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Friday, 30 September 2011

BREAKING NEWS. 30 September 2011. OCA Names New Chancellor… OCA Official Website Laggardly, As Per Usual

A friend sent me this regarding the choice of the new OCA Chancellor:

They picked a nominee yesterday, but didn’t release their name.

The apparat, the SVS-niki, and the Metropolitan Council are up to their usual secretive hijinks and shenanigans. For all their vacuous and bootless talk of “openness” and “transparency”, Lyonyo, Tosi, and the MC are pissing on you, yet again (and Mark and Ginny grin huge smiles of approval at it all). They think that you’re a bunch of putzes.

If there was a nomination, there should’ve been a post on oca.org this morning. That’s what REAL journalists do… they REPORT the news in a timely fashion, as I do. That tells you volumes about Mark Stokoe and Ginny Nieuwsama, doesn’t it? They usually don’t touch many stories until it appears here, first. Draw your own conclusions, kids…


Monday, 26 September 2011

26 September 2011. Silver Crawls Out From Under His Rock… Mel Sakoda Slaps Him Silly…

There’s no such thing as “monsters under the bed”… there’s no such thing as Faith Skordinski having any connection with the Storheim affair… they’re both equally barmy and ridiculous… what does that tell you about James Silver?


Firstly, hold onto to your hats and read what Silver has to say… there’s not an ounce of truth in it, but you HAVE to know what this obsequious little sock-puppet for Bobby is saying…



Christ is risen! Truly risen!

Dear Friends…

This alarmist message deserves to be ignored. If we bothered to consult SNAP, whose report was occasioned by Pokrov’s Cappy Larson, we’d soon see that there’s nothing in it or in the parish’s announcement that would bring condemnation or even criticism on Archbishop Seraphim. Archbishop Seraphim remains suspended, and cannot officiate at any services until his case is resolved. He hasn’t ever violated the canonical terms of his suspension, and I’m confident that he hasn’t violated Canadian law, either. Unlike SNAP and Pokrov, we should presume the archbishop’s innocence unless and until he’s found guilty in a court of law. Their reportage so far suggests that they consider him guilty, but this might not in fact be proved. For some reason, Faith Skordinski, an illegitimate member of the OCA’s Metropolitan Council, took it in hand to dig up the past and identify the two adults who claimed that, when they were children, Archbishop Seraphim had molested them. However, that was a quarter of a century ago, and Archbishop Seraphim protests his innocence. Had Faith Skordinski not pestered these men into some sort of accusation mode, there would be nothing on record. So, please, friends, let’s pray for Archbishop Seraphim, for his alleged victims, and for all those people who take advantage of the innocence of children and for their victims. And may the Lord be merciful to all of  us.

Peace and blessings to all.

Monk James


I think that all should be aware that James Silver, who calls himself “Monk James”, is a former monk now living in the world under dubious and dodgy circumstances. He claims that he has a blessing from a bishop to do this. If so, he should share with all of us the DOCUMENTATION proving that. Trust me… it’s not kosher… it’s not legit. In fact, the canons FORBID monastics from living in the world in the strongest possible terms, and stipulate that we should take all those found in “the City” (the secular world) BY FORCE and cart them off to a monastery to live a proper monastic life (yes, Virginia, there were “monastic” charlatans like Silver in old Constantinople, too). I’ve more to say, but I want to give you Mel Sakoda’s riposte first…



Monk James Silver overstates his case. Faith Skordinski had nothing whatsoever to do with the criminal case against Archbishop Seraphim Storheim. Complaints were filed by the victims. The allegations were investigated by the Winnipeg police and they determined that there was enough evidence to move forward on the complaints. The police took the case to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor agreed. The charges are being pursued by the crown, not the victims, and certainly not Skordinski. Similarly, the allegations were first brought to the attention of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) by an OCA priest, not by Skordinski.

Melanie Jula Sakoda


Skordinski was involved in the spiritual court that resulted in the defrocking of Silver’s friend, Robert Kondratick. However, I know of no reason why her position on the OCA’s Metropolitan Council should be termed “illegitimate”.


