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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Patriarch Irinej Holds Memorial Service for Jasenovac Victims

00 Utstasha. 15.02.14


On Tuesday, Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović, the First Hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) held a memorial service in Mlaka near Jasenovac, the site of a Croatian World War II death camp. The Nazi puppet fascist Ustaša régime of the so-called Independent State of Croatia (NDH) ran the prison and death camps. 22 April is the anniversary of the Jasenovac breakthrough staged by the camp’s prisoners. The day is also marked in Serbia as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

After liturgy led by Patriarch Irinej, Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović of Montenegro and the Littoral, and Bishop Jovan Ćulibrk of Lipljan, and other clerical dignitaries, a commemoration honoured Jasenovac victims. Serb Republic (RS) public broadcaster RTRS reported that Patriarch Irinej said, “The church in Mlaka is on land where many suffered, where they killed hundreds of thousands of martyrs just because they were Serbs and Orthodox believers. That was the only thing they were guilty of; the criminals thought they would wipe all Serbs and Orthodox people off the face of this earth. It can hardly be explained what drove people to commit such crimes. Members of another religion didn’t do this; (Catholic) Christians did this, and that’s what makes it terrifying. I don’t want us to condemn or imprecate them, but we must not forget this”. Director of the Secretariat for Religions Dragan Davidović attended the ceremony as an envoy of Serbian President Milorad Dodik, as did President of the Serb National Council in Croatia Milorad Pupovac.

During the Second World War, the village of Mlaka was a “collection centre” for Jasenovac death camp for women and children from the Kozara region. Over 30 children died daily from hunger, heat, and diseases. A number of execution sites were also in the area. Situated some 12 kilometres from Jasenovac, Mlaka was home to around 1,500 people before the war. The fascists took the entire village population, including 250 children, to camps in the spring of 1942. Today, the village is home to around 40 Serb returnees.


Biden’s mentor was a pro-Ustaša Croat RC priest. Need I say more? The fascists have protection in HIGH Western places. How many Americans have heard of Jasenovac? For that matter, how many Americans know of the UPA murders of thousands of Poles and of the Balts’ willing collaboration in the Holocaust? Note well that those with much blood on their hands walked free whilst a little man like John Demjanjuk (an ordinary working stiff, a tractor driver and diesel mechanic) caught it in the neck. That sickens me. I fear that more blood will flow, not only in the Ukraine, but in the Balkans as well. It’s all due to American meddling in affairs in foreign parts not its own. When will they ever learn?


22 April 2014



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Monday, 12 September 2011

Montenegro: Trial of SPC Hierarch Continues

Metropolitan-Archbishop Amfilohije Radović (1938- ) of Cetinje and of Montenegro and the Littoral


On Monday, in Podgorica, Montenegro, the trial of Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović is on the docket in the Podgorica Misdemeanour Court on charges alleging “hate speech” on his part. The Higher State Prosecution of Montenegro indicted Metropolitan Amfilohije for “cursing all those who wished to demolish the church on Mt Rumija”, as he addressed believers ahead of Christmas this year. Deputy Higher State Prosecutor Veljko Rutović said the metropolitan’s words “offend other religious and national groups in Montenegro and could cause negative feelings”. Defence lawyers Vojislav Đurišić and Dalibor Kavarić said that the process so far failed to present their client with basic conditions to put forward his defence, and enjoy a fair trial. They also described the charges brought against Metropolitan Amfilohije as “unfounded”.

12 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

Doesn’t this have the fingerprints of the EU and the USA all over it? I predict that either nothing will happen or that Amfilohije will pay a derisory “fine”. Trust me… he’s not going to gaol any time soon or any time later (Russia will see to that… we’re the SPC’s friend, and that’s that).


Friday, 22 July 2011

22 July 2011. SPC Bishop Served with Suspended OCA Hierodeacon in Nevada

Bishop Maksim Vasiljević (1968- ), SPC Bishop of Western America, served knowingly with a suspended cleric… he’s a darling of the SVS/Parisian set… need I say any more?


