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Friday, 2 November 2012

2 November 2012. The Pot Boils in re the Parma Sobor Election


I’ve been hearing interesting stuff through the grapevine:

Fr Daniel Mathewson just signed petition demanding investigation into ouster of Jonah. I wonder what “Met to be Tikhon” thinks of that?

Firstly, Tikhon does NOT have the Centre’s imprimatur… Mel Pleska does. The Blunder does NOT represent the Centre… he never did, he doesn’t, and he never will. After all, he’s nothing but a high-powered auxiliary bishop, that’s what “patriarchal vicar” means, kids. He doesn’t even have the power that a real mensch like Yuvenaly Poyarkov has (remember how he ordered OCA clergy to not serve at Laurus’ funeral?).

Tikhon Mollard doesn’t have the Centre’s nod for the white hat. In fact, the Blunder fawning over him is a good reason to vote for Mel… ponder that one, if you would…



2 November 2012. Blunder Comes to the USA… Kisses the Arses of the Papists, Slobbers Over with Fathausen, and Meets with Far Right Templeton Foundation


Here are the two images in all of their low-res glory. Important stories on patriarchia.ru get a “photo album”… these two hack pieces from Bolshaya Ordynka didn’t. This is dreck posted by the Blunder’s staff… treat it accordingly.


Click here and here for evidence of the Blunder’s trip to the USA. This is much ado about nothing. This trip wasn’t about the storm or about a meeting with Fathausen and Tikhon. It was a long-planned junket by the Blunder, where he planned to kiss the naked bums of the papists, yet again (and predictably). The Blunder is part of a small pro-Western party at the Centre, which also includes Tikhon Shevkunov. HH is always taking him to the woodshed for his crackbrained pro-papist attitudes and remarks. This is the usual BS and garbage released by his greasy eunuchs at Bolshaya Ordynka. Do note the “Служба коммуникации ОВЦС” at the foot of the article… that means that the piece didn’t come from the official central media apparat; it indicates that it came from the Blunder’s fawning staff.

The Blunder’s smarting after the London Conference, which was dominated behind-the-scenes by Mark Golovkov (don’t forget, he’s a kinsman of HH). He was given a public role, but little else. Mark, Lebedeff, Gan, Balashov, and Dudko will forge the shape of the New ROCOR. The Blunder will have no real role in that process, as his participation in such fluff as the Villanova visit indicates. His meeting with Tikhon and Fathausen means absolutely nothing. If it were an imprimatur from HH, it’d have a “photo album”, and it didn’t. I think that the Blunder’s trying to give the impression that the Centre supports Tikhon. It doesn’t… Mel Pleska still has the nod from the Mother Church. After all, they chose to concelebrate with him, not Tikhon.

It’s the usual smoke n’ mirrors from the Blunder. His visit to the Templeton Foundation means less than nothing. That’s a Far Right think-tank; it employs Rod Dreher, for instance (the fact that it has Dreher on staff shows its lack of standards). It’s not serious, it’s a Free Market lickspittle. That is, since the Blunder kisses the bums of the oligarchs at the Centre, why should it surprise you that he does the same to their analogues in the USA?

Caveat lector, yet again. Drizzle-drazzle-druzzle drone, time for this one to go home…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 2 November 2012

Albany NY              

Sunday, 21 October 2012

21 October 2012. “Thank You, Sir, May I Please Have Another” Department… Alfeyev to Become Head of “Theology Department” at MIFI… A Consolation Prize If There Ever Was Such

To Science Day!

Sergei Yolkin



One of the most-recognised Russian technical schools, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (National Research Nuclear University) (NIYaU MIFI), is introducing a new department that departs from traditional physics and delves into metaphysics, a Theology Department. Its head is Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, who, upon his appointment, immediately travelled overseas in an official capacity. Izvestia talked with Archpriest Vladimir Shmaly, vice-rector of Church Postgraduate Studies, who explained that the university came up with the idea. In fact, it was born back in 2010 after a visit by Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev. Previously, MIFI hosted advanced training courses for professors of Orthodox seminaries, which included lectures on astronomy, physics, and chemistry. Now, religious scholars will pay MIFI back by teaching history of the Church, religious dogma, Orthodox culture, and Orthodox worship to students on a strictly optional and voluntary basis.

At first, students won’t be able to major in Theology, only take electives as part of humanities courses. Izvestia stated that the MP’s preparing a document entitled The Balance of Faith and Science, discussing the complicated relationship of the two in the modern era. Contrary to clichés like “faith versus knowledge” and “faith denounces evolution and nuclear physics”, the real state of things isn’t so black-and-white, and the Theology Department will help students realise that. Besides, the department wouldn’t prohibit critical thinking, and students don’t have to share the beliefs of the teaching staff in order to take the courses.