The above colloquy appeared on the Indiana List… according to the infallible intel possessed by Silver, it’s all Faith Skordinski’s fault! Is it Skordinski’s fault that Bobby couldn’t remember a single name of a 9/11 victim to whom he (supposedly) distributed monies from the 9/11 relief fund? Is it Skordinski’s fault that thousands of dollars worth of OCA corporate credit card expenditures lack ANY documentation? Of course, not! I’m no fan of Faith Skordinski, but she’s merely a pompous, posturing, and crashing bore (much like Silver, no?), not an evil succubus out to destroy Bobby (Bobby’s done that himself without anyone’s aid, thank you very much). Let’s keep it focused, gang… the question is this… “Are the accusations lodged against Archbishop Seraphim regarding the alleged acts of sexual misconduct true or not true?” In any case, what does Faith Skordinski have to do with it? She didn’t bring the accusations… she’s not linked with them at all… I’ve never heard her name mentioned in connection with them until Silver made his raving accusations.

Archbishop Seraphim promised to stay away from kids as part of his bond… full stop. A pastoral visitation does involve kids. That’s what this was… a prepared pastoral visitation set up by his benighted supporters. The proper question to ask is, “Has Seraphim Storheim flouted his agreement with the Queen’s Bench by visiting other parishes?” That’s a question worth asking… the OCA’s behaviour in the Koumentakos and Iliff cases doesn’t give me cause for any optimism, as far as their adherence to Christian standards of behaviour goes. As for Silver, I’d take his bloviating with a block of salt… don’t forget, he’s a protégé of Hilary Madison… and he still makes excuses for his abusive mentor. I wonder how much of Bobby’s ill-gotten gains ended up in Silver’s pocket? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Oh… one last thing… Mr Silver, it’s NOT the Easter season, so, can the blasphemous “Christ is Risen”, okay? It’s offensive and nauseating, taking into account your defence of the indefensible (and your baseless accusations against Ms Skordinski are beyond the pale). I didn’t think much of you before… and I thought that I couldn’t think less of you… but I was wrong. You don’t muck about with Our Lord Christ, and that’s that.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I Bow Before ALL Roman Catholics and Apologise for the Offensive Remarks of Rod Dreher and Terrence Mattingly… It’s NOT what REAL Orthodox Christians Believe… FORGIVE US

Прости меня! Forgive me!


Firstly, let me apologise on behalf of all grounded Orthodox Christians for the nasty and unprovoked remarks of Rod Dreher and Terrence Mattingly. It’s one thing to fight hard… it’s one thing to hold one’s banners high… however, there are LIMITS… all mature people know this. I NEVER attack papists for what they believe. Indeed, I assume that if you’re in the papal confession, you sincerely hold its tenets and respect its leadership. Furthermore, I know that there’s sin amongst us… therefore, we can’t point fingers at others. I’m shocked at Dreher’s immaturity, nastiness, cruelty, and his twisting of the truth. Why am I so upset? Look at the following:


That’s juvenile drivel by two nappy-wearing konvertsy. Here’s some info for my Catholic friends… Dreher has feet of clay… as do his idols. Ask him about his buddy Joseph Fester, the Chancellor of the Diocese of the South of the OCA, who provides a paid position for one Robert Kondratick, a former Chancellor of the OCA, who was defrocked for “interesting” financial dealings. Then, Fester gave him a job in DOS at a salary higher than most priests have. Ask him about Feodosy Lazor and his well-attested doings in the West Village. Ask him about Pierre l’Huillier and the stories surrounding him. Ask him about Paffhausen’s connections with Gleb Podmoshensky, who was officially defrocked for serving whilst under suspension, but the real reason was sodomy. Indeed, the entire brotherhood at Platina left except for Gerasim Eliel and Damascene Christiansen… both of whom are close to Paffhausen. Hey, Catholics… go and talk to Melanie Sakoda and Cappy Larson at:


Ask them, in particular, about Eric Iliff. Rod and Terry didn’t reference that beastly little incident.



