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Friday, 16 November 2012

Russia Hopes that the USA may Eventually Lift Cuban Embargo


According to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin, Russia hopes that the Americans will follow their decision to ease their blockade of Cuba with other moves that’d fully lift the blockade. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution urging Washington to give up its trade embargo, which is now in its 51st year. Recently, the USA somewhat eased the blockade. Specifically, it’s removed the restrictions concerning visits by US citizens to their relatives in Cuba, as well as allowing cash remittances. Churkin feels that the unilateral US sanctions have proved incapable of affecting the Cuban people’s choice of the model of social development, but have only served to lower the island country’s living standards.

Once again, the UN General Assembly demanded that the USA “in the shortest possible time” lift its commercial and financial embargo against Cuba. The USA started the blockade 51 years ago, and it seriously undermined the island’s economy of the island. 186 UN member states supported the resolution; three countries voted against it (the USA, Israel, and Palau), and two abstained (Micronesia, Marshall Islands). The resolution calls on the international community to refrain in future from destructive actions such as those taken by Washington against Cuba. As the resolution emphasised, these actions are contrary to all countries’ obligations under the UN Charter, and under international law.

14 November 2012

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