18 October 2012

Pyotr Lekarev

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This is a sign that the Blunder’s losing ground at the Centre. What he needs is to be named a ruling bishop… instead, he gets this consolation prize. He’s on the way down, but he may not be on the way out… the oligarchs protect him, after all. Look at the bright side of this… it means that the Blunder’s being shunted into a backwoods siding, and that he’s not going to get anything meaty. It also means that the oligarchs are losing their grip on Russian society. Now, the question is, “Is Tikhon Shevkunov going to get a similar sidelining?” Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Ya gotta admire HH… when he demotes somebody or takes them to the woodshed, he does it in such a way that the “prize recipient” has to smile and say, “Thank you, sir, may I please have another”. He did it to the Blunder in March 2009, when he took away two-thirds of the DECR, and he’s doing it again, with this “promotion”, which tells the whole world that the Blunder’s on HH’s shit list. The Blunder had to take a large economy-size bite out of the shit sandwich that HH proffered him, and he had to say, “That was good, I’ll have some more, please”. HH is one of the cleverest men to ever wear the funny white hat… I’m glad that he’s on our side.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

An MP Priest’s Take on the ROCOR Website’s Report of the London Conference… One of the Cabinet Reports in on Monomuckos… A Comment on Ariel Cohen


I wrote an MP priest-friend of mine:

Why is the ROCOR website kissing the Blunder‘s arse?

He simply replied:

An official website is for diplomacy (your website ISN’T official!!). Don’t worry; we know his little game.

In short, the ROCOR official website is going to post the Blunder’s take on things… his Uriah Heep, Potapov, will see to that. Remember, Potapov, the Blunder, and Shevkunov are all bum-kissers of the oligarch crowd (both Russian and American). Reliable sources tell me that the real action’s taking place behind the scenes, where the leading light is Mark Golovkov. The Blunder’s in the “kiddie seat”… it’s a public show of smoke n’ mirrors… much sound and fury signifying nothing.

Don’t forget, the Blunder’s not a “real” ruling bishop, he’s only a vicar bishop with a white hat (Varsonofy Sudakov and Yuvenaly Poyarkov both have scads more power than he does… as does Vsevolod Anatolyevich, as well). Kirill Mikhailovich doesn’t trust him at all (how many of the Blunder’s pronouncements that the Pope of Rome and HH would meet have come to pass? NONE!)… that’s why he took away two-thirds of the old DECR away from him (and gave them to trusted paladins such as Mark Golovkov and Vsevolod Chaplin). In short, not enough has emerged publicly to make a reasoned judgement. However, it’s the first time that some of the actors involved have met Mark Golovkov in an official capacity… that’s no small beer, even if that’s the only result of this particular meeting (it had no agenda, after all).

If you want to read Monomuckos’ take on the STS brouhaha, click here. I wrote a Cabinet member:

This is arrant shit. I won’t reply to it. I’m sure that the EEOC case will blow up, which will lead the real parishes to leave… not with a bang, not with fireworks, but they’d leave. Monomakhos has less than 10 percent of my readership… don’t be fooled by them.

My interlocutor replied:

I never go to this site… a family member gave me the link. I hope that monoman and his fans start their own church.

I have a “readership” (not “hits”) of 16,000 discrete individuals a month… 20 percent of whom are “regulars” (people who log on at least weekly). That means that I have 3,200 regular readers, I’m told that every Russian Orthodox priest in the USA reads me (probably not, but I’d wager that a substantial portion of the more influential ones do). Monomuckos doesn’t have enough traffic for Qunatcast to make any estimates concerning it (a geek told me that means that the website involved attracts fewer than 2,000 discrete individuals a month). As far as “hits” (discrete visits) are concerned, in September, I had 251,000 hits, and, in August, I had 208,000 hits. Up to this point in this month, I have 141,000 hits, which works out to 7,000 hits a day average, which would give me 210,000 hits for the month, if the trend lines continue (indeed, August was more typical than September was).

My inside sources whisper to me that Dahulich and Boyer fucked up royally on this one, they went against Atty’s contract and the OCA Statute, which means that the least-serious consequence of this may be a very hefty fine (and, maybe, a civil judgement for Fr Atty). STS could lose their status as a tax-exempt charity and, my sources tell me, it could affect the OCA’s status as a whole. In short, Boyer and Dahulich were caught in a dirty scheme… I believe that Fathausen was involved, too. This tells you whom NOT to vote for at the Sobor (if it even occurs)… methinks that Dahulich’s ambitions went south with this one, kids.

Lastly, another Cabineteer piped up:

Certainly, Ariel [Cohen] had in mind the “pale of settlement”. A subtle allusion; maybe, made unconsciously.

I replied:

Nevertheless, the article was shit from top to bottom… yet, this is what the konvertsy believe. They really don’t like us… not one bit. We’re all too human… and real Orthodox DO forgive (they don’t). Pass the jug… there’ll be “interesting times” until they leave us…

I’ll say this… much of the Western bloviation about Pussy Riot is by rightwing fanatics like Ariel Cohen (he’s with the Far Right Heritage Foundation, one of Fathausen’s fave haunts). Yet, they claim to be for “family values”, “tradition”, and “religion”. By their fruits ye shall know them (in more senses than one)… I’d say that their defence of Pussy Riot negates all of their rants about “evil”. C’mon folks, they truly hate us, our faith, our culture, and our ancestral homelands. No Orthodox Christian should have ANYTHING to do with such Western trash… and the Republican Party droolingly supports it all. Ponder on that before you vote on 6 November.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 20 October 2011

Albany NY

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