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Thursday, 14 May 2015

14 May 2015. Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich… The “Last Great First Hierarch” of the Metropolia/OCA

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00 Vechnaya Pamyat... Memory Eternal


Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich, considered by many to have been the last great First Hierarch of the OCA/Metropolia. He and ROCOR Metropolitan Anastassy Gribanovsky were towering figures. Older folks told me that Vladykis Leonty and Anastassy would confab together and deal with all the schmutz that arose. There’s been none to equal them since their times. We’ve had relative pygmies since then… can these dry bones live? YES, THEY CAN… IF WE REMEMBER OUR PAST! Ask your priest to mention Metropolitans Leonty and Anastassy at the Proskomidi, light a candle for them, and ask your priest to serve Pannikhida for them after liturgy this Sunday. One of my sources told me:

The question if the day is this… “How did we get from a spiritual giant like Metropolitan Leonty to Fatty and Mollard in a scant ( by Orthodox time) 50 years?”

Honour thy father and thy mother, as the Lord thy God has commanded thee… amen! We need to acknowledge our past as Church, or we’ll have no future… ’nuff said…


Saturday, 31 May 2014

It’s About Time! St T’s to Honour Vladyki Leonty with Academic Symposium

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St Tikhon Orthodox Seminary announces at this time that they’re planning an Academic Symposium dedicated to the life and work of Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich (1876-1965), tentatively due for 14 May 2015, the 50th anniversary of his death. This will be a day-long programme, including a graveside pannikhida. STOS would also like to announce publicly a call for proposed papers for the Symposium. We ask those interested to forward a brief summary of their proposed topics to Dr David Ford, Professor of Church History at STOS, no later than 30 September 2014 by e-mail at dcford@stots.edu.


I’d like to see them discuss the collaboration between Vladyki Leonty and Metropolitan Anastassy Gribanovsky of the ROCOR… the two confabbed closely and kept things solid. After Vladyki Leonty’s death, the Schememann/Meyendorff duopoly and their besotted acolytes sold out the Church. Shall someone speak up at St T’s for a saner time, a time that points to a future union of the healthy parts of the ROCOR and OCA? Time will tell us…

Here are two titbits… Vladyki Leonty stood with the ROCOR in the immediate postwar years in refusing to recognise the MP… Vladyki Anastassy came to New York in 1950, the year that Vladyki Leonty became Archbishop of New York for the Metropolia. Who would’ve thunk it…


29 May 2014


OCA official website


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Saturday, 2 March 2013

2 March 2013. Ura! Midwest Diocese Shows that It Still has that Old-Time Old-School Metropolia Spunk

00 Russian Orthodox Journal. John Shahovskoy. 1969

Back to the future! Not a bad rallying cry, is it? The Lord Christ prayed that we should be as one. That’s a good beginning, I’d say.


One of the Cabinet whispered this:

I received some extremely encouraging news from various friends this week. There appears to be a popular uprising in some parts of the Diocese of the Midwest. Laity are rising up against Moriak. A letter-writing campaign is underway. The Synod meets before Great Lent begins. People are writing to the bishops on the Synod, demanding Moriak not be reinstated. If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is. The laity are showing they have their heads on straight and which way is up. There’s still time to write to the members of the Synod before their meeting. Their addresses are here (scroll down).

Hooray! The believers still have that old-time old-school Metropolia spunkiness and grit. Look, priests aren’t perfect… neither are bishops. Baba and Dede knew what to do when faced with such… they’d go to the metropolitan in a group, and demand, “Vladyki, in all due respect, we can’t take what he’s handing out. Do something about it”. Trust me, the offending priest (or bishop) “disappeared”. Of course, that’s when REAL First Hierarchs like Leonty Turkevich ruled the Metropolia… and REAL First Hierarchs like Anastassy Gribanovsky ruled the ROCOR (both were friends and consulted each other often… many people saw their mutual comings and goings in New York). This means that the real believers aren’t going to put up with konvertsy bullshit. What the real believers want is a return to the sane, balanced, “live n’ let live” Metropolia days. They don’t want protest marches… they don’t want changes every other week… they don’t want politics mixed in with their religion… they don’t want Orthodox forbearance and oikonomia replaced by Evangelical censoriousness and witch-hunting. They DO want old-time good-sense, a return to our sacred tradition, and old-school respect for our Old Country customs and values… I say, “Amen”. I don’t think that more need be said, no?

We need UNITED Russian Orthodox Church Metropolias under the Mother Church for the USA, Alaska, Canada, and Latin America… I think that I’m not alone in wanting that…


Saturday, 8 September 2012

8 September 2012. There are Apples and There are Oranges…


A friend sent me this:

Metropolitan Bazyli Doroszkiewicz of Warsaw and all Poland was one of the Absolute Greats. He was from the same stock as Archbishop Kiprian Borisevich, Metropolitan Ireney Bekish (a gentle, much-maligned man), and Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich. However, His Beatitude was wont to greatly enjoy “piwo” and “horilka” with his flock during times of joy and then take the wheel of his VW Microbus. More than once the “policija polakij” had to pull his car out of a ditch!

I wrote back:

Vladyki Bazyli didn’t use smarmy excuses like [Benjamin Peterson] did. As Mr Portokallis said in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “There are apples, and there are oranges”… and this is a case of that. Vladyki Bazyli didn’t use New Age psychobabble… he was a straight-up guy and that’s that. My remarks stand… and I still love you. Do pass the jug, dear…

I waited on posting this until I got some confirmation from friends in Poland. I got an earful! Apparently, Vladyki Bazyli “slept it off” more than once in the police station, but he wasn’t arrested. The coppers just took it in stride, “That’s how Vladyki was”, one of my contacts said. Everyone LOVED Vladyki, and if he had a nip or two occasionally, why, that was no biggie. It wasn’t at all like that arrogant dweeb Peterson, who haughtily told the arresting officer, “Do you know who I am?” There are apples and there are oranges… the orange tastes just fine, but this apple is no damn good… it’s got a worm in it! YECH! Benjamin Peterson deserves the boot… the sooner, the better. Another time, someone sidled up to me and said, “Bishop Job’s a drunk”. I replied, “Better an honest drunk than a sober thief”. That shut them up.

There are honest upright men who take a nip now and again. There are thieves and phonies as sober as a Baptist. I think that decent people know the difference without needing any help from me…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 8 September 2012

Albany NY

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