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Sunday, 21 October 2018

21 October 2018. Quo Vadis OCA? To the Centre or to the Phanar?

Mollard has the white hat now… but what about the future?


Everyone here in the American diaspora is wondering how the OCA will fall on the Ukrainian Crisis. Of course, not all bishops are created equal. Mollard, although nominally the First Hierarch, is a cypher chosen for the fact that he wouldn’t rock the boat nor utter any controversial statements. The issue will pivot on how Michael Dahulich stands. A senior archpriest told me:

Dahulich is the most ambitious cleric in the USA, not only in the OCA. Look at how he disrupted the Sobor where Mollard was elected. I’ll lay you any money that both sides are politicking him hard. Wherever he falls, he’ll carry most of his students from STS with him. My view is that he’s a “Paris is worth a mass” man. He’s going to follow whoever gives him the most. No one knows. Watch him. He’s the only bishop who can influence the whole shooting match.

I agree with the above assessment. Mollard is a marshmallow, chosen precisely for that reason. The Church had enough of Paffhausen and his libertarian antics. BTW… I think that Paffhausen is trying to position himself to take over the white hat in the OCA again. I doubt that very highly. Firstly, the Centre knows how much of a pain in the ass he was the last time, and, secondly, it’d want a figure that could unite all wings of the OCA. Paffhausen isn’t that. Dahulich could do that… he’s ethnic, but he has a following amongst convert clergy (mostly, amongst his students at STS). Nevertheless, no one knows what’s going to come out of the OCA meeting, least of all, me. It could very well be that the Synod would deadlock in the short term. Therefore, we may see a whole lot of nothing. However, both of the contending sides will get an idea about where the bishops stand. Don’t expect much… I’ll bet that they’d issue a worthless piece of fluff, GIGO from top to bottom. However… eppur si muove… events will simmer beneath the surface.

Watch Dahulich… you don’t have to like someone to realise their importance…



Sunday, 27 March 2016

27 March 2016. The Judases in the OCA Who Want to Sell Out to the Phanar Want to Stab the Rodina in the Back

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


All of those who wish to turn the OCA over to the Phanar have connections to the EP, or to the American Establishment, or to the Uniates. Jillions was a paid minion of the Uniates… of the Galician Uniates, who support the Fascist aggression against Orthodox Socialist Novorossiya. Lyonyo is part of the CFR, a pro-US State Department organisation. Moriak and Dahulich are former ACROD, with deep ties to the Phanar apparat, both here in North America and in the Phanar itself. Dahulich is a quasi-Uniate with a graduate degree obtained under papist auspices. Maymon is a disobedient former AOCANA bishop, shitcanned by Saliba for refusing to go where ordered. Peterson is a HOOMie lover. Chad Hatfield is a former Episkie who accepted an “honorary degree” from his Episkie seminary alma mater AFTER converting to Orthodoxy. Mollard is a dweeb, chosen precisely for his bovine passivity… he’d go wherever he thought the majority was.

They want to turn the OCA into an obedient running dog of the Phanar, which means that the OCA would become the drooling Step n’ Fetchit of the US State Department… that means that it’d become the plaything of the Galician Uniates, who have a veto on much of the American policy towards Russia (as the Croats adversely affect decisions on Serbia, and Armenians and Greeks pressure policy on Turkey). OCA people may have to face a hard choice. They could stay with the OCA and become the enemies of their ancestral homeland, or they’d have to leave it and join the MP. I can’t make this decision. I won’t influence it. However, if you chose the Phanar, you’d choose allying yourselves with those who kill our Orthodox coreligionists in Novorossiya and Syria. Think on that, if you will…

Choose wisely… it’s the most momentous choice facing most of us in our lifetimes…

One last thing… Potapov was the running dog of the Galician Uniates at Radio Liberty. Are he and Fatso conspiring to join parts of the ROCOR to the Phanar, too? It’s a possibility…


Saturday, 12 October 2013

12 October 2013. All Quiet on the Syosset Front… For Now

00 Peace Dove. 12.10.13


Lately, there’s been a dearth of “news stories” coming out of the OCA. Trust me, that’s a GOOD thing. It means that the shit isn’t hitting the fan and that people aren’t worried about their heads. I asked a friend at the Centre for their opinion, and they said:

His Holiness made it clear where he stood when he received the OCA delegation recently. You don’t have to agree or like someone or something in order to support them or it. Mollard’s bringing peace to the OCA and stopping the ferment. That covers all his sins.

