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Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 August 2014. WordPress STILL Playing Games With Us… It’s Causing Delays in My Posting… I Apologise

00 Sick Computer. 15.09.13


WordPress is still goofing with our heads with their new “beep beep boop” text editor. I kid you not… that’s the text that comes up when you hit the “edit this post” or “new post” button. For the time being, WordPress is offering a workaround, but they’re not offering it as a permanent dashboard option, which they should. It looks to this simple-minded soul that WordPress is making things easier for the majority who only use the “stripped-down” microblog-style editor. However, they already had this feature… there was no need to make it the default. This idiocy has forced me to waste mucho time on this issue… and I only have a limited amount of time.

WordPress was one of those rare things that actually worked as it should. It worked like they advertised it, in fact. Are they going to start charging us for “optional features?” This is Crapitalist Corporate America, after all! This supposedly was a year in the works. I don’t think so… I think that some managers traded e-mails for a year, and some poor sod developers had to come with something that some idiot with a Business Administration “degree” found “plausible”.

I hope that WordPress solves this… by giving us permanent access to the “classic” editor. Look at how Microsoft tried to skunk us all with the Microsoft 8 “metro” start button. Trust me, millions went back to the classic “start” when it became available. That is, this is another goofy idea pushed by some manager without any ties to the real world…



Tuesday, 2 July 2013

READ N’ HEED! Microsoft Sez Collaborative Viruses Can Sync To Fuck Up PCs

sick computer


Microsoft research assumes that two computer viruses that collaborate will be harder to clean from infected PCs. The pair of viruses foils removal by downloading updated versions of their malware partner. Once accidentally downloaded on a PC, the viruses allow hackers to take control over a machine and use it for saleable information or spamming. A blogpost by Microsoft malware researcher Hyun Choi illustrated this close interaction between the two viruses. Mr Choi explained that one often finds the two Windows viruses, known as Vobfus and Beebone, together. Vobfus was usually the first to appear on a machine, he said, and used different tactics to damage its virtual victims. Vobfus could install via booby-trapped links on a various range of websites, travel via network links to other machines, or lurk on USB drives and infect PCs that it’s plugged into.

Vobfus, which installs first, then downloads Beebone, connecting the machine to a botnet… a huge network of infected computers. Mr Choi said, after this, the two malware programs start working together to regularly download new versions of their virus-partner, thus, multiplying cybercrime. He said that was an effective mechanism that helped the virus remain sustainable on infected machines, explaining, “In the case with Vobfus, even if it is detected and remediated, it could’ve downloaded an undetected Beebone, which can, in turn, download an undetected version of Vobfus. The two threat families are intrinsically related”. Mr Choi stated that this “cyclical relationship” helped Vobfus become a persistent issue since 2009, when it first appeared. He explained that defeating the two viruses together was not easy, he said, because Vobfus was very good at travelling via networks. In addition to keeping software up to date, he recommended disabling the “AutoRun” feature on Windows machines, as Vobfus exploits this when it comes via USB drives. In addition, he said, people should be more attentive when they click links on external websites to avoid falling victim to booby-trapped URLs.

2 July 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep it simple. DON’T CLICK ON EXTERNAL LINKS (hey, guys… that means the link with the image of the gal with the gigundo titties, OK?). That should help you a great deal. Secondly, talk to your geek… they can help you. They have the knowledge that you don’t have. Don’t fuck with your machine without talking with your geek first. You’ll probably screw things up worse. Trust me on this one.



Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23 May 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. The Battle of the Browsers

The Battle of the Browsers

Sergei Yolkin



Last week, for the first time, Google Chrome surged ahead of its main competitor, Microsoft Internet Explorer, becoming the most-used web browser in the world market, according to StatCounter.

22 May 2012

Sergei Yolkin



Editor’s Note:

Nicky and I NEVER use IE. NEVER. I prefer Chrome, whilst Nicky likes his Mozilla platform. For some uses, I’ll go to Opera. However, I NEVER use IE or Safari (I’m NOT part of the Apple Corps). Microsoft’s platforms need some working on… I dumped Microsoft Security for AVG freeware, and my computer’s been running better as a result. Redmond had best get on the ball… and it’s NOT all due to Apple (they’re overpriced and snotty… I find that I’m NOT alone in feeling that way about the Cupertino Commandoes).

Is the future in the hands of the corporate mega-players? We’ll have to wait and see…


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Putin to Put Russian Government on Linux By 2015


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered government agencies to use open-source software by 2015, according to translated documents. Putin’s order, signed this month, follows news reports from October saying the Russian government was planning to drop Microsoft products in favour of a national open-source operating system based on Linux. The transition to open-source, or free, software will begin in the second quarter of 2011, with the Ministry of Communications examining what base software packages are needed for government agencies, according to the documents. During the same quarter, the ministry and other agencies will develop proposals for user support centres and for mechanisms to support software developers, the documents said.

Russian agencies will also begin an inventory of their IT assets during the second quarter of 2011, the documents said. Pilot agencies will begin using a basic package utilising open-source software in the second quarter of 2012, according to the transition schedule. The Russian government also plans to build a national repository for open-source software. Putin’s support for open-source software could be “critical”, wrote open-source-focused author Glyn Moody in the Open blog. Other attempts to move parts of the Russian government to open-source software have largely failed because of a lack of political support, he wrote, saying, “But if Putin says, ’make it so’, I suspect that a lot of people will jump pretty fast to make sure that it *is* so. And once that happens, other plans to roll out free software might well suddenly look rather more attractive”. The Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing large US software vendors, estimated that 67 percent of software used in Russia in 2009 was pirated.

28 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

The most important aspect of that isn’t money… although M$ is notorious for gouging. This is a move to improve cyber-security. With non-proprietary systems in place, it’s all that much harder to “break into” a system. One of the posters in the comboxes is right, it’s a way to keep software acquisition domestic, and out of foreign hands… that means that the USA can’t threaten Russia (it also means that the USA will have a harder time trying to break into the RVSN’s network). Good move, VVP… this is why he’s gonna win a legit election. The guy is GOOD… he knows what he’s up to… none of his rivals are a tenth as competent (especially not that boobish billionaire, who’d turn the country over to US land sharks, which is he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell).


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