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Sunday, 15 June 2014

15 June 2014. Pasonick Resurfaces at St T’s

00 Pasonick leaving court

Former OCA Deacon Michael Pasonick (1942- ) (in shades) at his sentencing


Michael Pasonick, a former OCA deacon, who did hard federal time for corruption charges (here and here) has resurfaced. Pasonick is in charge of the St T’s food pantry in Scranton PA. If this is as far as it goes, I’d say, “That’s good, he did his time, let him do some good”. However, if the apparat thinks that they can reinstate him as a deacon, that isn’t wise. He showed his unworthiness for a position of trust. He can run a food pantry… that’s a good thing. Yet, to reinstate him as a deacon is to say that crime does pay, and we shouldn’t send such a message.

Keep your eyes and ears open, especially, the NEPA readers…



Thursday, 13 June 2013

13 June 2013. Is JP Starting a “New” Monastery? … REAL Orthodox “Race Relations”… And More…

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


One of the Cabinet whispered:

Scuttlebutt has it that JP’s going to start a new monastery. I did hear that Patriarch Kirill told ROCOR NOT to take JP.

Remember how Potapov and Paffhausen were yelping that the Centre was going to take in JP, just you wait n’ see? Well, HH gave that one an old-school NYET. NO WAY… NO HOW. If JP’s starting a “new monastery”, where’s the money coming from? The OCA doesn’t have it… Valerie Ringa sez so. ROCOR is as flat-busted broke as the OCA is… Jordanville has fallen to rack and ruin. The Centre ain’t ponying up any cash for the OCA. In fact, Mollard’s trying to get clergy to go with him on his pending ad limina trip to Moscow (all OCA Metropolitans have to go to the Centre to get its nod… the OCA is autocephalous in name only, as everyone knows), but he doesn’t have the gelt to pay their fare and HH isn’t forwarding any either. Ergo, a “new monastery?” Well… he’ll have to pull several rabbits out of the ol’ tired hat… and I don’t think it possible. I’ll lay money that he’s gong back to Manton… where he’ll be a royal pain-in-the-arse to all concerned. We haven’t seen or heard the last of him… he’s got some nastiness to pull before he goes…

Another person wrote:

Our La-Di-Dah “Orthodoxy is so lucky to have me” converts obnoxiously presume Russians need lessons in race relations. I’ve never seen people more free of racial bias than “real” Russians and Ukrainians… especially, those from the “other side”. That’s a fact.

You want proof? How ‘bout Aleksandr Pushkin? How ‘bout his gran’pa Ivan Gannibal? Of course, I just posted about James Lloydovich Patterson… it’s clear that the Rodina wants him back. Don’t listen to rightwing pukes… Russia has always been a land of many peoples, creeds, and races. We’re a mixed lot… Eurasians, indeed! The konvertsy have nothing to teach us… NOTHING. If we follow what’s best in our Russian heritage, trust me, we don’t need “education” from condescending former-Anglican worthies.

Here’s something about one of the OCA crowd:

Michael J Pasonick Jr, a Wilkes-Barre engineer tied to several public corruption cases, has been fined by the Department of State. Pasonick was one of 156 licensed or commissioned professionals and organisations that the Department of State took disciplinary action against during May, Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele announced Tuesday. Pasonick was ordered to pay a 1,000 USD (31,960 Roubles. 750 Euros. 640 UK Pounds) civil penalty and to attend and complete at least five hours of remedial education on ethics. He also had a public reprimand placed on his permanent disciplinary record with the board and had his licenses suspended because he was convicted of a criminal offence. He previously pleaded guilty to paying a school board member in Luzerne County between 1,000 and 5,000 USD (31,960 to 159,800 Roubles. 750 to 3,750 Euros. 640 to 3,200 UK Pounds) to win the board member’s support for his efforts to secure school district contracts. During court testimony, Pasonick also said he paid 2,000 USD (63,920 Roubles. 1,500 Euros. 1,280 UK Pounds) to former Lackawanna County Commissioner Robert Cordaro to keep engineering contracts with a sewer authority in the county.


Pasonick was tight with Herman and Mollard. He’s trying to get reinstated as a deacon, but one of my contacts at St T’s told me in the car park that that’s going nowhere FAST. Pasonick was one of Bobby’s confrères… and that’s the kiss of death, now.

In short, the usual stew pot is bubblin’ away. God do help us… our “leadership” certainly isn’t…



Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14 May 2013. Buzz on the Upcoming St T’s Memorial Day Pilgrimage

00 OCA Going Down. 14.05.13


Sources tell me that Fr Sergius Bowyer said that St T’s might have liturgy outside at the bell tower like the old days at the Pilgrimage. Perspirin’ minds wanna know… is he trying to get back the Hunkies who’ve stopped coming? Y’ know… selling only cheap-ass carnival food at the event hasn’t helped attendance… people don’t want deep-fried pickles or Italian sausages… they want kielbasa, galoompkies, and pierogies (American Slavonian misspelling intentional… spiedies from Sharkey’s would be welcome, too)! Hey, this IS the Valley, after all…

In related news, the buzz has it that now ex-Deacon Michael Pasonick is out of the slam (he got nicked for bribery), he wants to be reinstated as a deacon. Talk has it that beaucoup bucks are involved… not only does he want the deposition from the diaconate lifted, he wants to be ordained to the priesthood, too! Hmm… is this brazen ex-con gonna serve at the Memorial Day shindig? Things are certainly not boring in the slo-mo disintegration of the OCA


Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 June 2012. Pasonick Deposed by OCA Synod… NO News on oca.org (Did You Expect Any?)


I got the following intel:

OCA Synod finally deposed Pasonick for his felony bribery conviction.  Boyer (St T‘s abbot) drove him to the big house himself!

No news of this on oca.org. If patriarchia.ru has personnel matters up on the same day that they happen, and oca.org takes months (if ever) to post any disciplinary affairs, that does tell you much about the honesty of those running oca.org. It doesn’t speak well to the probity and reliability of Lyonyo and Lil’ Mizz Ginny, does it? Remember, JP had Pasonick as part of his “official” March for Life retinue. That’s wonderful, isn’t it? A convicted felon representing the Church. Yet, JP snickers at it, and expects you to smile at it, too.

God willing, Pasonick’s deposition is permanent. He deserves pastoral care, and he didn’t stop being a Christian, but being a convicted felon does bar one from the clergy. I wonder if the Centre knows of this…


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