I pressed them for clarification, and all that I got was, “I said what I said”. From the time of Herman Swaiko’s installation in 2002 to Jonas Paffhausen’s resignation in 2012, the OCA has been in constant turmoil. Mollard, at least, won’t roil the waters. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s going to be sweetness and light. Mind you, there’s NOT going to be scandal erupting around Mollard… remember, Herman got in the shit because he moved against Lyonyo’s party aggressively and JP got in trouble for his political shenanigans. Mollard’s not going to intrigue against anybody and he’s not going to embroil himself in politics.

However, there’s going to be a tussle over who’s going to be the Éminence grise wielding the power in Mollard’s name. At present, there’s a vacuum at the top, and such voids DO tend to be filled (and rather smartly at that). There are two contenders out there. It’s going to be a no-holds barred pankration between Lyonyo Kishkovsky and Michael Dahulich. At present, things are quiet, as these two worthies are gathering their supporters and feeling out the opposition (neither one is as stubborn as Herman was or as fecklessly stupid as JP was). Lyonyo’s gathering followers from First Family circles (he’s behind Dickie Wood’s appearance at Gan’s shindig, mark my word on that one), whilst Dahulich is putting together a claque based on SVS, his former students amongst the clergy, and the konvertsy. In cliché terms, “It’s the calm before the storm”. Yet, it won’t be as bad as the situations that revolved around Herman and Fatso. It’ll be a behind-the-scenes affair, with no input from Mollard, who’ll continue to smile away benignly at all concerned. It’ll be bloody, but it won’t be centre-stage, and most people, to speak frankly, will ignore it. I’ll hazard a guess. I think that Lyonyo’s gonna win in the end. Dahulich will undercut himself by his support of loony liturgical fiddling. People will go with the party that’ll keep “hands-off” their parish life and liturgy… Dahulich’s liturgical itch will do him in, when one totes it all up. Do bear in mind that Dahulich tried to seize the white hat by using the above coalition… it failed then; all things being equal, it’ll fail in future, too.

Nevertheless, none of the above will roil the surface. Most parishes will be left alone… which is what they want. Outward peace will reign, which means no “news”, and I think that a GOOD thing, as I said at the outset. The OCA will “rot in peace”; we simply have to show some patience… after all, they’re doing that at the Centre. They do take the LOOONG view there, kids…



Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8 October 2013. Dahulich Pushing “Monastic Typikon” Silliness on Parishes

00 Ruki vverkh! Hands Up! 08.10.13


I’m hearing reports (in the plural) that Dahulich pressured some parishes to have a Reader intone verses during the singing of the Beatitudes. Yes, this is an old monastic custom (but only in some monasteries, not all), and I’ve heard that a ROCOR parish does this once in a while, but it appears that Pope Dahulich is pushing his weight around again. The insertion of the verses in the Beatitudes isn’t parochial usage, never has been. Such fol-de-rol isn’t god-pleasing, it’s overblown and pointless idiocy. Monasteries are monasteries and parishes are parishes, sheesh! This is one of the reasons why the late sobor rejected Dahulich for the white hat. Remember, Dahulich and the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smisko had a real donnybrook. Dahulich doesn’t know when to quit or when to lie low. He’d best watch his step, his arrogance is starting to piss people off. He’s gotten off on the wrong foot in New York and New Jersey, he’d best watch out in NEPA… that’s Old School Metropolia turf.


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