I’m beside myself with both anger and grief… anger at these nasty little children and their noisome fables… grief at the unnecessary pain that it’s causing others.  We’re guilty of many of the same things that Dreher and Mattingly decry. These smarkachi (snot-nosed kids) have no right to speak as they did. It’s one thing to fight Uniatism and ecumania… everyone knows the sides and the players. It’s another to judge other’s beliefs as these two do. Do ask both of them about Eric Tosi… 125,000 bucks were unaccounted for the Diocese of NY & NJ… and Tosi said, “The records simply don’t exist”… the so-called Metropolitan Council of the OCA supinely accepted it and went on to other business. I think that if Mr Tosi tried pulling that gag on Seán Patrick Cardinal O’Malley… I think that we’d see a new shooting star in the sky (and in short order, too).

Again, I apologise sincerely and without guile on this one. It’s not right… it’s not done… and that’s all one has to say. I’m sorry and I hope that this corrects your view of REAL Orthodox Christians. We disagree… that’s kosher… low blows are beyond the pale. I’ll confide to my interlocutors that we all agree on that, don’t we?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Albany NY

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Alaska Priests Rebuffed in “Episcopal Search”… Still No Active Bishop for the DOS OCA… “Mission Tourism” Disrespect to the Memory of Archbishop Job Osacky… Stokoe quotes UOP KP Schismatics with Approval… OCA Stavropegial Institutions to be Exempt from Audit

“You shall NOT investigate stavropegial institutions… I SAY SO. If you do… you are satanic, unchurchly, and disloyal… so there!” I’d suggest a peek behind the curtain…


Firstly, read these posts (keep your lunch down as you read Stokoe’s approval of the UOC KP schismatical scummers):



Read them? Firstly, here’s a swallow of something good to wash away the foul taste in your mouth. Did you see:

According to sources in the Diocese of Alaska, the priests of the Kuskokwim attempted to organise a committee to propose candidates to be considered for that vacant diocese. The attempt was quashed by Bishop Benjamin, the locum tenens. It isn’t clear whether Alaskans will be allowed any participation in the process as several members of the Synod of the OCA have already expressed their desire that Archimandrite Gerasim Eliel, the former abbot of St Herman Monastery in Platina CA, be elected to the position.

Hmm… need I mention that Gerasim Eliel was one of those who stuck by Gleb Podmoshenksy after GP was defrocked? He’s never repudiated his connection with that deposed cleric publicly and in writing, and he’s never repudiated his connection with the false establishment known as “St Herman Monastery” in the 90s. He’s never repudiated publicly and in writing his espousal of the heresies taught by GP, in particular, Sophiology and the teaching of the heresiarch Pavel Florensky. In short, this is a replay of Nikolai Soraich… with a “nicer” veneer… is the rehabilitation of Isidore Brittain next? After all, rumour has it that Brittain is serving in a parish in Oregon under the protection of Benjamin Peterson. Don’t forget… two prominent figures from the Swaiko era, John Dresko and David Brum, fled to the Diocese of the West, and currently serve under Peterson. Several sources that were at the last OCA Sobor told me that BP wasn’t considered for the white hat, despite having been a ruling bishop, because of “credible stories”. It’s not the time or place to assess whether those stories were, indeed, “credible” or not, the fact is, they, apparently, disqualified BP from the white hat, despite having better credentials than JP (who’s BP’s protégé, in any case)… BP wasn’t elected, was he?

As regards, the DOS OCA, JP “spoke regarding the vacant See of Dallas, and his desire to make sure that the See of Dallas is filled by the right candidate. In the meantime, he’s willing, and the Assembly concurred, that he’ll remain the Locum Tenens”. This diocese has been sede vacante since the beginning of April 2009, with the retirement of Dmitri Royster. The Stokoe post cited above makes it clear that the seat shall remain vacant until November 2011… it takes over two years to name a bishop? I’ll retire to Bedlam with Mr Scrooge… even Treebeard would call such lollygagging. This means that the DOS OCA is under the effectual rule of Joseph Fester and Bobby K. Oh… did I mention that Rod Dreher lives in this diocese, and sees nothing wrong? The foundation that hired Dreher hired a blind man… a blind man who’s a shill for entrenched interests. It also means that JP can keep in touch with his Episkie pals in Texas without the interference of another bishop… sweet, ain’t it?

