psy-ops. We know that those who choose to become mercenaries are a very rare breed of ultra-violent sorts”. Military contractors seriously discredited themselves during the war in Iraq, shooting innocent people, and turning the population against them. Prysner noted that the Nisour Square massacre was a vivid example of only one of the mercs’ numerous atrocities, adding, “Myself, when I was in Iraq in 2003-04, regular army soldiers hated the mercenaries there, because they were so reckless”.


Mercs are blowhards. If they faced REAL élite soldiers like the Russian Naval Infantry (they’re not known as the “Black Death” for nought), they’d either run or be smashed. In a standup fight, regular infantry would wax their asses to the max, as mercs only operate in small units that are only useful for scouting, hit-and-run raids, attacks on unarmed civilians, ambushes, or guarding static assets (they lack the heavy arms of the regular infantry, and a larger unit has survivability lacking in a small group… kill 25 soldiers in a battalion, it carries on… kill 25 mercs, you either wipe them out or decimate the unit). In short, the USA couldn’t pluck the junta out of the La Brea Tar Pit that it’s in. All that the USA can do is to prolong its tenure… and kill uncounted thousands.

For this, the neocons deserve to swing at the end of a rope… but they won’t. However, you DON’T have to vote for them this November…


11 April 2014

Yekaterina Blinova

Voice of Russia World Service


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Friday, 11 April 2014

American Mercenaries Could Start All-Out War in the Ukraine for Profit

00 Makhmud Eshonkulov. No War. 2014

No War

Makhmud Eshonkulov



On Wednesday, former US Representative and two-time presidential candidate Dennis John Kucinich (D-OH) told RIA-Novosti that the deployment of foreign private security firms in the Ukraine is unacceptable as they increase the risk of an outbreak of civil war, saying, “We saw in Iraq how private security forces can get out of control. Whenever you’re in a politically sensitive, a militarily sensitive situation the last thing you want is private security out there, because they can actually profit by an expanded conflict. They can stir up a war and then profit from it. If oligarchs want to hire people to protect them, they have a right to do that, but if nations bring in private armies, you’re looking at combustible material here because there’s no control. The private armies will pursue private interests. They don’t care about anything except making more money, and the more war there is, the more money they make. You know the only money that the Ukraine is getting right now is from the IMF. Who’s paying these private armies?”

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) voiced concerns over the buildup of Ukrainian forces in the southeast involving some 150 American mercenaries from Greystone. According to open sources, Greystone is a private security company registered in Barbados. It boasts that it provides “protective security and training solutions to customers in challenging environments”. In February, elements in the Rada, backed by far-right groups, ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, illegally amended the constitution, and scheduled an early presidential election for 25 May. Moscow described the putsch in Kiev as an illegitimate fascist coup and a military seizure of power, which resulted in it taking steps to protect ethnic Russians in the Ukraine, including Crimea’s reunification with Russia.

9 April 2014

Pyotr Martynychyov




“Who’s paying these private armies?” Why, Langley is, of course. Unfortunately, for the junta, Langley isn’t going to involve the US government overly much; already, it’s in too deep for complete deniability. Note well that the local Opolchenie in Kharkov nicked one of the American mercs… that’s what prompted Obama’s talk of further sanctions, no doubt. It’s a bargaining chip… “Give us back our merc on the quiet so that we can continue to bash you in public or we’ll kick you in the ass even worse”. Russia would do well to take this jabronie to Moscow and put him in front of the cameras. The US government would still deny its role, to be sure, but it’d convince non-American waverers (and strengthen the hand of anti-war elements in the USA).

By definition, mercs lack discipline, real cohesion, and serious military worth… they’re worthless for anything other than small unit ops of the most minor sort (platoon level and below)… in fact, most soldiers will tell you that they’re worthless for anything other than as bodyguards or as “muscle” to rough up unarmed civilians (they’re also useful as high-powered rent-a-cops with avtomats). It’s not for nothing that the word “mercenary” is a pejorative. Some of the worst incidents in the Iraq and Afghan campaigns were the result of using pricey unsoldierly mercs and not real troops for some duties. This was for political reasons… if one were to use proper military units, one would’ve had to reintroduce conscription, which is a third rail in American politics (even though the One Percent and their hangers-on would exempt their sons… as Willy Romney dodged the draft without consequence in the Vietnam War). It isn’t due to such rubbishy “conspiracy theory” reasons as “black helicopters” and “Trilateral Commissions”… it’s simply due to American pols not wanting to goad their self-satisfied and porcine constituents. They might lose the election… eek! Oh, the humanity!

If the Ukrainian state collapses (which gets more likely as this situation rumbles on), one of the major reasons will be that the junta used undisciplined and unaccountable foreign mercs. There’s a disaster in the making… I’m not pleased at that, but that’s what the tealeaves say…


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Thursday, 10 April 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Patriot Opolchenie in Kharkov Capture American Mercenary

00 Blackwater. 10.04.14.jpg

The Blackwater pukes are so “awesome” that ordinary guys can capture them… in short, their reputation’s inflated and they’re not a tenth as good as they claim to be. Only the USA would have “capitalist armies”… they’re more used to brutalising workers and doing dirty tricks than real military operations. In short, they aren’t honourable men, and no one should treat such scummers as such.


Patriot Opolchenie captured a foreign national in Kharkov’s Beketova Street and posted a vid on the web. The video features a group of aggressive people using strong language as they questioned an unidentified person wearing a Sokol MVDU spetsnaz uniform. The unknown man, pinned to the ground, speaks English and says that he’s a US citizen. This proves the earlier reports that American mercenaries have, indeed, arrived to take part in operations in the southeast Ukraine. The mercenaries disguise themselves in MVDU uniforms, as reported.


What more do you need? The reason for the lull is that the junta only has a small number of these mercs at its disposal, and they’re under Langley control, anyway. It also implies that the junta hasn’t secured Kharkov, which means that the junta doesn’t have enough cred and clout to do more than limited ops… that doesn’t bode well for its future. Kharkov is a big-time KPU town… this will only juice up the patriots even more. The junta will have to shed blood to regain “control”… note well that the USA slobbers its approval. If that doesn’t tell you the absolute evil in Foggy Bottom and Capitol Hill, and that Nuland and Zbig are criminals in all but name, nothing will.


10 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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