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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

International Procession with the Relics of St Vladimir Entered the Ukraine

00 St Vladimir relics. Odessa. 09.07.13


Editor’s Foreword:

All links in this (and all subsequent posts) dealing with religious topics will go to the Russian Wikipedia, NOT the English Wikipedia as the Russian version hews closely to the Real Church’s definitions, and the English version (to put it mildly) doesn’t. I’ll have more to say on this in a separate post (it’s that important). Please, use the translator in your browser if you lack facility in Russian. Yes, kids, it’s that important.



The Press and Information Office of the Diocese of Odessa informed us that in international procession arrived in Odessa from Sevastopol on Saturday with the relics of Grand Prince St Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles, the Baptiser of Rus. At the Cathedral of the Holy Assumption, Bishop Arkady Taranov of Ovidiopol, clergy, and many believers met the relic. On the morning of 9 July, the reliquary went to Holy Assumption Monastery in Odessa, where it stayed until the evening. Then, it goes to Dnepropetrovsk (10-13 July), Chernovtsy (14-16 July) Užgorod (17-18 July), SvyatogorskDonetskLugansk (19-22 July), Kharkov (23-24 July), and Chernigov (25-26 July). 

In the Ukraine, its first stop was Sevastopol; the reliquary had been last in Minsk, in Belarus. In Sevastopol, the clergy and believers met the reliquary met at the monument to Apostle St Andrew the First-Called in the Khersones-Tavrichesky National Preserve (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). They took the relic in procession to the Cathedral of St Vladimir, where the Dean of Sevastopol Okrug, Archpriest Sergei Galyuta, served ​​a molieben before the relic. Grand Prince St Vladimir was baptised in Khersones 1,025 years ago, on the eve of Easter. The procession in the CIS dedicated to 1,025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus began in late May in the Primorye in the Russian Far East with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias and Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine. Normally, the reliquary with the relics of Grand Prince St Vladimir is in the Cathedral of the Assumption in the Moscow Kremlin. The procession will end on 27 July in Kiev when the hierarchs of various Local Churches will greet it.

9 July 2013



Editor’s Afterword:

Do note that Jillions said that he’d be in Russia, the Ukraine, and Belarus after 20 July. That means that Mollard et al will be in Kiev for the big 27 July Dixie Fry. Do note that Jillions gave no return date. HH is clever beyond all belief… he knows that Lyonyo’s lusting for some sort of “blessing” upon the OCA. This means that HH is amenable to that… but only if the OCA jumps through his hoops and publicly enlists on his side in the MP/EP Great Game. HH WILL give public acknowledgement to Mollard… but Mollard will have to burn his bridges and piss off the EP in order to do it. It’s yet more proof that the OCA’s nothing more than a dependent and bootless protectorate of the MP (don’t forget what a protectorate is… a state with (formal) internal self-governance with foreign affairs handled by the “protecting power”… of course, the “protector” has much influence internally as well, doesn’t it? If this isn’t “indirect rule” by the Centre, I don’t know what it is… when will the charade end, I wonder?).

A source at the Centre doubts that Fatso will be part of Mollard’s entourage… “After all, Ovchinnikov didn’t show up at St Tikhon’s”. I’m not so sure of that… oca.org has been SILENT on the trip, its itinerary, and composition of the entourage (don’t you just love the extent of Lil’ Mizz Ginny’s openness and transparency? Snooty little snot, isn’t she?). In short, they view you with the utmost contempt, derision, haughtiness, pomposity, and condescension (haven’t the SVSniki always been like that?). I do know that several priests turned down the offer of accompanying Mollard on this junket. That’s why I have misgivings that he’s including El Gordo as part of his band. He’s that clueless, after all. We’ll have to see… I hope that my qualms turn out to be baseless, I truly do.



Sunday, 16 June 2013

16 June 2013. Can You Tell Me the Way to San Jose… via Kiev?

squirrel spy


According to several whispers, when Mollard goes to Russia (rather sooner than later, I’m told), he’s going to Kiev, not the Centre. That’s interesting! No doubt, HH would be there, which would mean that Mollard would have a photo-op with HH and Vladimir Sabodan, something that HH NEVER gave Fatso. If he’s on the way to Kiev, no doubt, he’d also meet with President Yanukovich… something that Fatso never got, either. Why Kiev? I’d say that one reason is that most of the OCA’s following are po-nashemu Hunkies, not Great Russians. If he’s going to Kiev, is he also going to see (and serve with) Fr Dmitri Sidor in Carpatho-Russia? Now, that’d be a coup! It would also be a way of HH seeing how loyal Mollard is. You see, that’d fuck things up for the OCA with the Uniates… and Lyonyo and Jillions (amongst others) have a rather cosy little arrangement with them, don’t they (don’t forget, Jillions was their bought-n’-paid-for “house nigger”… an “Uncle Tom” if there ever was such)?