The “mission tourism” bit is obscene and without defence. The cost per participant is 1,200 bucks (36,258 Roubles 918 Euros 770 UK Pounds), not counting airfare. This is a time of austerity due to hard economic times. However, the “affluent effluent” doesn’t care about THAT (that’s SO negative)… they’re NOT going to help out those hurt by the downturn… they have to go on a “mission trip”… it’s going to “honour” the memory of Vladyki Job. This is noisome and rubbishy rot. It shows to all the vapidity, vacuity, and wilful blindness of this airheaded lot. Archbishop Job came from the Carpatho-Russian working class… he was a “down-to-earth” guy. You’re going to honour him by having a “mission tour” for a bunch of spoiled brats from the exurbs? I’ve got to hurl to clear the foul taste in my mouth…

Mark Stokoe doesn’t label the UOC KP as schismatical, nor does he point up that Philaret Denisenko’s a deposed cleric of the MP. He commends the position of these heretics… for that alone, he should apologise to all Orthodox Christians, especially after the UOC KP spat on His Holiness Patriarch Kirill during his recent pastoral trip to the Ukraine. However, what else would you expect from such an autocephalist and Renovationist fanatic? He believes that people can “excommunicate themselves!” Truly… for that’s what his idol, ADS, taught. Ocanews.org is not what it appears to be… at first, it was nothing but a vehicle for Stokoe to gain a seat on the OCA’s Proddie “Metropolitan Council”… now, it’s nothing but a cheerleader for JP, autocephalism, and Renovationism. Ponder this… Stokoe approved of the payout to Bobby K… Stokoe approves of the long interregna in the vacant dioceses… he approves of JP’s defence of New Skete’s quasi-Uniate heresy. So… what else COULD you expect from this source? Don’t hate Stokoe… that’s Satan’s option… but do attend to what he says and what he does… that is so you can oppose him vigorously and with full force. Remember, “’Love’ is not a synonym for ‘like’”…

Lastly, did you read:

The stavropegial institutions fall under the canonical jurisdiction of the Primate of the Church, Metropolitan Jonah, and the Holy Synod, not the Metropolitan Council. All of their affairs, spiritual, canonical, as well as practical are subject to blessing and approval of the Metropolitan. … If the stavropegial institutions ask for your assistance, they’re free to do so with the blessing of the Metropolitan and the Holy Synod. They don’t bless any on-site visits at this time.

In short, JP is telling all of you, “Bugger off. I’m not allowing any outside audit of my institutions that isn’t under my control. If you come around asking questions, I’ll sic the coppers on you. I’m beyond your control and you’d best get used to it. I’m going to change things to suit me… and if you don’t care for it… leave”. Think long on this… JP consolidated the positions of OCA Treasurer and SVS CFO… that’s a conflict of interests. One wonders what poor Tassos did to be thrown from the train so abruptly. This means that SVS and New Skete are exempt from any outside audit. Bobby K ain’t stupid… that’s for sure! I’d say that he moved to Florida to be outside the reach of the NY authorities (Florida is noted both for its lax business regulation and for its loose extradition law). Remember… “The records simply don’t exist”… the person who said that is still in a responsible position in the OCA. This means that JP, Bobby K, BP, and all the rest can hide any funny dealings in stavropegial institutions, and you’ve no recourse whatsoever.

Let’s see… Alaska priests told to go to hell… there’s no bishop in the DOS and no real effort to find one… spoilt exurban youth to go gallivanting for Christ… Stokoe beams at the UOC KP schismatics and approves of their position… JP tells everyone to “bugger off” as he’s not going to say “bugger all” about stavropegial institutions. How’s that different from the “intolerable” days of Herman? It IS “different”… it’s WORSE.

I’ll leave you with one last thought… do you remember those fellows in Central America who were thinking of the OCA? They went to the EP because Peterson demanded that they sign over all their property to the OCA… thankfully, they have the internet in Guatemala… they saw the “writing on the wall”… and buggered off to greener climes. Don’t forget that JP was boasting about Guatemala in a speech at PSTGU in early 2009… I’ve no doubt that the Centre noticed his failure… and drawn the proper conclusions. So should you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 29 July 2010

Albany NY

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