Well, well, well… Bishop Maksim Vasiljević has truly and righteously stuck his foot full force in a steaming and juicy cow pie. Hierodeacon Panteleimon Erickson (an ex-HOOMie cultist) served with him in Reno NV, as a “guest of the diocese”. There’s only one problem, the OCA Holy Synod suspended Erickson for gallivanting off to Australia with Nikolai Soraich, and as of 19.15 EDT Friday 22 July 2011 Mr Erickson was NOT listed on the OCA clergy list on oca.org. That’s to say, Maksim not only served with a suspended cleric, he did so KNOWINGLY. Well… JP kept a guru-disciple relationship with GP after the ROCOR Holy Synod suspended (and, later, defrocked) Podmoshensky… this is the same sort of disrespectful disobedience to the Mind of the Church. If a cleric’s suspended, he can’t serve, and that’s that. Maksim had the DUTY and OBLIGATION to see to that. Note well how the SVS crowd’s silent on this. If you’re a Renovationist, all is forgiven!

God willing, a little Serbian bird will fly up and whisper in Amfilohije Radović’s ear… no doubt, he’d LOVE to know that one of the Renovationist paladins was spitting on a decision of a Holy Synod. Amfilohije would eat Maksim for lunch, burp, and say, “Where’s the main course? That was a good bite for an appetiser”.

Things are NEVER boring in the Church…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 22 July 2011

Albany NY

22 July 2011. Guess Who Came to Liturgy?

Firstly, here’s my proof for this (and the image above is proof positive, even for the doubters):



A friend sent me the following:

Look at who came to the party… besides the bishops, a certain bishop wannabe for Alaska [Gerasim Eliel] also served…

Frankly speaking, one has to realise that Maksim Vasiljević is an SVS-style Renovationist fanatic. My Serb sources tell me that some of the loopy liturgical instructions that he issues are contentious and dubious, to say the very least. Vasiljević was in Paris for a year, and sources tell me that he sucked up to the Rue Daru crowd… he and John Breck are stuck together so tightly that it would require a major surgical operation to separate them. Maksim runs interference for the HOOMie fanatics in Platina; he protects them from criticism. This is more of the same… Eliel did stick by Gleb Podmoshensky (GP) after GP’s rightful defrocking for nasty doings, after all.

The only thing that it lacked was Izzy Brittain… but that would’ve gotten Maksim in trouble with the OCA Holy Synod… but as it stood, this “concelebration” wasn’t bright at all. It made it appear that the SPC defends Fathausen (for it’s well-known that Soraich is tight with BP and JP) and the konvertsy element in the OCA. Of course, this occurred because Metropolitan Christopher Kovacević has been dead and gone for almost a year… there’s a power vacuum in the SPC in the US. Don’t forget, recently, the succession of Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović showed the deep and rancorous divisions in the SPC (Irinej was very much a compromise candidate). There’s no doubt that Amfilohije Radović’s influence is growing, especially after Ratzinger made two major gaffes concerning Croatia and Stepinac. Obviously, this is an attempt on the part of the SPC Renovationists to strut their stuff (in order to convince the SPC Holy Synod to appoint a Renovationist to succeed Christopher)… it also means that the SPC Holy Synod is in deadlock at present about Christopher’s replacement. However, this gives the grounded people in the SPC (such as Amfilohije) ammunition to use against the Renovationist cabal. Maksim should’ve kept Nikolai and Gerasim in the background… he didn’t, and that’s news.

This DOES mean that much is going on behind the scenes. In Orthodoxy in the American diaspora, as in the old Soviet Union, censorship of “bad news” is pervasive, so, rumour flies without restraint. It’s best if we stick to substantiated history, actual images, and real events. As I say, it’s a FACT that JP lies about his sojourn in Russia in the ‘90s… it’s an attested FACT that he went there to further GP’s oddball project… it’s an attested FACT that Mark Stokoe’s a former Syosset apparatchik drone (who’s lusting to be one again, dontcha know). It’s an attested FACT that JP and BP served with Izzy Brittain. That’s what I cover… the real events of the Church. What I CAN say based on my knowledge and experience is that the present structure is tottering and it’s rotten from the foundation all the way through to the ceiling. I’ve no bloody idea on how the dénouement is going to work out… no one does, to be frank. However, I do know that the time for “painless” solutions is long past… there are now two mutually-exclusive groups in the OCA, and “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. The only question is “when”, not “if”…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

22 July 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Update:

One of my indefatigable correspondents clued me in to important details on this. Hierodeacon Panteleimon Erickson was raised in HOOM. His father, Paul, is a deacon who came into the OCA in 1995 and is now serving in Juneau AK. The younger Erickson was also suspended by the OCA from running off to Australia with Soraich. I don’t remember seeing that his suspension was ever officially lifted. Shades of Brittain… Fr James Barfield is a HOOMie, as is Fr Hilarion Frakes. In short, they’re all squiffy cultists and not Real Orthodox at all. Things ARE getting curiouser and curiouser, Alice…


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