Here’s a fly in the ointment. Mollard’s asking people to accompany him, but he’s not funding them, so people are turning him down. That means that it’s not far in the future, and people can’t raise the valuta in the time given. Hmm… that means several things. Firstly, there’s no money in the OCA cookie jar… no surprise, Valerie Ringa said as much. Secondly, the Centre is only fronting Mollard a certain amount of cash, but Mollard (or someone else in Syosset, probably, Lyonyo, Jillions, and/or Tosi) wants a larger delegation to go. Thirdly, unlike Fatso, who sucked up to the Inside the Beltway crowd in the District, he doesn’t have access to outside cash from the usual cast of suspects. Ergo, people are saying, “No. I don’t have the gelt. I can’t raise it that fast. No way, no how”.

We’ll have to see, won’t we, kids. Remember… you heard it first HERE. As per usual, Lyonyo, Jillions, and Hatfield want to keep you in the dark. Reflect on that…


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Moscow Patriarchate Cools the Vatican: “New Greek-Catholic Challenges” in the Ukraine

00 Uniate icon of Yushchenko 01

Uniates slobber over this… you can see why they’re enemies of Christ’s Church…


The MP denied the words of the nuncio in the Russian Federation, according to whom relations between Orthodox and Uniates have improved. Archpriest Dmitri Sizonenko denounced expansionism and support for schismatics.

The question of Greek-Catholics in the Ukraine (Uniates) continues to hinder ecumenical dialogue between Rome and Moscow. Archpriest Dmitri Sizonenko, MP Secretary for Inter-Christian relations, reiterated this in speaking to Interfax-Religion. He commented on the optimistic declarations about the improved relations between Orthodox and [so-called] Ukrainian Catholics (who recognise the authority of the Pope of Rome), made by the Apostolic Nuncio in the Russian Federation, Monsignor Ivan Yurkovich. The latter, interviewed by NG-Religii, stated, “The difficulties of the early 90s have been overcome in many ways, and, today, there are many points of contact between the two Churches, especially of an informal nature”. Rev Sizonenko agreed that some problems were solved, but warned that, today, “there are new challenges”. He related that the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP expressed “concern” about attempts by Uniates “to establish and develop structures in regions with an Orthodox majority”.

Sizonenko also added that the Greek-Catholics said that they work for the unity of the Orthodox in Ukraine, but then “do the opposite”. As an example, he recalled the fact that the Major Archbishop of Kiev, Svyatoslav Shevchuk, the Uniate leader, recently declared that he accepts baptisms done in the churches of the “Patriarchate of Kiev”, unrecognised throughout the Orthodox world. Fr Dmitri pointed up, “In the context of the current situation in the Ukraine, this sounds like proof of an interest to strengthen the position of the schismatics”. After the end of the USSR and the independence of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has faced strong divisions that led to the coexistence of three Orthodox Churches with parallel hierarchies:

  • UOC/MP, under the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias (albeit with wide autonomy, the only one recognised by the other Orthodox Local Churches)
  • “Patriarchate of Kiev and all the Ukraine” (formed around the figure of Philaret, a defrocked MP cleric)
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (strongly nationalistic)

11 February 2013

Nina Achmatova



Editor’s Note:

Discount the Blunder’s cooing to the papists. This is the real deal. As a Cabinet member told me:

Do NOT forget Benny Ratz’s support for “canonising” the monster Cardinal Alojzije Viktor Stepinac of Zagreb, the “Josaphat Kontsevich” of the 20th Century. The Local Churches of Serbia, Bulgaria, Moscow, and even the submissive Phanar are outraged over this insult and blasphemy. Still, our “professional” Orthodox and half-converted “experts” continue to indulge in heavy petting with Catholics.

Quite. The Uniates aren’t our friends. There are all too many priests and faithful killed and injured by American-financed Uniate mobs… all too many Orthodox churches stolen by the Uniates. That’s why you should never take anything on the website Byzantine Texas as truth… and do spam anyone signing themselves as “Josephus Flavius” in your commboxes… he’s a nasty Uniate who just wants to argue and cause upset amongst Real Orthodox. Oh, yes… his website is a fave amongst konvertsy… which is proof that the konvertsy have NEVER converted in their heart-of-hearts and that we should never ordain them (especially, not former clergy). It’s not “nice” out there, but it’s “what is”… and we ignore reality at our own peril.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Patriarch Kirill Lauded the Loyalty to Canonical Orthodoxy of Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias awarded Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine the Order of Metropolitan St Innocent of Moscow and Kolomna (First Degree) in connection with the 50th anniversary of Vladyki Vladimir’s ordination to the priesthood. The official statement of His Holiness, released on Thursday by his press service, said, “The enemy of the human race continues to sow the tares of hatred and division in human hearts. For two decades, with patience and hope, you bore the cross of being the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP, you gathered together the canonical Orthodox faithful, and you guarded the clergy, monastics, and believers entrusted to you from temptations”. As the Patriarch stated, “Metropolitan Vladimir devoted much effort to the revival of churches and monasteries, the preservation of Orthodox Tradition, the augmentation of our rich spiritual heritage, and educating our youth in morals and the faith. It’s gratifying to know that in all situations, you’ve been an exemplar of spiritual steadfastness, of devotion to God and to His calling”. The MP awards the Order of Metropolitan St Innocent of Moscow (First Degree) to First Hierarchs and Hierarchs of the MP and of other Local Orthodox Churches for missionary and educational work, and to prominent statesmen and public figures who assist the Church in its missionary outreach.

14 June 2012



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